Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #4) by Patricia C. Wrede

Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #4)

Always be polite to dragons!That's what Daystar's mother taught him...and it's a very wise lesson--one that might just help him after his mom hands him a magic sword and kicks him out of the house. Especially because his house sits on the edge of the Enchanted Forest and his mother is Queen Cimorene.But the tricky part is figuring out what he's supposed to do with the magic sword. Where is he supposed to go? And why does everyone he meets seem to...

Details Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #4)

TitleTalking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #4)
Release DateMar 1st, 2003
PublisherHMH Books for Young Readers
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Dragons, Fiction, Childrens

Reviews Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #4)

  • Iryna *Book and Sword*
    3.5/5 strsThis is my third time reading this one, and I took down half a star. Not because it's bad, but because it's quite weak comparing to the first 3 books.The characters are still good and the humor is still there - the whole plot is just so repetitive. I was getting bored a lot, especially in the middle of the book.Also, the reunion of son and father wasn't very reunion like? I wish he would have at least hugged him.I have always felt meh a...
  • Ahmed Ejaz
    WOW WOW WOW... ! My feelings are just out of control after reading the last book of this series. Maybe that's because this is my first series I have ever completed OR maybe I am over happy after reading a series of 4 books because this is my biggest series I had ever started. I don't know the exact reason. Never mind, who cares! I just wanted a good series and I think I have read one. Before saying anything else I must say this series is totally ...
  • MrsJoseph
    2015-07-14 stars rounded down to 3 starsTamika, I've put the entire review for this final book in the series below. Hope you enjoy (cause you know I only posted this for you, lol)!NOTE: This review contains spoilers for the previous three (3) books in this series. Please read those books prior to reading this review.Talking to Dragons is the fourth and final installation in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. It's be...
  • Sotiris Karaiskos
    A very entertaining series of fantasy books for children - of all ages, as the familiar cliche says - that have many elements of classic fairy tales while the author offers us a hilarious parody of well-known myths, legends and fairy tales. Their way of writing is particularly interesting and is based mainly on the very clever confrontation between the heroes, each of which has something special. Surely in some places this humour is not particula...
  • Val
    The first three books in the series are in 3rd pov, but this one is in 1st pov. This really makes the flatness of the characters stand out.The main character has no thoughts. No signs of intelligence or life. The kid is a 16 year old boy scout who only shows the barest of hints of interest in the girl who is suppose to be his love interest [they end up together at the end yet it just feels forced as there isn't any flirting or romantic interest e...
  • Ellen
    I generally don't like time jumps, but I quite liked this book. Daystar and Shiara were very likable. After a weaker 3rd book, this one was back to the level of the first two books. I'm glad I re read this series from my childhood. It was a delight.
  • Sarah
    So even though this is chronologically the last book in the series, PC Wrede wrote it first - the first 3 are prequels. So as I was re-reading this book I kept thinking "why, this is really quite impressive the way that PC Wrede created such an elegantly seamless backstory to this book in the form of the first three books! And she's so effortlessly woven it into the details of this story when she didn't even really know what was going to be in th...
  • Ann
    I loved the first two books in this series, but the third and this, the fourth, books, seem to be geared to a younger and younger audience. And while I love a good middle grade fantasy story, I felt this one didn't have the complexity within the plot or characters that I would have liked, and that MG readers can handle.The main focus of this tale seemed to be to encourage politeness. And while I love that theme, it did feel a bit heavy handed at ...
  • Jo
    I would have preferred that Wrede end this series with the third book...moving on to the second generation of characters is usually not as fun. For me, the motivation of the main character just didn't seem strong enough, and while I realize that this fantasy series is meant to be lighter in tone than some of its more dramatic counterparts, the characters' emotions were a trifle too understated for my taste.
  • Grace Crandall
    That was quite possibly the most emotionally unfulfilling story I've ever read.
  • Anya
    This book made me so so happy right when I needed it. It's hilarious, I love the new mc's and a new dragon and kitten! Will there ever be more??
  • Marc Secchia
    I loved the first three. While this one had great humour the protagonist seemed too shallow for my liking, and the denouement too trite. A super series overall, somewhat dragged down by this final volume.
  • Sara Saif
    This series has been surprisingly wonderful! I still believe that the best book was the first one but the rest were equally magnificent. The books were light and chucklesome. Never once did I feel that things were slow or boring in all 4 books and I was glued to the spot reading. The story flowed effortlessly and managed to make perfect sense even with all the ridiculousness.The last book takes place roughly 16 years after the third one. This tim...
  • Lara
