Pok Pok by Andy Ricker

Pok Pok

A guide to bold, authentic Thai cooking from Andy Ricker, the chef and owner of the wildly popular and widely lauded Pok Pok restaurants.     After decades spent traveling throughout Thailand, Andy Ricker wanted to bring the country's famed street food stateside. In 2005 he opened Pok Pok, so named for the sound a pestle makes when it strikes a clay mortar, in an old shack in a residential neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Ricker's tradition...

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TitlePok Pok
Release DateOct 29th, 2013
PublisherTen Speed Press
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Food, Cooking, Nonfiction, Reference, Travel

Reviews Pok Pok

  • Mir
    Good, although not as enjoyable as I'd hoped. I always find it off-putting when cookbook authors "other" the cuisine with repeated warnings about how unfamiliar, foreign, scary, etc the food is to you, the reader. I know I grew up in an area with an unusually high mix of different ethnicities, but are most people really that scared of "foreign" food? Okay, maybe they are. But for me personally it was annoying and I felt like interrupting to say, ...
  • DelAnne Frazee
    Title: Pok Pok - Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes and Roadside Restaurants of ThailandAuthor: Andy Ricker & JJ GoodeIllustrator: Austin BushPublisher: Ten Speed PressPublished: 10-29-2013ISBN: 13-978-1-60774-288-3E-Book ASIN: B00CNQ9SB6Pages: 304Genre: Food & WineTags: Cooking, HobbiesI personally enjoy cooking foods from other cultures, yet when it came to Thai food I bought into the belief that getting the ingredients to make some of th...
  • Tim
    Picked this up in a charity shop amongst others about Thai cuisine, presumably donated by the same person.As it is priced only in US and Canadian Dollars I guess it's not sold in the UK.Firstly a general criticism. Why, oh why, are so many cookbooks printed on such thick paper and with this one, such ridiculously thick covers. This, and the way in which it is bound, makes it impossible to open in anything like a flat position which you need if re...
  • Shell
    This is my new favourite cookbook and hands down my new favourite Thai cookbook.I've always been a fan of David Thompson's books, but I find his recipes to be quite complicated and time consuming. I'm so happy to have found a cookbook that is easy to follow and has so many of my favourite Thai recipes in it. I didn't think I'd be able to eat like this again unless I went back to Bangkok (oh how I miss kuaytiaw). Of course it isn't quite the same ...
  • Aja Marsh
    4-4.5 -- i have yet to visit the restaurant, but i thought this was a really beautifully done book. i still feel intimidated by making authentic thai food, but the photographs were amazing, and i mentally ate everything, picking out the meaty bits. mmmmm. i also liked his stories and approach. definitely one i'd consider for my cookbook library-- i really like books that go in depth into specific cuisines!
  • Tim
    incredibly authentic, and so i will never be able to make one of these recipes. the author plumly states his recipes are not to be tampered with, so unless you are willing to commit to buying your shriveled limes and your galangal root from internet purveyors, this book is a long (but colorful and enriching) f you to home cooks. recommended.
  • Jennifer
    Fun! But I will never make anything from this cookbook. I'd rather go out for Thai than go shopping for hard-to-find-in-America ingredients. And any excuse to go to Pok Pok makes me happy.
  • Laura Belle
    I lived one block up from the original Pok Pok shack when they first opened a decade or so ago. It was an amazing and dangerous place for my bus to drop me off. The air scented with lemongrass, garlic and game hens, roasting on the charcoal grill.My sister and brother in law bought this cookbook for me when I moved to Seattle and couldn't get my Ike's fish sauce Wings fix as regularly. I make my version of the wings and always get compliments. FI...
  • Adam Clark
    the recipes in this cookbook are phenomenal. i was never disappointed and often looked forward to the labor of love involved in cooking each meal. the only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars is that the amount of special equipment needed, the difficulty of finding some of the ingredients, and the time it takes to make each meal (especially if you need to make the fried shallots or shrimp paste or whatever before you even start a recipe) is...
  • Carrie
    Interesting take on Thai cooking for American readersI have not made any of the recipes from this book yet. They are a bit intimidating.That being said, I love the food at Pok Pok, and have some experience with cooking Burmese food (from family). So I wanted to get into trying out some Thai dishes. I have marked several that seem approachable for a first try.The background stories are what make this cookbook fun and more informative. You get a se...
  • eb
    Insufferable white dude pedantry about “authentic Thai food” amidst some impressive, delicious, and impossibly difficult recipes. I have no doubt that this is well-researched and largely accurate representation of the flavors, methods, and even the spirit of Thai cooking, even in instances where we see a version or a take on something traditional, but the voice— at once long-suffering, admonishing, and holier-than-thou— was the worst of m...
