Wishing Stars by Nenia Campbell

Wishing Stars

Magic and science combine in this anthology of futuristic fairytales, ballads, and lyrical poetry. Contains five retellings:Deep Blue NightmareClockwork RosesQuantum DiamondIceheartBlood of My Blood.

Details Wishing Stars

TitleWishing Stars
Release DateFeb 3rd, 2013
PublisherAmazon Digital Services
GenreShort Stories, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fairy Tales

Reviews Wishing Stars

  • Joana
    Come closer, my dears, let me give you a warning,Of the fate that befalls those who stay out past morning,In the darkest hours before the dawn,When witches roam and demons spawn,And children die with spirit gone,Magicked away in the gloaming. In Wishing Stars we have bound up together retold fairy tales and some original poems.I haven't read much sci-fi, which it's kind of odd since I do love it in TV shows and movies (Dr Who, anyone? )! But I'm ...
  • Marvin
    Wow! Big surprise here. I was browsing the pages of my Goodreads friends and notice Nenia was making a couple of her books free on Kindle for a few days (No. Don't tell me. I know. I'm cheap) I grabbed Wishing Stars: Space Opera Fairytales because the idea of melding fairy tales with modern sci-fi and fantasy seems so Angela Carter. And I adore Angela Carter. Campbell's collection include both short fiction and poetry. The poetry is quite good bu...
  • Wart Hill
    There is so much creepy in this book.Nenia takes familiar stories, puts them into unfamiliar settings, and weaves captivating, creepy, wonderful new fairy tales.And the stories are just the tip of the iceberg.Did you know that Nenia is a fantastic Poet? Because she is! I think as much as I love the stories, the poems were my favorite thing about this book. Seriously. So good.Great job, Nenia!
  • Anna Kļaviņa
    3.5 [...]I hear you beg me to your aid, What cause is there to be afraid?We'll live forever, you and I, —But first, my love, you have to die. Below the water there's no sound, And those that struggle always drown. But, oh, my love; You look so pretty while you drown. Five fairy tale retellings: Deep Blue Nightmare, Clockwork Roses, Quantum Diamond, Iceheart and Blood of My Blood, an epilogue, and five original poems. Pleasantly, surprised for g...
  • Stuti (Turmeric isn't your friend. It will fly your ship
    I've read multiple novels of Campbell's by now and if one thing is consistent in them, it's the addictive writing. I remember last year, a day before my tests, when I got hooked onto her and read three books of hers in two consecutive days. Be there plot holes, lacking characters, poor world-building, her books incite you to keep going on and on and on. But Wishing Stars: Space Opera takes the cake.Maybe it's the beautiful cover manipulating/alte...
  • Vicky Marie
    Well this book was a pleasant surprise. I must admit, I'm strict when it comes to self-published books. My past with said books has been littered with atrocious writing and fanfictiony bs, so I'm hesitant when reading stories from indie authors. Wishing Stars has shown me that there is still hope for the self-published community. I could tell from the first page that Nenia's writing is a lot better than what I've seen in the past. I actually let ...
  • Louisa
    I had the privilege of reading certain bits while Nenia was still writing the stories. One sound even back then: HNNG. Beautiful, creative concept, executed lovingly.(P.S. There are poems in this. POEMS. Mmmmmmmmmm.)
  • Katherine Tobiya
    I'm not even sure how to start this review, but I just want to say I'm glad I finally got around to reading one of Nenia's books. She is such a talented and original writer and I can't wait to read some more of her work. My only issue with the stories was that the vocabulary was a bit too complicated for me, but that's my own fault for not being so smart haha. I think my favorite from the stories were Deep Blue Nightmare, Blood of my Blood and Ep...
  • Aoife
    Basically:In more words: this was greatI love fairy-tale retellings...or rather I love the idea of fairy-tale retellings. In reality most end up being either too much like the original fairy tale and just changing some minor things doesn't make a very interesting re-telling or they add oh-so-clever twists that at usually is only half as clever and surprising as the author thinks it is (though if done right this can be awesome)Wishing Stars doesn'...
  • Jolene
    I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fairy tales. Even if you don't like sci-fi. I don't care for sci-fi. I'm glad it's out there for other people, but its just not my cup of tea. However, Fairy Tale retellings is one of my favorite genres. So when I saw this was on sale for $0.99 I had to get it. I'm so glad I did! As with all short story collections, some stories were stronger then others. My favorite by far was Blood of My Blood an...
  • Renee
    So I read Wishing Stars for three reasons. One, because I got it for free, two, because I LOVE fairy tale retelling and three, because Nenia is a friend and I like supporting Indie Authors. This was a novella, a short story collection full of tiny space operas. It was a fast and easy read full of interesting characters, creative beings, places and good writing.I am not a big short story person….This collection reminds me why, while I enjoyed th...
  • Jaylee
    Overall, this was a series of stories that do interesting, lovely things, but don't quite hit the mark. Many of the twists are unique and engaging, but sort of muddle out at the end. The writing is beautiful most of the time, though it edges on overdone and in need of polish. Deep Blue NightmareA fun way to start off the book. Kind of quirky and odd, with the two alien races being -very- alien (one has tentacles and eats rocks?). It took me a whi...
  • Mona Hanna
    I thought this collection of fairy tales for adults was quite good, quite dark and clever. I must admit I didn't guess all of the fairy tales but I guessed a few. I enjoyed Clockwork Roses and Quantum Diamond the most - Clockwork Roses was beautiful and haunting, and I liked the twist on the fairy tale with that one. Quantum Diamond made me laugh and was so quick, the dialogue and the main character's thoughts so sharp, I thought it was wonderful...
  • Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*
    I am kind of astonished at how good this was. Wishing Stars was much better written than the Horrorscape trilogy by miles.I really enjoyed the last three stories, "Quantam Diamond," "Iceheart," and "Blood of My Blood" (I am generally a sucker for Snow White retellings). Also the poems at the end were so lovely and sinister. One of them reminded me of this, one of my favorite poems. If the poems were stories, I imagine they'd be Angela Carter-esqu...
  • Heidi R.
    WOW...I am totally impressed! Nenia Campbell can WRITE! Wishing Stars:Space Opera Fairytales is the first book I've read by Nenia Campbell. I was impressed with the writing from the very first page. Although this isn't "typically" my genre (and I have a wide range of genre I like), these little short stories and the poems were fantastic. I love it when I can actually "see" in my mind clearly what the author is describing. I will definitely be rea...
  • katnissbraid.
    4.5I've never read space opera before but I think that I'll repeat the experience because I really really enjoyed this book. Nenia's style is alway so sophisticated and I love everything that she does. Almost perfect.
  • Alexandra
    I loved this sci-fi anthology of retellings!
  • William L.
    Actual rating: 4.5 stars Review coming shortly
  • Angela
    Thoroughly enjoyable read with an interesting take on some well known fairytales. Review to come.
  • Bookkitten (collector of nice things)
    A very nice collection of science fiction fairy tales.