    When I first read the blurb about this book and realized it would be about Cimorene's son, I was worried. Then I started reading and it was also in the first person, which was another change. However, I quickly realized that I enjoyed this book even better than the previous three in the trilogy, though it didn't have so much of the new magical ideas and items as the other ones.Daystar is now a teen and it's time for him to go help free his father...
  • ShoSho
    A bit better than the third one but not as good as the first 2.
  • ✨ Gramy ✨
    .This is a fantasy that will whisk you away in an awesome adventure. I really like it and would recommend it!
  • Misti
    On the day when a wizard destroys the front door of their house, Daystar’s mother hands him a sword and tells him not to come home again until he can explain why she sent him away. Questing his way through the Enchanted Forest, Daystar befriends a lizard, a fire witch, and a young dragon, and encounters elves, dwarves, witches, wizards, and many others before his quest is complete and he learns the truth about his extraordinary sword.Not my fav...
  • Amanda
    I'm really glad I waited a few years to finish this series. This book picks up years after book three and has a new pov character. It meant everything I didn't remember mattered little towards my enjoyment of this story. I love how this series subverts fantasy tropes. It is funny and yet no-nonsense. I really enjoyed being back in this world. This is one of my favorite children's book series.
  • Debrac2014
    Good ending to the series!
  • Minna
    A bit too snug and settled for my taste. Perfect for tweens.
  • Grace
    All’s well that ends well. I found this predictable. I did enjoy how polite Daystar was to everyone, but I began to despise Shiara by the end. Traveling with someone like her in an enchanted forest? Someone who refuses to be polite even after, clearly, the bushes have made their opinion known on her prior rudeness? (I mean, if the bushes don’t like you…) She couldn’t even be grudgingly polite to the bushes after it was clear why they were...
  • Denae Christine
    Reader thoughts: I really enjoyed this book! Part of that was the switch to first person pov, which I adore.Daystar is so polite and honorable. He has some of the more dangerous adventures (a baby dragon, exploding wizard staves, transdimensional doorway traps, a firewitch with anger issues, and an entire Enchanted Forest out to help him or harm him before he can get to the castle. I'm glad he doesn't spend half his time whining and asking what i...
  • Gerriane
    Right now I'm a bit confused.The story was alright but I felt like it wasn't as good as the other books. By 'good' I mean, well-plotted, funny or interesting. There were still some twists to the usual fairy tales but not as much as before and I got the feeling that it was mainly about Daystar and his sword. This is because (view spoiler)[ a voice keeps saying 'Hail the Bearer of the Sword!' and things like that which end up being redundant (hide ...
  • Amy
    In book 4 of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, the narrator is Daystar, Cimorene's son. He is on a sent on a quest with a magical sword. Along the way, he meets evil wizards, a fire witch named Shiara, and a young talking dragon.The first time I started this book, I had not read any of the others. I read about 30 pages in a restaurant while waiting for my food because it was the only book I had with me. I didn't finish because I don't really like ...
  • Punk
    YA Fantasy. Book three in this series ends on a cliffhanger and book four picks up sixteen years later. That was unexpected. We've also got a new narrator for this one: Daystar, a very polite, logical young man, whose mother slaps a sword in his hand and sends him off into the Enchanted Forest one day without really telling him why. His mother is, of course, Queen Cimorene, and his dad's off in a magical coma, but Daystar doesn't know any of that...
  • Cheryl
    I've done reading the whole series, so will copy these comments to 3rd and 4th book, too.Love the humor. Love the breezy adventure and endearing characters. Each book focuses on different folks, but the sequence events counts, and I do not recommend trying to read them as stand-alones. The ending of #2 is a bit worrisome, and the ending of #3 is a cliff-hanger, and #4 does have some intensity not necessarily suitable for the youngest readers. On ...
  • Lumi
    This wonderful amazing phenomenal book is doubtless one of my favorites ever to grace my bookshelf! I first read it as a young fifth or sixth grader, and soon I had read it multiple times. The fantasy setting is definitely for kids. It's light, magical, and generally fun. The "bad" characters are bad in a fairy-tale kind of way, and yet the archetypal hero and heroine's roles are complex enough to be interesting. This novel takes many fairy-tale ...
  • Diana
    It's been sixteen years since the events in Calling On Dragons and Daystar has been raised by his mother Cimorene, not knowing his true heritage. When the wizards finally track them down, Cimorene sends Daystar with the magical sword into the Enchanted Forest on a mysterious quest.This was a little different, with Daystar being the first-person narrator. He's a very interesting narrator, and brings a fresh perspective on things. I was a little an...
  • Joe Santoro
    I'm really glad I read these in chronological order, and not published order... I'm quite sure I wouldn't have bothered with the other three if I'd read this first. It's just alot less fun, and more just a generic fantasy coming of age story... and not even a particularly good one. Daystar was far less likeable than Cimorene et al, and Shiara was downright annoying. I'm happy to know how the story ends, but really there's no question that the sto...