Audrey's Guide to Black Magic (Audrey's Guides, #2) by Jody Gehrman

Audrey's Guide to Black Magic (Audrey's Guides, #2)

Sometimes you have to fight black magic with blacker magic. But in trying to save the people she loves, will Audrey fall into the dark abyss that claimed her father?In Book II of the Audrey's Guide series, Audrey learns about her witchy roots and continues to fight her nemesis; this time she must dig deeper than ever, experimenting with dark magic to combat the insidious enchantment that's invaded her newfound community. She travels to the magica...

Details Audrey's Guide to Black Magic (Audrey's Guides, #2)

TitleAudrey's Guide to Black Magic (Audrey's Guides, #2)
Release DateSep 7th, 2013
PublisherMagic Genie Books
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult, Witches, Urban Fantasy, Magic

Reviews Audrey's Guide to Black Magic (Audrey's Guides, #2)

  • Sheila
    Audrey may have recently learned she’s a witch, but she’s also a very serious, sensible, scientific student, with an annoying little sister, and a note-book where she records all the things she needs to know, like “Sadie’s Super Secret-Binding Spell,” and other magical things. Little sister Meg doesn’t even know her mom and Audrey are magical, since her sole concerns are boyfriends and her band. But she’s going to find out.Audrey’...
  • Mona Cashman
    Audrey's guideI really enjoyed these two books. The author made me feel like I was right there in the story. The feelings of inadequatecy and how they can be overcome without losing the ability to be compassionate for others really comes thru
  • Ephemera Pie
    (Also posted at: Audrey is back with a new section to her guide-the guide to black magic! Sadie takes Meg and Audrey back to the Land for protection and Audrey’s training. There she meets the handsome Ramone, the curt and inhospitable Kalinka, the sweet Leila, and her maternal grandmother, who happens to be the Land matriarch. Audrey’s mother is still fighting the evil Cormack, she misses ...
  • Gina - Behind the Pages
    View the original review on my blog: 4.5.....This is a spectacular sequel to Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft. The sequel does not disappoint as we are once again swept off our feet into Audrey's world, along with her battles through love, life, witch-iness, sisterhood and evil-masterminds-who-may-be-my-father.What I really love about this book, is how the series doesn't start to get old. What I mean is, book two, is just about as good as book 1. The...
  • Liliana
    Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookI was lucky enough to beta read this book, and all I can say is: this book was aweeesoooome *sing songs*! The magic, the witches, the JULIAN! *swoons*If you don't know by now, and you probably should because I've mentioned this about a million and half times, I absolutely love witches and magic and witchcraft! Witches are just some of my fave supernatural creatures and I think it would be awesome to be a witch (yeah...
  • Angie
    I enjoyed Audrey's Guide to Black Magic so much more than the first book! It took all of the good things and made them great! Audrey has come to terms with the fact that she and her mother are witches, but now it's time to come clean to her little sister. Meg, as a mundane, only gets to know this secret because their grandmother has invited them to "the Land" for Christmas break. She takes the news well, but it does put some strain on her relatio...
  • Susan (The Book Bag)
    Ahhh, I thought the cover of Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft was beautiful. I think I love this one even more ~ I love the color blue!Once again, Jody has written a very enchanting story which follows Audrey as she learns about the witching world. And what better time to read about black magic and witchcraft then Halloween time? I love reading Audrey's stories this time of year, they just get me in the mood for spookiness.This time Audrey, her siste...
  • Kim
    This second book is definitely my favorite! It is even more quirky and magical than the first, with a lot more action.I love, love, love Audrey's journaling. She copies down anything and everything that she thinks is important and the titles she gives them are hilarious and often irreverant. Audrey is magical, but I love that it doesn't come easily to her. She has to work at it and I think that is a great message. Add to that the fact that, even ...
  • Sarah
    I thought this book was good!!!! I liked it a lot better than the first book!!! This book starts right after the last one ended and it was thoroughly entertaining!!! More magic in this one and i thought it literally put a enchantment on the book.. It was beautifully wrote out!!! Characters were the same great ones plus new ones to add in.This book had some intensity suspenseful feel to it and kept me interested til the end..the only thing i didnt...
  • Sandy Grissett
    Loved it!Loved it!This is a wonderful book. I read the first one and had to get the second one to see what happens. It is full of magic, love, sadness, evil, the unknown, exhilarating. The writer did great on finishing this story. you will be surprised to find out who the culprit is at the end. your feel sorrow when you go through some of the trials her mother goes well as herself. you may scold her for some of the irrational moves ...
  • Scott Love
    Audrey's Guide to Black Magic started where AG to Witchcraft left off. We get to meet Audrey's Grandma and visit the land. The plot was really good and the characters are getting stronger. Something I really liked was Audrey changed places with Meg as far as the social scene goes. In the mundane world, Meg is the social butterfly where Audrey is the invisible one. Once they get to the land, the tables turn and it creates some interesting dynamics...
  • Sandra Berryman
    Another great read about Audrey and her family, highly recommend this for teen and adults. Great story and characters.
  • Judy
    3 1/2 - pure enjoyment!
  • Gina Hott
    Amazing -- I'll tell you more when it's out ;) but you definitely want to add this to your 'I'm eagerly anticipating' list!!
  • Joy
    Very enjoyable book. Great characters and wonderful story. I really like Julian and Audrey. Book was interesting from the beginning and kept getting better.
  • Katie
    More please?
  • Fran Andrews
    Very entertaining.I have really enjoyed both books written so far in this series and am looking forward to more, please! True fantasy, real witchery!