Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson

Keys to Drawing

Anyone who can hold a pencil can learn to draw.In this book, Bert Dodson shares his complete drawing system--fifty-five "keys" that you can use to render any subject with confidence, even if you're a beginner.These keys, along with dozens of practice exercises, will help you draw like an artist in no time.You'll learn how to:Restore, focus, map, and intensifyFree your hand action, then learn to control itConvey the illusions of light, depth, and ...

Details Keys to Drawing

TitleKeys to Drawing
Release DateAug 15th, 1990
PublisherNorth Light Books
GenreArt, Drawing, Nonfiction, Reference, How To, Design, Crafts, Art Design, Education, Self Help, Personal Development

Reviews Keys to Drawing

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    Keys to Drawing, Bert DodsonAnyone who can hold a pencil can learn to draw with some degree of proficiency, Bert Dodson In this book he shares a complete drawing system that you can use for any subject or type of drawing-even if you doubt your ability to draw. It's based on fifty-five "keys to drawing," which are introduced at a comfortable pace. The keys are interspersed with dozens of practice exercises that help you learn by doing.تاریخ ...
  • papasteve
    I'm not sure if Dodson meant this to be more than just a drawing book. But the subtitle of the book is "Rediscover the Art of Seeing." And that's what it's about. It's not just about learning how to draw--and it is one of the best books I've found for that. But it's more. It's about being an observant person, who looks at people and things--really looks. It's about not missing detail that makes a person and a picture come to life. I found this no...
  • Parka
    (More pictures at's a pretty good book for anyone who's thinking of picking up drawing. Bert Dodson has written it in a crisp straightforward manner. The are 55 keys of drawing, introduced at a very comfortable pace. Alongside are 48 easy-to-follow lessons.The examples are all sketches from Bert Dodson, his students and selected pieces old art masters. They are all pretty sketchy but this book isn't about techniques on realist...
  • Christie Skipper Ritchotte
    Some books on drawing seem to want to scare away the riff raff, approaching art as something to fear or grovel before (I'm not worthy!). This one is a refreshing find, after making a slow slog through an exorbitant amount of art how-tos books that had begun to bleed into one another. Many books seemed to assume the reader would be in art school (or had already attended), and more than one recommended among other nonsensical advice, that one shoul...
  • Zoya
    This is the first and so far the only art instruction book that I finished reading, did most of the exercises from, will happily re-read and recommend it to anyone starting to draw. I would re-read it now, except I lent my copy to my sister and I suspect that if I buy another one I would "loan" it to a friend, who is earning to improve her drawing skills. While Betty Edwards' "Drawing on the right side of the brain" could be slightly easier to un...
  • Makingamark
    I've been strongly recommending this book to people wanting to learn to draw - or to improve their drawing - for years.I first read " Keys to Drawing" after I got back to doing art after a break of over 15 years. Bert Dodson's book is about learning how to see and it opened my eyes, stimulated my enthusiasm for drawing again and provided me with some really excellent guidelines about what to think about when drawing.This book is NOT a manual for ...
  • Carolyn Alston
    I am a retired teacher. I taught drawing in college and in high school. This is the best drawing book I have found. It was immensely helpful to me and to my students. It ranks up there with the great”Natural Way to Draw.”
  • Kishan
    Very good resource for artists looking for tips to enhance their drawing. Would 100% read again.
  • Georganne
    As far as I'm concerned this is the best book I know to advance drawing skills (although perhaps not for the complete beginner, try Betty Edwards for that). I have many art instruction books and have read many more. I have been drawing from early childhood and it is my favorite way to pass time, relax and lower stress. I have a sketchbook and a Pigma Micron pen 01 with me where ever I go so I'm never bored. There is always something in front of m...
  • L
    Brilliant book, I recommend to every beginner artist out there. This book will teach you how to draw what you see, and give an introduction to concepts like light and shadow, composition, drawing from imagination, etc. There is a lot of wisdom in this book. Read through it carefully, do the exercises, return to the book, absorb all of it.
  • Yosef Tovshteyn
    Simply a decent way to get started drawing, or to exercise your current drawing ability. This book takes a draw from life approach, so all the drawings in the book are just examples, this is different than most beginner drawing books today that have step by step type instructions. This book does teach some technique as well as gets you to built up naturally. The only issue I see is that if you are just starting out it will be difficult at first w...
