The Philadelphia Quarry by Howard Owen

The Philadelphia Quarry

Black is back. Willie Black was last seen, in Oregon Hill, risking the final tattered remnants of his checkered career - and his life - to free a man almost everyone else believed was guilty. Willie's still covering the night police beat with its DDGBs and dirt naps, still avoiding the hawk that periodically swoops down to pluck away a few more of his colleagues in a floundering business. He still drinks too much and disobeys too much. The only t...

Details The Philadelphia Quarry

TitleThe Philadelphia Quarry
Release DateJul 1st, 2013
PublisherThe Permanent Press
GenreMystery, Fiction, Audiobook

Reviews The Philadelphia Quarry

  • Barbara Mitchell
    The Philadelphia Quarry is Howard Owen's second Willie Black mystery. I must go back and read the first one because I love Willie despite myself. He chain smokes unfiltered cigarettes, drinks way too much, cusses like an old-time sailor, and other assorted sins, i.e. has neglected his only child until she is a grown woman and now he's trying to make it up to her. And yet you just have to like this guy. For all his faults, his heart is in the righ...
  • Sheila
    Willie Black works the night cop beat at a Richmond Virginia newspaper, where technology and the economy's downturn combine to darken his prospects. He and his colleagues await the day when they’ll be told to clear out their desks, but surely there’s still a place for honest reporting and investigation; it’s just hard persuading those paying the bills that real news shouldn’t be silenced.Howard Owen’s The Philadelphia Quarry is his seco...
  • Tony
    THE PHILADELPHIA QUARRY. (2013). Howard Owen. **.This is the second novel by this author that features Willie Black, a black newspaper reporter in Richmond. The previous novel that introduced him was “Oregon Hill.” I’ve ordered this earlier novel to see if Willie comes out any clearer in that one. In this novel, he gets involved with the release of a black man who was convicted 28-years earlier of raping a white girl by a quarry on the grou...
  • Richard Theobald
    A great read... Wonderfully constructed characters, a plot full of twists and turns, and descriptive detail that takes the reader well inside the author's mind...Willie Black embodies the best of everyday slobs....via his smoking, his drinking, his cynicism and his lusting after at least one of his ex-wives....and yet there is an heroic aura about him as he persists in chasing the TRUTH.... he really and truly believes he is on a mission, and it ...
  • Alison Hardtmann
    The Philadelphia Quarry is the second installment in Howard Owen's excellent series about Willie Black, an older journalist holding on to his job in a dying industry. He's made his share of mistakes and continues to make a few more, but he does have a degree of self-awareness and a compassion for the people around him in Richmond, VA. Years ago, a black man was convicted of the rape of a wealthy young lady, but DNA evidence has now set him free. ...
  • John Kues
    First book of Howard Owen that I have read, really enjoyed it. Smart dialogue and interesting plot. Newspaper reporter in present times, and seems to present the present day economic plight of newspapers well. Willie Black doesn't like being told what to write about or what he should or shouldn't do really. Black man gets out of prison after DNA proves him innocent 28 yrs late, of rape of a white girl. No one really believes him innocent, and the...
  • Don Gorman
    This is a fun little page turner. The ending is a little too easy to deduce but it is very well written and Willie Black is a great protagonist. Mysteries based around newspaper writers always seem to be fun and this one is no exception. There is a lot of relationship intrique, old family money power brokers, good old fashioned racism in modern times, and a full quota of the weakness of man. It was a good time.
  • Cindy Joyce
    This book is really only Three and a half stars but gets the extra half because it is literally set in my back yard. I would love to know how the author came to know about the Quarry. It was a decent mystery and having another mystery set in Richmond is always fun.
  • Nicole Hood
    My second Howard Owen book. He lives in my mother's building here in Richmond (and writes about places that I know). It was fine, but time for me to move on from him. Perhaps I'll return to him during the summer when the weather is hot and I want easy entertainment.
  • Deb Mj
    The second in the Willie Black series, this book is just as solid as the first. Willie is a great character, the plot is solid and the tone of the book is gritty and entertaining. Hope we'll get a third Willie Black book sooner rather than later.
  • Chris
    Enjoyed the second Willie Black story as much as the first, what a great character. I would recommend reading Oregon Hill prior to this one, readers will miss some background about the characters if they read these books out of order.
  • David Marshall
    This is beautifully written but ends up a rather uninspiring story about an investigative journalist managing to prevent a miscarriage of justice.
  • Betty Dickie
    Oh, Willie! Another good solid mystery from Mr. Owen, with lots of local color and stuff only Richmonders would know. Yummy.
  • Teresa Lavender
    won this here on goodreads. Great story! Perfect rollercoaster ride.
  • Ruth
    This is the second book I have read in this series and I have liked them both very much.
  • Amy
    Love the journalism versus blogosphere angle. Good mystery and great characters.
  • Khalil Boulos
    Very well written. I was in shock when I found out what really happened!!!! Perfect read. Howard Owens is a genius.