A Calm Before Storm (Derrick Storm Graphic Novels, #3) by Peter David

A Calm Before Storm (Derrick Storm Graphic Novels, #3)

The Derrick Storm adaptations continue in an all-new miniseries based on the hit ABC show Castle! Derrick Storm's gruesome discovery winds up drawing him into an international spectacle. Who is The Fear? What does he want with Derrick? And why is Derrick's father next on his hit list? As the international situation in New York continues to degrade, Derrick Storm reaches out to the one person who may be able to help him: his former handler, Clara ...

Details A Calm Before Storm (Derrick Storm Graphic Novels, #3)

TitleA Calm Before Storm (Derrick Storm Graphic Novels, #3)
Release DateJul 16th, 2013
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Mystery, Superheroes, Marvel, Fiction

Reviews A Calm Before Storm (Derrick Storm Graphic Novels, #3)

  • Maria
    I feel like I now understand why Derrick Storm (view spoiler)[had to die (hide spoiler)]. Its feels like Castle had been writing this "stormy" chapter, a chapter that covers a past with a lot of questions and not really many answers. I think choosing to (view spoiler)[kill (hide spoiler)] Derrick was his own way of letting go of a past that was consuming him entirely. It must have been hard to watch his own doubts sell, his endless questions driv...
  • GateGypsy
    Plucked this off the shelf at the library this evening because, really, I've read a bunch of the Nikki Heat books, but never had the chance to check out the Derrick Storm stuff. I thought, Why not? It's unfortunate that the only one on the shelf was #3, so I came into the story a bit out of context.First impression: Considering that the Castle TV series is already pretty "meta" -- the Derrick Storm comic being about a PI whose life was turned int...
  • Meg
    I have been waiting for this Graphic Novel since December when I finished Storm Season. I was not disappointed, in fact this one was even better than Storm Season was! Once again we are on the journey of Derrick Storm before he was presumed dead. I love Clara Strike and how she always comes to the rescue whenever Derrick needs her. The story continues in a natural way and along the way we continue to find out more things about Derricks childhood....
  • C.O. Bonham
    If the other Storm Graphic novels were must reads for Castle fans then this one is doubly so. Just for the reference at the beginning of the story to a TV show detective with a royal lodging type of name. It is hilarious. Also the story was very exciting as Storm and his father hunt his mother's killer. Can Derrick avenge his mothers death? More importantly can he survive a mission with his father?
  • Ashley
    I read this sometime last year (2013) but didn't add it to Goodreads at the time for whatever reason. Realized that when I went to add the new one (Unholy Storm) to my currently-reading shelf. I don't remember much about Calm Before Storm, but it was probably 3.5 stars, much like the previous books in this series.
  • Melissa
    What a page-turner! I just couldn't put this one down and read it all in one sitting. Russian assassins! Moles in the CIA! Epic plot twists! Can't say more for fear of giving anything away, but if you're a true fan of "Castle" these are must-reads.
  • Robert
    Not as fun than the first two - no introduction and no afterward, and a generally less entertaining story.
  • Ivy
    I really enjoyed this graphic novel. It was interesting to find out who the mole was. I will have to read more of the Derrick Storm graphic novels.
  • Julia
  • Andrew Stansbury
    Just... Don't read this.
  • Bibliofiendlm
    I enjoyed this title. Very intriguing story.
  • Nick
    Weirdly, I found this to be less plausible, and therefore less interesting, than the first one I read of this series. I say "weirdly" because the whole thing was pretty strange and implausible to begin with, which makes this one just too far over the top.Among other things, it's too self-referential, with one character being a weird combination of Richard Castle and Remington Steele. For another, I just found the story difficult to swallow. I thi...
  • Rebecca
    A bit more ... goofy/far-fetched than the first two. Felt like a little too much story for the space it was given. And the ending - well, I wasn't a huge fan of the very ending. But a fun story nonetheless. I enjoyed the whole "Palace" thing.
  • Alison Zipper
    These graphic novels are growing on me. I do want to read more of the Derrick Storm books.
  • Vicky Vaughn
    actually 3.8
  • Nicole
    My first Derrick Storm story. Not really impressed.
  • Emma
    In this Derrik Storm graphic novel adaptation, we find Derrik in a boat, after having sold his investigating business, figuring out who "The Fear" is and how far does it go. Derrik finds out what really happened to his mother and looks for the help of his former CIA handler, Clara Strike.In this adaptation we see a TV show similar to Castle being made (within the book). I absolutely love the story line and the artwork is amazing. Can't wait to ge...
  • Christopher Mclean
    I'm a big fan of the Castle TV show, unfortunately this book didn't live up to that expectation. It does a reasonable job of nailing the comedy seen on TV but unfortunately the case being investigated is boring, the events rather predictable and the characters fairly uninteresting. I think I will steer clear of Derek Storm from now on.
  • sixthreezy
    Too much dialogue and writing for nothing... Story was overly simplistic, not quite as humorous as the first two volumes of Derrick Storm, and I could have done without Derrick's father.Really disappointing, actually. Nothing much to impress the reader. For diehard fans of Castle only.
  • Nancy Sebert
    If you are a fan of Nathan Fillion or the TV show Castle, you would appreciate this graphic novel, because it was like reading an episode of Castle. Fun, very quick, and of course, over the top cop drama.
  • Spot
    this is a stupid, cheesy comic, but the LOLs .....a fictional writer, writing a fictional book, about a fictional person in a fictional worldahhhhhhh........seriously, just google it and get sucked into the nothingness that is richard castle(oh, and nathan fillion) :)
  • Feoni
  • Stelios
    Is my first Castle graphic novel and after this I' definitely going to read another one!
  • James Love
    The best entry of the series. Peter David hits it out of the park in his classic humorous style.
  • Lexi
    Probably my favourite Castle graphic novel. I loved the interplay between Derrick and his father - very Last Crusade.
  • Molly
    This is the best Castle comic book out of the three so far, if only for the Castle and Firefly references at the beginning. That was great
  • Matt Piechocinski
    Fun. PAD is a dialogue master. Truly.
  • Cyn Mcdonald
    Fairly typical Richard Castle story. Quick read, decent art, predictable plot twists.
  • Bonnie
    Some Castle in-jokes here, and Storm and his ex-CIA father take on the bad guy that killed Storm's mother.
  • Hayley
    It's a fun graphic novel, and if you're a fan of Castle you'll probably love it. =)