Lord of Secrets by Alyssa Everett

Lord of Secrets

Lord of Secrets is the story of a young woman, Rosalie Whitwell, who’s spent most of her life sailing the globe with her father. When he suffers a fatal heart attack in the middle of the North Atlantic, she turns in her panic to a fellow passenger–the moody, mysterious Lord Deal.Having witnessed his father’s suicide years before, David Linney, Marquess of Deal, has withdrawn from society, living the life of a recluse. Even so, he’s drawn ...

Details Lord of Secrets

TitleLord of Secrets
Release DateMar 25th, 2013
PublisherCarina Press
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Regency, Historical Fiction, Regency Romance, European Literature, British Literature, Sociology, Abuse, M F Romance

Reviews Lord of Secrets

  • Jill
    4.5 starsThere are no great action scenes or thrilling adventures or overly steamy sex scenes sizzling the pages. Lord of Secrets is a simple, beautifully crafted story of a man with twenty years of secrets and a lifetime of regrets who meets the one woman who can unlock his past and help set him free.It takes almost the entire book to find out the secrets of Lord Deal. It's a slow unraveling and you need to be patient, but the journey is so wort...
  • Ally
    Ouch. Heart hurt.Series: I do not believe soSexy times: Once. The end. Plan on reading more by the author: I'd love toSynopsis Deal meets Rosalie aboard a ship bound to England. Her father has just died and she is left with few perceived choices. He offers for her hand in marriage thinking that finally, he could bring a woman into his terrible, bleak life. He's a man apart from everyone else. Shunned for reasons you will find out as you read the ...
  • Lady Wesley
    8 October 2017: Now only 99 cents on Amazon/iBooks/Nook/Kobo. Rated as a Desert Island Keeper at All About Romance. * * * This is a lovely story about a true marriage of convenience, where both the husband and the wife consider themselves unworthy of the other. Rosalie believes herself to be unattractive, unsophisticated, and a poor match for her husband, the toplofty, dour and reclusive Lord Deal. Deal has cut himself off from society and consid...
  • Steelwhisper
    This was a solid 4* read for me (graded against other m/f Regencies), because it managed to keep me reading until well past midnight, and except for one minor sentence it also was very smooth and quite polished.The spoilers are serious in the following, so read at your peril!(view spoiler)[I was looking for a mindless, somewhat intelligent, but basically sweet and undemanding read yesterday, because it was "such" a week. Little did I know, when I...
  • Lyuda
    This is my second attempt with the author and sadly, I don’t think our path will cross again.I found the story dull and boring. A marriage of convenience between an insecure good-hearted heroine and a tortured hero with a big secret went pretty much like this for the most of the story:She:I can be useful to him. I can look after him and make him comfortable and see he isn’t alone anymore.Why doesn’t he want to bed me?Oh, dear. What had she ...
  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: March 25, 2013Publisher: HarlequinImprint: Carina PressAuthor’s Website: http://alyssaeverett.com/My Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: NoSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: SteamyPet Peeves: Hopelessly Naive HeroineFavorite Tropes: Marriage of Convenience, Heroine Thinks She’s Undesirable (Husband Refuses to Consummate Ma...
  • Wollstonecrafthomegirl
    This is my first Everett, it won’t be my last. I read this straight through and liked it a great deal. It was a true character focused romance and a little May/December: so, swoon. Rosalie was kind, sweet, strong and hopeful. Everett conveys her youth without ever infantilizing her which is no mean feat. Even when she overreacts during the course of an argument or finds herself being petulant, she owns up to it in her mind. You can see the impa...
  • Caz
    I rated the print version 4.5 stars, but have had to knock off half a star for the narration in the audiobook versionI reviewed Lord of Secrets for All About Romance in September, 2013 and gave it an A-. It’s well written and characterised and the story has some unusual elements for a historical romance that Ms. Everett treats with intelligence and sensitivity.The eponymous Lord is David Linney, Marquis of Deal, a somewhat reclusive bachelor of...
  • Luli
