Of Windmills and War (The War Trilogy #1) by Diane Moody

Of Windmills and War (The War Trilogy #1)

The rumblings of war in distant countries mattered little to Danny McClain. Growing up in Chicago, his world revolved around after-school jobs, a rescued beagle, his pen pal in Holland, and the Cubs’ chance to go to the World Series. Then, in December of 1941, during his first year at Northwestern University, news of the attack on Pearl Harbor hit much too close to home. After a series of unexpected events over the next couple of years, Danny f...

Details Of Windmills and War (The War Trilogy #1)

TitleOf Windmills and War (The War Trilogy #1)
Release DateNov 21st, 2012
PublisherOBT Bookz
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, War, World War II, Romance, Christian Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Of Windmills and War (The War Trilogy #1)

  • Regina Lindsey
    Awesome book!!!! I enjoyed this so much. It was an easy read that kept me wanting more. A very nice tribute to the men and women who fought during WWll. The love story that spans the last 5 years of the war is one of joy and tears. I highly recommend this book.
  • Ron
    “Moms are supposed to worry.”A freshman historical novel. Moody focuses on the exploits of American Army Air Force B-17 bomber crews in World War II. Done partly to commend the experiences of her father and his wartime comrades. She does it well. But she doesn’t just dump the reader into the story at Pearl Harbor. She fashions a touching tale of how a boy in Chicago and a girl in Utrecht (Netherlands) become pen pals. How his brother is at ...
  • Marleen
    I applaud all authors who tackle romance or other fictional works set during WWII, because it’s important we never forget the atrocities inflicted by the Germans in almost all of Europe, in such a short period; between 1939-1945. This book compelled me from the beginning when we meet a teenager, Danny McClain, living an ordinary life in Chicago, having a pen pal in Utrecht, the Netherlands, called Hans Versteeg. I’m very familiar with the Dut...
  • Claire
    The reviews for this book both here and on Amazon have shaken my faith in user reviews! The writing in this book can only be described as insipid. The language was so unimaginative and basic that it made me think the book was written for young readers. On top of that, the dialogue between the characters was so simple it made them seem immature or childlike. I felt like the book could have been half as long as it was because there was so much extr...
  • Yvette
    Wow! What impressed me most about this book was the level of detail. The author's father actually flew in a B-17 during the war, and it inspired her to write a book about it. Where is gets interesting is the dual perspective she wove throughout the book. One of the main characters is a boy growing up in Chicago, and the other is a Dutch citizen who ultimately joins the resistance when the Nazis invade and occupy The Netherlands. This was one of t...
  • Jane Buchbauer
    An interesting historical fiction novel of WWII that eventually brings us to the food drops operation in Holland at the end of the war: Operation Chowhound. The story is an easy read that sometimes borders on the romantic. The main character is very likeable and incredibly good. I would recommend it to anyone interested in stories based on events of WWII.
  • Joyce (Chloe)
    Loved this WWII action and romance, all 598 pages of it! Of course, I need to read how these lives continue, so am immediately reading 'Beyond the Shadow of War' from Amazon KOLL. Was happy to see I could borrow it for this month.
  • M.P. McDonald
    I really enjoyed the story and love that it started pre-war and led up to and through WWII. It was also nice seeing life in the U.S. during the war. Anya's story was heartbreaking and even though I wanted to stay in her story more than Danny's, I felt we needed that 'breather' of sorts. I doubt anyone was shocked at how they came to meet, but I still made my husband stop talking to me right when I was reading that part. lol
  • Janice Graham-Welsh
    Great people story and romance steeped in a war torn world.Our 2 protagonists are heroes living in America and Holland communicating with each other as pen pal.As the war heats up the 2 protagonists lose contact with each other but never forget one another. How they come together is a beautiful story. The author paints vivid scenes of the horrors of the second world war, the losses of lives and the heroic deeds of many characters. The narrator is...
  • Chelsea
    This book was horrible. The religious aspect of it was like nails on a chalkboard. The atheist dad was apparently a horrible person until he starts to pray. The Nazi's were described as "godless" Where in fact, the majority of the Nazi party were christians. I despised how she dubbed people "good" or "bad" based upon whether or not they prayed. And the audacity of the first world prayers by Danny and his family were atrocious. I'm not entirely su...
  • Beth
    Safe to say that I disagree with the majority of readers of this book. I found the storytelling to be very rote and amateur. The dialogue, in particular, was insipid and unrealistic. None of the characters felt real (or even interesting) to me. There also seemed to be a half-baked attempt to explore how faith suffers during times of war, but it never really went anywhere. Characters would occasionally stop believing in God (you know, dark times, ...
  • Cheryl
    For me this was just okay. It read like a made-for-teenagers-tv-movie. In fact, I may have made a mistake and missed that this was young adult fiction. Nobody in this story; well nobody except for the Nazis and the requisite taciturn/grumpy Dad, had any flaws. They were all soo sweet and sooo good they didn't even have any bad thoughts. I like a good old fashioned great story/happy ending as much as the next person but this was just a big too muc...
  • Heather
