An Old Betrayal (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #7) by Charles Finch

An Old Betrayal (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #7)

In the seventh book of Finch’s bestselling series of Victorian mysteries, a case of mistaken identity has Charles Lenox playing for his highest stakes yet: the safety of Queen Victoria herself.On a spring morning in London, 1875, Charles Lenox agrees to take time away from his busy schedule as a Member of Parliament to meet an old protégé’s client at Charing Cross. But when their cryptic encounter seems to lead, days later, to the murder of...

Details An Old Betrayal (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #7)

TitleAn Old Betrayal (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #7)
Release DateNov 12th, 2013
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical Mystery

Reviews An Old Betrayal (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #7)

  • C
    For me, reading a Charles Lenox mystery is like seeing an old and cherished friend—it provides both joy and a sense of comfort that is bone deep. In a world of flashy, often gruesome, story writing, Mr. Finch offers the reader a respite, a place to escape from the maelstrom with a good story and a cast of main characters whose lives are interesting enough to keep you engaged page-to-page and who are also people genuinely likeable, even loveable...
  • Sharla
    I almost gave this one a five star. I thought it was the best of this series so far and I've liked them all. I love the characters, the period in history and all the historical details. The plot was good with a nice twist at the end. I couldn't find fault with it. The way I rate books the five stars are the ones I think are over-the-top great but honestly, this one came close.
  • Evgeny
    First things first: I need to mention I received this book from Goodreads giveaways. Second thing I need to mention: the blurb for it contains huge spoiler, so read it at your own risk. London, 1875; Charles Lenox is a former private detective who works in Parliament. His protege John Dallington asked him to help with his new case: Dallington received an anonymous message asking him to meet its author at certain place and time, but the detective ...
  • Donna
    This is the 3rd book I've read by this author. This book falls into the historical fiction - crime/mystery genres. And because it takes place in the latter 1800's, it doesn't have the action and the fast pace that I'm used to in more current books with the crime/mystery genre. But I still enjoyed this. There were many things to like.I enjoyed the sense of place, the MC, the manners, and the dialogue. I was completely immersed into this time perio...
  • Dawn Michelle
    Another fantastic book in this amazing series. Just when I think that I cannot like the series any more than I already do, I read another one and it just elevates this series even higher in my estimation. And even though I know Charles Lennox is a fictional character, the integrity and caring and compassion he shows must be indicative of just how those attributes must be a part of the authors life - one cannot write such a character without imbib...
  • LJ
    First Sentence: The long green benches of the House of Commons were half-deserted as the evening session began, scattered with perhaps a few dozen men.Charles Lenox’ life is full, with wonderful wife, infant daughter and a seat in Parliament. Although it is a very busy time in Parliament, Charles Lenox agrees to meet with a former colleague’s client. But it’s the murder of a country squire that returns Lenox to his former profession of inve...
  • Kip Brailey
    This series never disappoints. Each book is a detective story but also a historical romp through Victorian England. As a lover of historical fiction, I look forward to each book in this series both for what will happen to the characters but more for the picture Finch will paint of a world that has passed.
  • Lark of The Bookwyrm's Hoard
    Why on earth have I not picked up this series before now? An Old Betrayal, the seventh book in the Charles Lenox mysteries by Charles Finch, is a finely-crafted historical mystery, well-written and engrossing. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and can't wait to read the previous six books.Charles Lenox is a former private (consulting) detective, clearly gentry although untitled, who now serves in the House of Commons. But his interest in the art of detect...
  • Cherie
    What one does for friendship! This story was all about rumors and non confrontations. Charles will not confront the doctor nor Graham directly, but still thinks only the best of both of them despite nasty rumors. He stands up for Lord John Dallington, will not listen to slander about Graham and even when the doctor stands him up, continues to think only the best of him. Things were looking bad during much of this story. Dallington was terribly si...
  • Jim
    This was a pleasant return to the Lennox novels for me. The detective and Parliament member wasn't as full of himself as I remember, and the addition of 'Miss Strickland' was fun, and should help the series. Lennox and Lady Jane are now parents to Sophia, and are about as interested in her as they might be in a neighbor's poodle they happen to be watching for a weekend. Thankfully little Sophia has a hired nanny who pays attention to her while Le...
  • Elizabeth
    I like this author's writing style very much and have enjoyed most of his other books in the series. I'm stretching to give this 3 stars. The mystery, to my taste, in this book is very weak. I feel that way, because the events are so implausible, including the involvement of the Royal Family and Palace staff. Another very weak point was finding a suspect on a hunch by going through editions of old school yearbooks.
  • Amy Lignor
    This is the seventh book in the extremely interesting series of Victorian mysteries starring Charles Lenox. In this new novel, Charles is investigating a case of mistaken identity. Following the path of the other stories, Charles’s life is effected by familiar characters fans have grown to love: His political secretary, Graham; his wife, Lady Jane; friend and now detective, Lord Dallington; and Scotland Yard’s Inspector Jenkins. Charles and J...