    2.5 stars.Pues esta ha sido una de esas historias que no ha funcionado para mí.No he conseguido conectar con los personajes y la trama me ha parecido aburrida y un poco repetitiva. Demasiado diálogo interior y una protagonista muy insegura que sólo tiene coraje al final de la historia.Quizás, para mí, Rosalie ha estado demasiado tiempo quejándose cuando podría haberse enfrentado a David e intentar dialogar. Se supone que es una persona ins...
  • Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*
    This one is kind of hard to rate. Very different, ultimately, from the usual Regencies. I love Everett's characters—LOVE. I guessed Deal's secret very early on, but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book.Not exactly a feel-good romance, but an interesting one nonetheless.
  • MRB
    *****Five happily surprised and very enthusiastic stars*****I read and love a lot of books, but if I could keep just 5-7 romances of the many (many, many, many----no, I don't have a life!) that I've read over the past few years, this would be among them. You know how certain books feel almost like the custom written answers to your personal book-related prayers, incorporating nearly everything you happen to love in your literature and very little...
  • Caz
    I gave this an A- at AAR, which also means it's a DIK. So that's 4.5 stars here.Alyssa Everett is an author whose name on a cover is already guaranteed to make me take at least a second look, even though she has only (so far) published two books. I listened to the audio version of her earlier Ruined by Rumor a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the fact that it relies on several misunderstandings between the hero and heroine for mu...
  • Jaclyn
    Lord of Secrets was a much darker historical romance than I was expecting. With this one we see the tried and true marriage of convenience trope; however, the groom, Davd Linney, Marquess of Deal, is very reluctant to consummate the marriage despite his growing feelings for the bride, Rosalie Whitwell. David intrigues Rosalie, yet she is unsure of his reluctance towards her and questions her own desirability as a wife. It is obvious that David is...
  • Monique
    I really enjoyed reading this one. I had wondered about David's issue, and as I kept reading along, I found that I was on the right track...wow. I'll just say that some people need to die a horrible death for what they do to others...Even though David was mostly miserable and dying inside, he remained a veritable, although aloof, gentleman. I liked him a lot, and his love of the history of the English language was adorable (yeah - I like the hot ...
  • Miranda Davis
    Most important point, far better-read reviewers loved this, so I'd take their word for it if I were you.If you're curious what I thought, there was plenty of angst and self-doubt but when relief finally came, it seemed too quick and easy.I enjoyed the writing and the characters, though I found the abrupt resolution too sketchy to move me deeply, what with all the build up to what could possibly be such a depraved, evil act in his past that he did...
  • Joan
    This was recommended to me when I was in desperate need for a story with a decent 'realistic' male hero who was not the usual utterly boring alpha-male. Historical romances are not really my thing, and at first I was a little dubious, but it was delightful. Rosalie is a little too 'wimpy' at first, but there again she was in a difficult situation. Lord Deal is utterly fabulous; sensitively written, his past sins undisclosed until nearly the end o...
  • Wanda
    There are no steamy sex scenes, but it does have suspense that keeps the story interesting. The entire book is a beautiful story about finding love and how secrets can keep you from loving someone fully. There are a lot of different emotions in this story, and tragedy’s that each character had to face in life. The book does require patience as it takes almost the full book before Lord Deal tells his secrets. Overall a very good book
  • Katie_la_geek
    For this review and more my blogI was not expecting much from this one if I am honest, I liked the sound of it but the cover is a little cheesy and I was unsure. Luckily I gave this one a shot because Lord of Secrets is actually quite impressive. I find that most romances like this rely too heavily on the romance and the back story is left hanging unfulfilled. That is not the case here, Lord of Secrets is a lovely romance but it is also a well-ro...
  • Lovey Dovey Books
    Alyssa Everett's Lord of Secrets is a dashing historical romance that surrounds readers with the complex lives of two strong characters. David Linney, Marquess of Deal, stands apart from society. He believes that his neighbors and friends shamed him because of his father's suicide. It's also the secrets he keeps that keep him fearful of letting anyone come too close. Rosalie Whitwell is young, optimistic, and struck with the need to help others. ...
