I'm out of My Body...Please Leave a Message (The Zack Files #6) by Dan Greenburg

I'm out of My Body...Please Leave a Message (The Zack Files #6)

When Zack's friend Spencer brings a 60's-style hippie book on astral travel to a sleepover, Zack learns the ins and outs of out-of-body travel in a snap. Getting out of their bodies seems awfully easy for the boys. The problem is, how do they get back in?!

Details I'm out of My Body...Please Leave a Message (The Zack Files #6)

TitleI'm out of My Body...Please Leave a Message (The Zack Files #6)
Release DateFeb 24th, 1997
PublisherGrosset & Dunlap
GenreChildrens, Fantasy

Reviews I'm out of My Body...Please Leave a Message (The Zack Files #6)

  • Hunter
    We see Zack and his friend leave their bodies behind to storm the town. It was interesting but compared to some others of the Zack files, this was lacking something.
  • Wasif
    Zack is out of his body. He never read the instruction, how to get in the body. Now he has to have a body to turn the page to instruction. But how ?
  • Ryosuke Tani
    The Zack Files #6-time;70-7word summary=moving-smart-book-try-leave-anywhere-not return-discussion question1.if you can do astral projection, then what would you do? in my case, i probabry would go anywhere like zack and friend.2.in this book, zack's friend took the interesting book. do you have any interesting book? what is it? i have haly potter series complytly. zack can do astral projection but i couldn't do the magic.
  • Akari Suzuki
    -Grosset&Dunlap-Time: 10/4=20minutes 10/5=60minutes-7-word summary: Boys-out of-their body-go-somewhere-return-dream1.Have you ever been out of your body?No, I haven't. But I want to do it.2.Which is the most exciting dream you have ever seen it?The dream that I made friends with Mickey Mouse is the best.I can read this book without a dictionary and understand the story. I'm really happy and I enjoyed reading. I like this series' book so I'm goin...
  • Kento Okumura
    THE ZACK FILES,RL?63min7word summaryZack,Spencer,body,empty,journey,trouble,solveDiscussion QuestionIf you were out of your body, do you want to go?I want to just fly like a bird.ContentsOne day, Zack and his friend Spencer were out of their body because of reading one book.After that they went to zoo, and then they had trouble.The most interesting scene was that they didn't know how their body come back.Eventually, they found it out, so they cou...
  • Shohei Uchida
    I chose this book because Ryosuke recommended this.7 wordsBoys Try Sleep Out-of-Body Journey Can't ReturnDo you want to be out of your body?Yes,I do. I want to fly. It sounds exciting. If I could be out of my body, I want to go abroad.If you could fly, what do you want to do?If I could fly, I want to go to Korea, Italia, and so on and do something surprise to my friends.60 min.
  • Ryosuke Sakai
    Level?10/9=25min 10/10=35min7 words summaryweird-dream-astral-travel-zoo-genious-unconscious1.Have you ever experienced out of your body?Never. I hope I could experience such a precious time.If you would experienced, please tell me detail.2.Do you have a good memory of dream?Yes,I have flied a sky once. I was a kind of hero.I want to experience it again!
  • Jj
    I Think this would be kind of cool to be able to float out of your body while your sleep. But I bet if anything, your be tired when your get back lol. I would have to try that on the weekend. Jk lol.