  • Amy
    I won a free copy of this book in a giveaway!Perhaps it is strange but mysteries are my comfort reads -- nothing like a murder to soothe nerves -- and Charles Lenox is among my favorite detectives. The series is a bit quaint, evoking a more pleasant side of Victorian England, but it's never prim or stuffy. Charles, of course, is the focus and he is practically perfect in every way: smart, caring, generous, and incredibly tolerant for his time. He...
  • Susan Johnson
    How can you beat a mystery that Queen Victoria makes an appearance in? You just can't. Frankly, the Queen comes off pretty well in this novel and conveys the sense of fun that come through in this Victorian mystery. At one time, Charles Lenox muses that he is living in the futuristic time of 1875 and can't wait until 1900 comes along. That gave me a chuckle and shows that no matter when you live, it's an exciting time.Lenox appears in his seventh...
  • Kathy
    This is Book #7 in the Charles Lenox series, set in Victorian London, and the characters continue to grow on me. Charles is being kept busy with his Parliamentary duties and finding himself involved in mystery when he agrees to help his friend and protege, John Dallington. Mistaken identities and murders abound, and the mystery deepens, and soon Buckingham Palace is involved. Not only are the mysteries in this series good, but the characters beco...
  • Barbara
    We're up to the seventh book of this entertaining series. Now Charles Lennox is primarily a member of Parliament, hence his detectiving has gone by the wayside. His young friend Lord Dallington has basically taken over his investigation business. But wait! John Dallington has a bad bug--flu, cold, whatever, and it means that Charles must step in on one of his cases. A woman is very much in need of a private detective! There also appears to be a i...
  • Curtis Sawyer
    I have loved every one of the Charles Finch Lenox mysteries! I pre-order these as soon as I'm aware they are near release. I believe the period is captured well and I look forward to the complexities of the crime and its eventual solving. Excellent!
  • Cindy
    James Langston does a fine narration. Nice tautly drawn mystery with the ethical ending fans have come to expect from author. Like the series, it neither promotes nor disparages Christianity, and has no graphics, bad language or gore. Recommended.
  • Jayne
    I love this series and was thoroughly pleased with the latest book. I enjoyed the mystery and also liked the direction he is taking the characters for the future.
  • Rog
    Actually, 3+ stars for my rating to Mr. Finch's "An Old Betrayal". This is my first book I've read by Mr. Finch and I was delighted. It reminded me of the dearly departed and sorely missed Dick Francis, another spinner of the easy going mystery in fiction. My wife and I will read some books out loud to each other. After I was 30% through "An Old Betrayal", we decided to make it one of our "audio" books. My wife is very much interested in Queen Vi...
  • Tom Donaghey
    AN OLD BETRAYAL by Charles Finch is the seventh book in this fine series. Set in London just prior to the coming of a certain Mr. Holmes, we find Member of Parliament Charles Lenox doubling as a private investigator. He was detecting before his stint as an MP and he has been called back to assist his ailing student, Dallington. Unable to follow through on a request for assistance, he has called on his mentor to possibly assist him. Such is the be...
  • Joan
    Book #7, "An Old Betrayal" continues the adventures of Charles Lenox in the classical mystery vein of intrigue and suspense while exploring themes of loyalty, family, and friendships in the face of malicious rumors, doubts, and confrontations.Charles' character truly shines here when he steadfastly refuses to believe slander against his longtime friend, former butler now secretary Graham. Charles stands by Dallington despite the young lord's tain...
  • Mkb
    I think I stopped reading this series because Lenox's wife Jane went from being a character I was into to being more like background material. I also missed his close relationship with his former butler in this one. I guess once you build the world and have lots of characters they can't all get their moment in the spotlight though. On another note, there was a character named Archie Godwin. Is this a shout out to Rex Stout's Archie? Not sure. But...
  • Karen Potts
    Really enjoyed this adventure of Charles Lenox & crew. Good character interactions with politics, family matters, even working for the queen herself. Lenox's decision regarding Parliament surprised & pleased me. The loyalty between Lenox & his long-time friend, butler now secretary is heart-warming. An extra-enjoyable story.
  • Kiesha ~ 1Cheekylass
    Again, very slow to start. it took me and 3 hours to get into it but after that, I was enthralled! I love Lenox. ❤
  • Annette
    I was not familiar with Charles Finch before I read this book. That was an error on my part. I am so very glad I found him.Charles Lenox is a member of the House of Commons. He has become someone of presence in that body and he has special interests for which he speaks. He has even come to the attention of Mr Disraeli, the Prime Minister. Politics agree with him and he is a benefit to the political body.In the past, Mr Lenox was a private detecti...
  • Deborah
    An Old Betrayal is the 7th book in this series about Charles Lenox, a former detective and now member of Parliament, in 1875 London. I read the first few books in this series years ago when they came out and then lost track of it. I'm not sure why, because they are really good. Normally if I was going to pick up a series I had left off on I would have to go back and read all the intervening books and also the ones I had read if I couldn't recall ...
  • Lelia Taylor
    Years ago, when I read A Beautiful Blue Death, the first in this series, I was completely captivated by its charm and its debonair sleuth, Charles Lenox. I’m still just as entranced today with the seventh book.It has been a while since the upper class Lenox last occupied himself as a private investigator and there have been other major changes in his life since that first adventure including getting married and becoming a Member of Parliament r...