The Novelty Maker by Sasha L. Miller

The Novelty Maker

As often as he can possibly manage, Cole slips away from the parties and teas inflicted upon him by his mother to visit Harlowe, the brilliant, mercurial novelty maker he met several months ago when commissioning a piece for his mother. Overwhelmed with work, and preferring to avoid people, Harlowe is not an easy person to know, and Cole values too much their hard-won friendship to ever risk it by telling Harlowe of his true feelings. Then Harlow...

Details The Novelty Maker

TitleThe Novelty Maker
Release DateJan 17th, 2013
PublisherLess Than Three Press LLC
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, Short Stories

Reviews The Novelty Maker

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    **3.5 stars**This was a sweet read. It had aspects that I really liked, but I didn't really connect with the characters until the last 15% or so. I think if this was a longer story I would have gotten into a groove and ended up really enjoying it.
  • ttg
    A sweet fantasy romance short story that has the extra bonus of being free to read online. Cole enjoys visiting Harlowe, a grouchy and reclusive novelty maker, and is very much not thinking about how much he likes spending time with him, but then Harlowe starts receiving secret love letters, to Cole’s chagrin. He takes it upon himself to solve the mystery, even though a part of him is afraid of finding the answer, and very afraid of losing Harl...
  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    This is one of the stories that was written for the Sandy relief auction.Cole, a wealthy noble is crushing on Harlow, Harlow is a prickly, grumpy novelty box maker.He wears a mask since he has scarring on his face and lost the sight in one eye, which explains his less than open and friendly demeanor with people, but that doesn't stop Cole from 'courting' him, even if they both don't really see it as that.It's cute and sweet and I really enjoyed i...
  • Lillian Francis
    Sweet (but not sugary) and heartwarming short story with a fantasy, almost steampunk, vibe. Both main characters are adorably clueless. This story is well paced despite its length.Recommended.
  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    This was a sweet short story about a young man who is in love with a novelty maker. Harlowe makes music boxes and other novelty-type boxes for sale at his cranky boss’s shop. He hides out in the back room and refuses to come out to the sales floor because half of his face is covered by scars. Though he wears a leather mask to cover the scars and his injured left eye, he’s just too shy and awkward to allow himself to mingle with customers. Col...
  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    Sweet little friends to lovers story. Cole, a young noble, is in love with Harlow, a novelty box maker. Harlow is scarred, he wears a mask and he isn't the most pleasant person to be around. Well, except with Cole who would be content just with seeing him every now and then until Harlow started receiving love letters from a secret admirer.
  • Cole Riann
    Not only sweet, heartwarming and cute, but well paced and not overly plotted for the small amount of space available in the short form. It's done very well without losing the charm of being an easy read.
  • Chris, the Dalek King
    Novelty toys are all the rage for the wealthy people in the city of Cadogan. But it is not the toy box that Cole has ordered for his mother that keeps him dropping in on Harlowe, a brilliant and talented novelty maker. It is Harlowe himself. And even if Cole can not get up the courage to ask the man out, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy the friendship they have crafted for themselves. But when a mysterious man starts sending Harlowe love le...
  • Adrienne -kocham czytać-
    Interesting story and world, good characters. But he story just felt unfinished. If Cole's mom (and society) is so picky, how is she going to react to Harlowe's lower status and disfigurement? Where are the two going to go from the ending given their respective levels of stubbiness, society's rules, Cole's higher status, etc.? It was sweet and a nice little read, but left me wanting and with questions.
  • Ayanna
    This one was adorable. I actually felt the spark between the characters, which was nice, since I usually have a problem with the relationships in Miller's books. The plot worked, too.Most importantly, though, I felt like there was an actual relationship developing between the characters.
  • A
    I enjoyed this one a lot but I would have liked more. I guess I just liked the characters so much I wanted to hear more about them.
  • Katherine
    A sweet story of a strong friendship where one wants something more but is afraid to make anything of it for the loss.Cole has fallen for the novelty maker, Harlowe, but there's no way he can tell the man. Harlowe is prickly and smart, and his looks make him shy away from people. Cole wants to talk to Harlowe about more, but when Harlowe reacts to secret admirer letter with anger Cole knows he never can. With changes coming in Harlowe's life he s...
  • Buttons
    A sweet and short story. Easy and fast to read.
  • Sierra