  • Viriam
    Great book. Most recepes are new to me. Surprised how many require shrimp paste. Does a fairly good job in showing the regional varietion of Thai cooking. Couldn't agree more that American Thai is an invented menu for americans. If you want the real thing, read this book. I loved the sides on his favorite people from Thailand.
  • Laura
    A beautiful cookbook - that makes you want to travel and eat. however I found the ingredients daunting - the thought of having to track them down. Although the recipes looked so much more authentic to what I have eaten in Thailand than many other books. One to go back to when I have the urge to cook thai
  • Jennie
    This is a great cookbook. The recipes require a certain level of dedication; there's no dumbing-down going on here, and you'll need to be ready to invest in ingredients and equipment. Unfortunately that means I haven't tried many of them, but the ones I have tried have been great.
  • Diego Barriga
    Great book on authentic Thai cooking.It does require upscaling of your kitchen however
  • Ryan
    The recipes look amazing, but have lots of ingredients and take some planning to pull off. Probably wouldn't cook much from this book in practice.
  • Scott Taylor
    I haven't cooked much from this yet, but loved reading about the adventures and learning about new ingredients and styles.
  • Jackson Matthews
    Even though we love Thai Taste, it is nice to have some recipes that we can make at home because the recipes so good!
  • Beka
    Very thorough and in-depth, however there are too many hard to find ingredients for me to be able to cook from it.
  • Kathy Roaleen
    Authentic Thai-with some "hacks" to duplicate authentic. Enjoyable read with lots of interesting recipes. Recommend to anyone that is interested in the real deal.
  • Stephanie
    I likely wouldn't cook anything from this book.
  • Sophia
    Bursting with information, will make you fall in love or reinforce your love of Thai culture. Also just a really gorgeous book
  • Degan Walters
    Pok Pok and Chef Andy Ricker are famous and I have driven by it so many times, wanting to try but dissuaded by the line. I hate lines. So I thought I would check out the cookbook and see what I was missing, knowing that I likely wouldn't be able to source or properly make a lot of the unfamiliar Thai recipes. He contradicts me almost immediately by debunking these arguments and writing, "let me acknowledge my two seemingly conflicting tasks: disp...
  • Sara Szmodis
    There are cookbooks you buy just for inspiration--you love them but they live on a shelf until you need them. And there's nothing wrong with that--I have many favorites in this category. Pok Pok could easily be one of these books--the engaging narrative, the beautiful photography, the bright layout--all inspiration material.The real magic of Pok Pok is, though, the amount of care, love and deeply obsessed work that you realize went into the book ...
  • Yodamom
    Thai food can be pretty intimidating to try to cook at home for many of us. Chef Andy Rickter, write's this book to simplify and give is confidence to step out of the box and develop great Thai food at home. I have read books on cooking Thai food before but nothing has been as complete or helpful as this book before. It earned a place on my top shelf.There are more than recipes included. There is a great deal of knowledge shared on techniques and...
  • Allisha
    Favorite Quotes"Once you become a regular, the woman with the mortar becomes just like your local barista, turning out your som tam just as you like it, without a word of guidance from you." - On making Green Papaya Salad"Now, Sunny essentially works as a private cook. Young people today, he says, don’t know the same deprivation and they aren’t forced to cook. He sums us their existence pithily: “They have MAMA”— instant noodles.""Forag...
  • Valerie
    Extraordinary book. Jealousy-inducing. (Wish I had written it, that sort of thing.... high standard to achieve in my own work...blah blah blah...) Many of Ricker's observations are spot-on re: Thai people and food, so the pleasure in reading the book is in revisiting a favorite place with a deeply observant and knowledgeable guide. The recipes look very good--though I certainly will not be using pig's blood as the emulsifier for my laap. For deep...
  • Love & Flour
    An amazing book. Without really thinking about it, I picked up this book at the same time I picked up Simple Thai Food. I marked many recipes in the latter, but just one in Pok Pok. That said, Pok Pok is far and away the better Thai cookbook in terms of, well, everything Thai. Nearly every recipe is accompanied by a story about where it originates in Thailand and the author's experiences with it. Andy Ricker's passion for Thai food and his dedica...
  • Kristofer
    Perfection. The recipes within are well-written and include extensive detail regarding technique. The dishes selected have been carefully selected to represent a range of Thai culinary traditions.But what makes this particular cookbook stand out is Andy Ricker's clear passion for translating the culture of Thai food to the Western audience. Even if you never cook any of the (admittedly complex) dishes in Pok Pok, the book is a wonderful narrative...