Trophy Cupcakes and Parties! by Jennifer Shea

Trophy Cupcakes and Parties!

Seattle's favorite cupcake bakery, Trophy Cupcakes and Party, is adored for its mouthwatering cupcakes and charming party favors. It’s also the go-to place for anyone looking to throw a phenomenal celebration, and now their recipes and party secrets are yours in this essential guide for every occasion--from luxe soirées like a sparkling engagement celebration, or an exotic Moroccan-themed bash, to crafty kids' parties, such as a bike parade an...

Details Trophy Cupcakes and Parties!

TitleTrophy Cupcakes and Parties!
Release DateSep 24th, 2013
PublisherSasquatch Books
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Foodie

Reviews Trophy Cupcakes and Parties!

  • Sarah
    Very cute party ideas and excellent cupcake recipes. I have made several of them, and they are easy to follow and turn out well for the reasonably experienced baker. My main qualm with this book is that much of the party planning seems difficult to achieve for the average person. Some of the craft projects seem just about impossible. Overall, though, it's a fun read.
  • Larisa
    Next Generartion Martha, good ideas & the recipes look to be real-world tested, not a theory on paper. Already recommended to friends with lots of parties in their future, especially teen & milestone adult parties.
  • Krysten
    This is a great book for anyone whose interested in throwing a great, classy party with delicious (sounding) food. It's a beautiful book to flip through and the recipes sound to-die-for. Will definitely be adding this one to my collection.
  • Selena
    I love this book. The pink champagne cupcakes were out of this world. I can't wait to use some of the party ideas like the "Superhero Training" party and the "Destination" party ideas. This book will provide party ideas for years to come.
  • Monica
    I want to buy this book in the future and thank the authors for the work they put into the images and explanation. Appreciated the section on how to frost a cupcake. Easy checklists for party planning make this one a keeper!
  • Zoe Burger
    The chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting are divine. I like how this book allows you to mix and match cakes to frostings.
  • Mckinley
    A lot about parties and party planning. Cupcakes pretty much the standard flavors. They do have a website for booking parties and buying cupcakes-
  • Susan Treat
    Good for parties but if you want sweets its fine.
  • Keri
    Full of really great ideas for party themes. I really enjoyed this book!
  • Kinsley
    Wonderfully simple and versatile recipes that make beautiful cupcakes with brilliant flavors. So good I went out bought it!
  • Erin
    The book is a lovely presentation of delicious recipes.
  • Katia
    Great source of inspiration for awesome cupcakes and party planning.