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and following the lives of Danny McClain and Anya Versteeg. For the first-half of the book, I found Anya's story far more compelling as she struggled to stay alive during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Despite tremendous risks and personal sacrifices, she joined the Dutch resistance movement helping Jewish children escape to freedom. When she was on a mission, I was on tenterhooks, hoping she wouldn't be ca...
  • Dennis Billuni
    Diane Moody has written a detailed and moving tale of two young people—Danny McClain and Anya Versteeg—who live through the harrowing times of World War II. This is an especially meaningful story for me since my parents lived through similar trials and ordeals of that global conflict. The reader gets to know both characters in up-close and intimate portraits as Ms. Moody deftly paints a picture of each character’s growing pains – Danny in...
  • Janeen Swart
    World War II stories always intrique me, but this book could have been much better if the characters would have been more believable and the dialogue more interesting. Almost everyone was just too nice. The story is predictable and I had to almost push myself to finish. I learned a bit more about the lives of the pilots and also what it was like for the Dutch, which is my ancestry so those facts kept me interested somewhat. I don't think I'll spe...
  • Bonnie Temple
    Beautiful written! I’ve read many books centered around this time period but this is the first about Holland. The strength and faith the people had in standing up to protect the innocents and themselves as the Nazi invaders caused havoc, death, and destruction is simply incredible. Interesting to since the country is known for its peaceful stance in world matters. I strongly recommend this book.
  • Toshali Gupta
    No, this book doesn't talk much about the war - but how Danny and Anya struggle being on both sides of it. Danny is introduced to us from a young age, you could relate to most of the complexities he is mixed up in. Anya is brave and heartbroken and as a part of the Resistance fights hard and for long. The book in one of those is so well written that it makes you play the scenes in your mind while you read!
  • Edward Westerbeke
    This was a tear jerker for me. From the episodes of Pearl Harbor to the flights of the 390th over Germany it was a tense description . Especially since I have a Dutch heritage. I enjoyed the outcome.
  • Constance
    I had really high hopes for this story. But sadly, after reading the second book in this story I just felt beaten over the head with the authors religion. Not for me.
  • Sherry
    I loved reading this book.
  • Susan
    Best book I read this yearThis was such a wonderfully written book. I loved understanding WWII from the perspective of the Netherlands. I’ve always wanted to know more after my brother made a Dutch friend who shared stories of his country’s gratitude to America for their help. I’ve also been amazed by the courage and ingenuity of the resistance fighters. So many e-books feel too short to fully develop characters or delve into plots in a way...
  • Christa
    Enchanting and SignificantThis book tells a moving and believable story but it is also historically accurate and informative. A very enjoyable read.
  • Joleen
    Of Windmills and War by Diane MoodyYears: Pre-WWII to the endLocation: Chicago, Holland and Framlingham, EnglandMain Characters:Anya Versteeg: Sister to Danny's penpal, from HollandDanny McClain: American, pilot, friend to Anya in lettersJoey McClain: Danny's brotherI've had this book in my Kindle library since 2013, and finally wanted to get into it. I'm so glad I did. Fascinating book. My husband enjoys when I read WWII books because then we ha...
  • Fergie
    ** 4 1/2 out of 5 stars ** Diane Moody does a suburb job setting the tone and pace of her WWII novel, OF WINDMILLS AND WAR. With clever storytelling, Moody weaves and then connects two characters over two decades and continents. Most Americans know little about how Germany made occupied Holland suffer after their assistance in the failed Allied attempt after D-Day to retake the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden. When the Germans repelled...
  • Carol A. Glaude
    I have a strong interest in WWIII enjoyed reading this WWII story. Characters were interesting, storyline kept my interest throughout. My heart hurt for Anya, how destructive the war was for her, losing her family, her home and trust in people. I admired her strength and perserverance. Life finally went positive when she unknowing met her own pen pal and husband to be. I was happy for her even though I believe she would still be facing difficult ...
  • Sara Reed
    Must read!Beautiful story which honors the truth of history. She brings the emotions to life through the vivid characters and details. I look forward to the sequel! What an extraordinary gift to the writer's Dad!
  • Lisa Dupree
    Must read! Great WW2 book. Historical fiction. Tells the story of the Nazi occupation of Holland from the POV of a Dutch resistance fighter and an American pilot.
  • Carolyn Verhage
    Good War War II StoryHaving never read about the plight of The Netherlands during WW II, I found this novel very interesting, uplifting at times and tragic at others. A very good read.
  • Beth Turza
    This story is set in the Netherlands during the German occupation, giving the reader a vivid look into the lives of those affected by the war. The story follows Anya and her family, her neighbors and the Germans who control their village. As a young woman who loses everything, she begins working in the resistance aiding Jewish children escape the country. Anya's American Pen Pal, Danny, lives with his family in America, and due to tragic events, ...
  • MaryJane Rings
    I never thought about the german invasion of the Netherlands. They have always been depicted as a neutral nation, during European wars. This book was an eye opener for me. I found it very interesting with the American connection before the war between 2 very young people who had never met each other. It gives details of the war and the cruelty of the German invasion in a different context, showing the upheaval of personal lives and the strength o...