All-New X-Men, Volume 2 by Brian Michael Bendis

All-New X-Men, Volume 2

Yesterday's X-Men continue to adjust to a present day that's simultaneously more awe-inspiring and more disturbing than any future the young heroes had ever imagined for themselves. And things get even more dangerous when the shape-changing terrorist Mystique targets our young time-travelers...starting with Cyclops! David Marquez (Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man) joins the artistic family as acclaimed writer Brian Michael Bendis further defines the f...

Details All-New X-Men, Volume 2

TitleAll-New X-Men, Volume 2
Release DateJun 11th, 2013
PublisherMarvel Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel, X Men, Graphic Novels Comics, Comic Book

Reviews All-New X-Men, Volume 2

  • Anne
    Fun stuff!Sweet Baby Cyclops is trying to figure out how he eventually becomes Old Cranky Cyclops. And if maybe Cranky Cyclops is right?Jean is trying to figure out how to control her new found telepathy, with the help of Kitty. It's going as well as can be expected, under the circumstances.But then Warren has a freak out after spending too much time with the other Angel, and Jean goes a bit too far to calm him down...Ok, not that far, but far en...
  • Kemper
    These comic books actually accomplished something heroic and nearly impossible: They’ve made Scott Summers interesting.Granted, it takes the idea of the present day Scott going all dark side as the younger version of Scott is horrified at what he becomes while resenting the reactions of everyone around him blaming him for something he hasn't done yet so it took a couple of incarnations plus some timey-wimey stuff to get this done. Still, this i...
  • Will M.
    I read vol.1 about a year ago and I can't remember anything about it anymore. I'm too lazy to reread it so I went ahead and read this anyway.X-Men has been one of my favorites ever since I was young. I've seen every movie and most of the tv series. I only started reading the comics recently because I just watched X-Men Days of Future Past for the third time. I was in the X-Men mood so I decided to pick this one up.The story was not that bad, but ...
  • Terence
    The original X-Men have decided to stay in the present in order to learn if living their lives the way they were was worth it.Here to Stay demonstrates clearly that Beast didn't have much of a plan. He just brought the original X-Men to the future without realizing how much that might change them. This has the standard time travel stuff like Cyclops not understanding why magazines are so expensive.The most unexpected and unplanned aspect of Beast...
  • Keely
    It should be no secret by now that I'm heavily invested in the series right from the very start. Everything about this review is bound to be specifically biased, leaning towards the avid fanatic even, so if you have a more objective and different opinion than mine, then please, feel free to NEVER SPEAK ABOUT IT in my presence as long as we both shall live, ESPECIALLY if you have no amount of love to share concerning Brian Michael Bendis' All-New ...
  • Sesana
    Yesterday, I read The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy. Today, this. Am I making a habit of Marvel books turning a dud of a concept into something that isn't just readable, but also compelling? I can deal with that. The concept is where the first volume fell flat for me. It is (like Superior Spider-Man, actually) a concept that seems like it was created more for sales than for storytelling, one that has an obvious and imminent endg...
  • Sam Quixote
    I only read this a couple of days ago but I drew a blank when I tried to recall what happened in this book and, upon flicking through it again, rediscovered that not a whole lot does. This isn’t by itself a terribly bad thing as the book is eminently readable and more or less entertaining but it is a book where not only does very little happen, but it feels like a lot of stuff from the first book is repeated and the whole pointlessness of the s...
  • Joseph
    This week's theme for the Shallow Comic Readers is, well, pot luck!Much like volume 1, this collection of the All-New X-Men (Marvel NOW!) is kinda fun to read. It's nice seeing the original X-Men in action again, and seeing how they bump up against the current timeline. More than anything, its nice seeing Scott Summers not be an asshole again.Highlights for this volume are the exchange between the "current" Iceman and Kitty Pryde where they imagi...
  • Mike
    Bendis keeps me entertained *and* intrigued to keep finding out where he's going with this storyline. The original young X-Men in the present is a greatly disruptive influence - to today's civilians, to the team dynamics of the X-Men, and to other related heroes and villains. It's the most interesting take on these guys I've seen in years. The way each character really *reacts* to the insanity of their situation is refreshing - like they're real ...
  • Fables&Wren
    WrensReads Review:Pre-Cyclops is having identity problems. Current-Cyclops is making all these horrible choices but he has to be making them for a good reason because he is himself, right? Actually, all the original X-Men and their current counterparts are really straining to keep everything together because it's weird that their former selves are right in front of them.Jean Grey is getting used to all her developed powers. But she goes a little ...
  • C.G. Drews