  • Lorraine Flores
    This is a very useful book not only for the beginning painters but also for those who are already confident in their abilities. If you have a desire to draw - start this right now because the practice is the key to success. In this book, the author gives 55 tips to help you draw as a painter in the shortest possible time. I also recently wrote an article for this website, in which I gave 10 tips for amateurs for drawing. The main tips are, as I s...
  • Louisiana Levy
    This is an excellent book for artists looking to improve their skills at drawing. The variety of exercises in different categories is amazing. Any time I get stuck with a case of 'art block' this is the book I pick up. My favorite exercise for warming up is one where you draw your shoes. It always gets me in the right head space to draw. There are so many interesting concepts introduced in this book I feel like I never run out of new ideas to exp...
  • Natashya KitchenPuppies
    The best book on drawing that I have read so far. Changes the way you see things and leads you through lots of different lessons and techniques. I probably would have given it five stars, if it were not from 1985. But only the resource info is out of date, really. Drawing is still drawing and I have to say I like it that there isn't a chapter on drawing on the computer.
  • Phyllis Burstein, DePaul Art Education
    Straightforward, step by step lessons to help students who already have drawing skills and those who are scared to try. Strictly techniques and skill building, though. (Perfect for art teachers who do not feel comfortable teaching drawing. This book will break down the drawing process for both the students and the teacher.)
  • Dillon Heinen
    This is the first book for anyone looking to learn drawing. It teaches you to see things in a different way. Since drawing is 75% seeing and 25% mechanical skill, this is naturally a very valuable skill to have. After reading this book I've seen unbelievable improvements in my ability. I would definitely recommend it.
  • Jane
    It is not for a beginner. It just teach you roughly about drawing basic.Not step by step book. The exercises are very poor instruction.It tell you to put the still life then draw. But how! How to start! Step 1 Step2If you want to buy drawing basic book, I suggest How to See How to Draw by Claudia Nice.Lee Hammond series book are the best to start for beginner.
  • Michelle
    Artists tend to look at pictures rather than reading the text in educational materials. When used properly this is one of the best books written on the subject of drawing. The author explains in detail the techniques the reader must adopt in order to be successful.
  • SlowRain
    I bought this book online based on others' recommendations. It didn't really meet my needs, but perhaps it will yours, so let me explain.My goal is to draw in a way that communicates effectively the thing I'm trying to convey to the viewer--more practical than it is artistic self-expression. I'm not the least bit interested in portraiture, texture, or light. There was some useful information in the chapters The Drawing Process, Proportions: Takin...
  • Trafalux
    Despite many... controversies surrounding this book, I still believe it to be a very trusty and practical drawing manual for people that are at the stickman drawing level. It tells the reader how to get rid of fundamental beginner's mistakes while keeping it simple and nonsensical (unlike the infamous "Drawing on the right side of the brain"). Still, as a drawing teacher, I cannot ignore the potential risks this book could have in terms of the st...
  • Brayden Cook
    I'm completely impressed with the tricks the author provided for enlightening a painting in the fastest way. Not only for the newbies, but this book is a treasure for the hardcore painters as well. I recently published my essay on the renowned painter Claude Monet who will always remain in our heart for his excellent imagination power and painting skills. No matter how much time you've spent to pursue your passion, practice is the only key to suc...
  • Jorell Angeles
    Great read!The first book I’ve read about drawing and probably the most intuitive I’ve been in a book. Learned a lot and reintroduced me to drawing and how to view things in an artist’s perspective. I love this book so much!
  • Tautvydas Rasimka
    Great at the very first baby steps.
  • Jess
    The visuals and explanations in this book are so helpful. This is one of the best "how-to" books I've EVER read. Hands down.
  • Carol
    Extremely Helpful. It really did not take me over a year to "read" this book. "Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson takes the reader through how to draw, but is more informative than the general "how to" book. I read and worked through it. I learned some new things and reaffirmed other.
  • Terrie
    A very detailed book about how to draw, what to look for, composition, and chapter by chapter exercises to practice the theory taught. Checked out from the library and ended up buying the book so I can work through all the exercises.
  • Chris
    I used this in a class I was teaching for drawing. Very good for begining drawing class. Easy to follow. Great projects.