The Origins of the Final Solution by Christopher R. Browning

The Origins of the Final Solution

Published by the University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, and Yad Vashem, Jerusalem In 1939, the Nazi regime’s plans for redrawing the demographic map of Eastern Europe entailed the expulsion of millions of Jews. By the fall of 1941, these plans had shifted from expulsion to systematic and total mass murder of all Jews within the Nazi grasp. The Origins of the Final Solution is the most detailed and comprehensive analysis ever written of what too...

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TitleThe Origins of the Final Solution
Release DateMay 1st, 2007
PublisherBison Books
GenreHistory, World War II, Holocaust, Nonfiction, War

Reviews The Origins of the Final Solution

  • Derek Davis
    This is every bit as harrowing as you might expect – perhaps even more so, because it details the unfolding of extermination through the accumulation of painstaking detail. Much of the material on which it is based has been uncovered (or studied) only in recent decades. It shows that the policy of eradication, whether explicit or not, had been accepted by much of the army and the police of Nazi-occupied territories – not simply by "extremist ...
  • Zain
    There’s lots to say about a book of this importance and its contribution to deepening our understanding of the Holocaust and the fateful steps taken by the Nazi regime, and those authorities acting under its auspices, to exterminate European Jewry. Browning is able to illuminate the mechanics of the sprawling Nazi bureaucracy and traces the lineage of the final solution from its embryonic stages to its culmination and endpoint in the gas chambe...
  • Rpmorrissette
    Very well done. it is a very scary book. The infighting and the despotism in a name of careerism is still very much alive in many democratic governments, overlooking the main ethical issue as to whether action should be done in the first place. Government employees often act because they want to be seen as doing something,The infighting is often veiled under the cloak of greater good when in fact it is about advancing one's career. It has happene...
  • L. C. Nielsen
    This monograph presents a comprehensive overview of the various strands of atrocity that, driven by an impetus of Nazi ideology, combined to form the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question" - the systematic gassing, cremation and burial of European Jews. Presenting the difficulties and historiographical gaps in detail, Browning nevertheless forms a comprehensive narrative that describes the role of Hitler, the Nazi elite, and various agencies in ...
  • Sherrie Pilkington
    As much as I love reading about Hitler, I usually avoid books about the holocaust. Its just too sad. This book, however, is remarkably well done. It stays very factual and dry, but the writing is compassionate and engaging. This is a great one for history nerds.
  • Mark Dickman
    To be read with Hilberg's The Destruction of the European Jews.
  • Nat Bond
    This is a fascinating description of the events and personalities leading to the Nazi decision to eliminate the Jewish population of Europe. It is so filled with dates and places and numbers of victims that no one could possible keep track of them. Anyone with an interest in the Holocaust should read this book.
  • William January
    A thoroughly analytical examination of the evolution of Nazi Jewish Policy. Basic premise is that Hitler's ideology and increasing military euphoria advanced anti-Jewish measures to the Final Solution, especially when the 'vernichtungskrieg' in the East brought Germans in contact with Asiatic Bolshevik Ostjuden. A valuable academic source, but a difficult read due to the sheer volume of names/dates/places/numbers that overlap in many chapters.
  • Matthew Griffiths
    a detailed break down of how the final solution in the sense we understand this concept came to be. charting how the initial plans for massive population movements and 'natural' decimation of the population gave way to the far more comprehensive and devastating plans to exterminate peoples. The book does a great deal to show the haphazard and incidental nature of this journey and details the involvements of many of the key figures showing how inv...
  • Martin
    Well written, and well researched, this is an excellent book to read if you already have some knowledge of the Final Solution. To read this as an introduction without any other previous knowledge would be I think very hard going.It's a very dark book, very to-the-point, but a must read. Fasten your seatbelt, and be very sure you want to open this book.
  • Valerie
    The definitive work on the "origins of the Final Solution". Christopher Browning meticulously details the attitudes, ideas, and events that allowed the Nazis to establish the cruelest form of genocide in world history.
  • Edward
    The most detailed comprehensive history of the Holocaust I have ever read.