    Ahhhh, COMICS. I'm a huge Marvel fan but I've never really gotten into the comics because WHERE THE HECK DO I START? So I randomly reserved this one from my library. They didn't have Vol 1 (so, so annoying) so I'm basically thrown into the action. But it was sooo freakishly good.It's like the movies! The drawings look sooo much like the actual real-live cast. It just makes me happy. And plus this was a combo of the X-Men movies and the Avengers m...
  • Sylwia
    I liked this one even better than the first part. Looking forward to read the next one, but I don't think it's going to be released in Poland any time soon. :(
  • David
    Well, finally, a new X-Men volume that was actually good and felt like reading something from the good old days.Not surprisingly, it's because these are old school X-Men from the good old days. I ended up with volume 2 in the series, but it's pretty easy to catch up. Apparently the premise this time around is that the classic X-Men -- Beast, Iceman, Angel, Marvel Girl, and Cyclops -- have been brought forward to the future (our present) by modern...
  • Gavin
    Following up on the fantastic Volume 1, this volume finds the Original X-Men still in the present (future for them). This has created all sorts of interesting situations, including having them mentored/supervised by Kitty (and to a lesser extent, Wolverine and Storm). There's some great stuff of character development between the Angels (Young Warren and his present self bonding is priceless).Obviously, it would seem, the longer the past selves st...
  • Jonathan
    This is good. Seriously, really good. Why haven't I read this run sooner?This guy is my favorite...
  • Monsour
    Oh wow this book is so easy to follow. This is fully recommended for new guys whose new to X-Men stuff.[Review later]
  • Zack! Empire
    I would say this if my favorite of the X-Men titles going right now. It's got a story line that really interest me. I've become more and more into the characters relationships than anything else, so the story of the original five X-Men meeting their future selves is pretty neat. The book is slow, but I don't really mind. It doesn't feel like it's trying to bulk up a storyline to make a nice trade. It just seems like it's a story that will take so...
  • Sud666
    Vol 2 of All-New X-men collects issues 6-10. It is the continuation of the story of the original X-men are brought into present day to confront Scott Summer's goals of Mutant Revolution. Now it seems that Scott is going to start his own more militant version of the X-men and a more militant version of Xavier's school. Along with Scott are magneto, Ilyana Rasputin and Emma Frost. More than that I will not say as that would be spoilers. There is qu...
  • Donovan
    I am loving this series. This has a spectacular futuristic story that reminds me of 80s titles, but Bendis keeps the exposition tight and crisp while balancing the characters with heart and humor. And the artwork continues to stun. I hope this is collected in a nice hardcover edition soon.
  • Jesse A
    Eh. Its ok. Not in love with it or anything but decent enough.
  • Robert Wright
    Damn, this book is good!I had little but for disdain for much of what Bendis did to the Avengers books. Which was sad, considering how much I loved Powers and his other indy work and even found Ultimate Spider-Man enjoyable.But then he comes along with this X-Men book. With rare exceptions, the X-books (far, far too many) and their convoluted storylines (that not even a flowchart could untangle) have been boring and uninteresting to me for going ...
  • James DeSantis
    Wow...I liked this as much as the first if not more. So we get further into the kids dealing with their future selves. I really enjoyed a bunch of moments here. One of my favorite is Scott meeting Mystique. That evil blue bitch is always a great trickster, and love how she's playing him. I also really enjoyed all the moments with Kitty and training. They feel fresh, and love seeing kitty as a leader. I'm also a sucker for kids trying to figure ou...
  • Scott
    Now THIS is a great follow-up to volume 1.There was a noticeable and welcome increase in action, plot development, humor (the Kitty Pryde and Iceman 'decoding' of a Beast and Captain America conversation = hilarity) and even a cameo from the Avengers. A few more words of praise about Kitty - calm, caring and competent; although obviously this is very much an ensemble piece her tough-but-tender presence was, I think, a significant asset in this ed...
  • Artemy
    Well, this one was awesome. The character interaction, the glimpse at the young X-Men everyday lives, their training under Kitty Pryde's command, their relationships with their older selves, that was all great stuff. And the art was gorgeous, too! Thoroughly enjoyed this volume.
  • Keith
    Now I need to go over and read Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1: Revolution, but I'm cool with that. I'm cool with everything.
  • GrilledCheeseSamurai
    Kinda just feels like more of the same from the first arc - which isn't necessarily bad - but it's not really all that great either.I'd like things to start moving off in a new direction.
  • Matt
    Still loving this series!
  • Jason
    Really fun and interesting book. Glad to see X-Men comics are not only good and relevant again, but also pretty awesome. Oh, and MARVEL DIGITAL UNLIMITED SUBSCRIPTION FOR 99¢!
  • J
    3.5 stars
  • Trike
    I re-read the first installment yesterday because my library has them all and it hangs together better taken as a single piece rather than in the single issues the way I read them initially. So does this collection. But...I do wonder why the time travel aspect isn't affecting things the way it usually does in these stories, meaning Marvel tales by Bendis specifically. I guess he's just ignoring the other stuff he's done for the sake of pitting Yo...