    While not fully steampunk this very short novella has that feel. The setup is the usual and predictable one about characters not revealing their feelings. I liked it alright but didn't feel any connection to the two MCs. Cole moons over Harlowe and constantly visits him but says nothing for fear of rejection. Harlowe is extremely prickly, about Cole, about his work, and about the attention to his appearance; he was a hard character to like. As a ...
  • Mike
    3.5 starsThe Novelty Maker is a short story set in a steampunky world featuring Cole, a younger son in the upper class, and Harlowe, the scarred mechanical genius that fascinates Cole so.I can't say it really rocked my world, but it's a fairly sweet and fairly well-written story. I found the plot to be a bit thin, even if I'm making allowances for the length. Surprisingly, there's no overt sex...but not only that, there's precious little romance....
  • Julesmarie
    3.5 stars, rounded up for being freeI loved the setting of this story. Very steampunk, in the most delightful way. Harlowe's creations, as well as those of Bingley his boss, were vividly described, and very easy to picture. Cole and Harlowe were both enjoyable characters, and it was heart-warming to get to read their story.(view spoiler)[What I enjoyed most was the parallel between Harlowe and 3.5 stars, rounded up for being freeI loved the set...
  • Jeanne 'Divinae'
    First and Foremost, obviously it was meant for me to read this book. For the book I read before this one; it's main characters were Sasha and Miller. With that said....I really enjoyed this book. It had the growing chemistry between Cole and Harlowe and it had the mystery of the 'secret admirer'.Harlowe has a deformity on his face which he is very self conscious about, hiding behind a mask. Cole is a nobleman who loves Harlowe. He doesn't see him...
  • Sandra
    This was a sweet little free story on Less Than Three Press. It ended nicely although it probably would have gotten a 4 star from me if it had been a little longer, although to be fair it was pretty well developed for only 35 pages. However, one thing did bother me. Even though this is steam-punk (are the rules different in that universe?) this obviously takes place in Victorian England and so I just find the easy acceptance of Cole's homosexuali...
  • Pippii
    This is a really sweet and easy flowing read.Cole is a young Nobleman, being harassed by his Mother to find a wife, but Cole is secretly in love with a working man.Harlowe is a novelty maker, making beautiful boxes, which are collectables for women. He never shows himself to others, due to an accident that has scarred his face. But Cole worms his way into the shop and close to Harlowe, and forms a sort of friendship.One day Harlowe starts getting...
  • Laura Warby
    I really enjoyed this little book. It's one of the best short stories I've read for a while.I liked the characters, and enjoyed reading about their interaction with the people in their world, but I thought the back stories of a couple of the characters could have been better developed; for example, it's apparent that Cole is relatively well-off, but it's never made clear his job or position in society.With a few little tweaks, this could be a fiv...
  • Alycia
    This was a charming short story. Harlowe is the reason this story worked so well for me; despite the mercurial moods, he was truly a sweet man. The only reason I didn't give this story 5 stars was because I wanted a little more background on these characters, and I was also confused on why everyone took Cole's homosexuality so well.
  • Matthew
    Very fun short romance. I enjoyed the medieval-style world and the scarred (physically and emotionally) love interest. A very complex and surprising story for such a short, free book.I will definitely check out more of Ms. Miller's work.
  • blub
    A lovely short story. Cole and Harlowe were adorable together. I liked Cole's resilience in pursuing Harlowe even when he was scared of rejection and in face of Harlowe's uncooperative behavior to his efforts.
  • Sarah
    Ended before it should-- main character still needs to get married; there should have been some conclusion to that plot line. Overall good, interesting characters.Less Than Three Editing Errors: 1 (p30, Cole confused for Harlowe)
  • Adria Maria
    This novella is so very heartwarming. I need a full length novel of it. Nay, scratch that, I need at least a trilogy. It doesn't even need to have any thrilling action, just Cole and Harlowe happy together.
  • Deeze
    Sweet little read, but again it felt like the beginning was missing. I would of liked to see or hear how Cole first met Harlowe and how they became friends. A little epilogue would of been nice too.
  • Kerr
    This was another cute story. A little steampunk it involves two friends who like each other a little more than they should...
  • Elske
    3 starsA easy to read cute short story. Not much to it in depth or characters but a nice tea break book. The first portion doesn't flow as well as the last quarter does.
  • lazulisong
    I feel like this could use about five thousand more words, but it's still a well defined world and a sweet, gentle story. If you like Howl's Moving Castle you'd definitely like this one.