  • Lady Wesley
    The audio book was just as good as the written version, my review of which appears below. Courtney Patterson is a new-to-me narrator, but I would gladly listen to her performance of other books. I suspect that she may be an American, as her English accent occasionally wandered away. That did not detract from my enjoyment of the audio, however. This is a lovely story about a true marriage of convenience, where both the husband and the wife conside...
  • The Window Seat
    I am most likely in the minority of romance readers, but I tend to shy away from stories with a truly tortured Hero. I usually prefer Heroes with smaller misfortunes or obstacles in their past that they must overcome to embrace love. But the men with REALLY awful backstories just break my heart! My compassion level goes off the chart and I find it difficult to believe that one woman has the power to save him from all the pain in his life. However...
  • Atunah
    4.5I always say to those that ask that romance is about the journey. And in this one it is even more true then many others. We meet the hero coming across as initially cold and off standoffish and quickly realize he is socially awkward, and guilt ridden. He thinks of him depraved. He rescues the heroine from a lonely life after her father dies on a ship they all are residing on, back to England. She then has to deal with her husband not being wil...
  • May
    3.5 your typical story man stand up for women after she is left alone in the world, marry her yet remain distanced from her thinking he does not deserve her.Rosalie is all that innocent and kind, sometimes too kind. If it was me I would take my gloves back from that horrid woman. As for David well you'll see a tremendous change in him as you get to know him yet there is still this dark secret I thought like any other historical romance they were ...
  • Debbie
    I liked this one but I do agree with other reviewers - the secret the H was hiding took too long to reveal. However, it did highlight the guilt an abuse victim carries throughout life. The H's aunt (guardian) lures a very young H (10 years old) into a relationship. She is definitely a predator. The H believes it was him and his "depravity". The author did a good job in how the reveal was done. 3 stars.
  • Misty
    A very unusual and rather dark Regency novel that tackles a difficult subject with tact and finesse. I love David's damaged soul and Rosalie's gentle one. Bravo Ms. Everett!
  • Mary
    Well rounded characters. I enjoyed the development of the H/h relationship. The heroine was a bit of a Mary Sue, but not obnoxiously so. The hero was a tortured soul who, naturally, is redeemed by the heroine. It was a good. I recommend it.
  • OLT
    This is a worthy read but you do need to have a lot of patience to get to the HEA. We have a caring, nurturing and rather innocent young woman, Rosalie Whitwell, who's traveling by ship back to England when her father dies of a heart attack. She's left in rather straitened conditions, forced to choose between trying to make her way in the world as a paid companion or living with her father's heir, her drunken and unpleasant uncle.Fellow traveler ...
  • Stormi (BMReviewsohmy)
    Alyssa Everett is a new author and this is her second regency novel. I haven't read her first one but after reading Lord of Secrets I would be interested enough to give it a try. Rosalie has traveled with her father since she was twelve years old. She is not sophisticated like a lot of the company she hangs around with on the ships. She knew not to make herself up to look to good being a female on a ship and always tried to find older female comp...
  • My Book Addiction and More MBA
    LORD OF SECRETS by Alyssa Everett is an exciting Regency Historical Romance set in 1820 London. A Lord with dark secrets,David Linney,Marquess of Deal and a Lady with mothering skills, Rosalie Whitwell, two lives connect where secrets are revealed and love blossoms. Fast paced with passion,secrets,past regrets,learning the truth of why one adapted a solitary life,a glimpse into the sexual abuse by a loved one and the effects that abuse has on the...
  • Nicole Laverdure
    Lord of Secrets by Alyssa EverettI felt attracted to the cover of this book Lord of Secrets and liked the mysterious Lord. So I gave it a try. It's the first time that a read a story written by Alyssa Everett. It's the complicated and dark story of David a tortured soul who meets a a woman named Rosalie, also hurt by past events in her life. I won't write a long and complete review because others have done an excellent job. Let me just say, that ...