Veil of the Deserters (Bloodsounder's Arc, #2) by Jeff Salyards

Veil of the Deserters (Bloodsounder's Arc, #2)

History, Family and Memory… these are the seeds of destruction.Bloodsounder's Arc continues as Captain Braylar Killcoin and his retinue continue to sow chaos amongst the political elite of Alespell. Braylar is still poisoned by the memories of those slain by his unholy flail Bloodsounder, and attempts to counter this sickness have proven ineffectual.The Syldoonian Emperor Cynead has solidified his power base in unprecedented ways, and demands l...

Details Veil of the Deserters (Bloodsounder's Arc, #2)

TitleVeil of the Deserters (Bloodsounder's Arc, #2)
Release DateJun 3rd, 2014
PublisherNight Shade
GenreFantasy, Dark Fantasy, Fiction, Epic Fantasy, Epic

Reviews Veil of the Deserters (Bloodsounder's Arc, #2)

  • Petrik
    No sign of the infamous second book syndrome here, Veil of the Deserters is a great sequel that managed to improve upon almost every foundation laid in its predecessor.The story picked up immediately after the end of the first book and there is no time gap whatsoever here. The book starts as if it was a simple chapter transition after the last chapter of the first book. Theoretically, Veil of the Deserters is a book that’s superior—and I thin...
  • Bookwraiths
    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths. When I finished Veil of the Deserters, I declared loudly on Goodreads "Damn that was good!", going on to describe it as “one of the best fantasy novels I've read in a quite a while.” And after a few weeks to mull over my initial reaction, not only do I stand by those words but confidently anoint this book the best fantasy I’ve read this year. So let me explain why you should get on board this fanboy train...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Interview with the author’m what you would call a book juggler, meaning at any given time you’ll find me with multiple books in my currently-reading list. From the moment I started Veil of the Deserters though, I ignored everything else on my plate, reading nothing but this book until I finished all 500ish pages of it i...
  • Michael Pang
    Veil of the Deserters is book #2 of the Bloodsounder's series. If you haven't read book #1, get it so you can immediately read this book right after. If you've read book #1, immediately get this book as the story arc explodes and shines here. (There is little to no-gap between books 1 and 2). Book 1 was a promise, this second book makes good on that promise (imagine getting a new puppy, luxury sedan, [insert wishlist] and world peace delivered to...
  • seak
    Veil of the Deserters is one of those sequels I've been dying to get my hands on. Salyards created this captivating world through the eyes of his protagonist, Arkamandos (Arki), and then made us wait two years to see more! Not only that, Scourge of the Betrayer, book one of Bloodsounder's Arc, was relatively short. It gave us a number of answers, but it left so much untold. I just knew the sequel would take this series to the next level ... or ki...
  • Molly
    Read about the .... end of January, beginning of February (another better-late-then-never review)Rating 4.5 (awww, hell, 5 stars) "Bloodshed comes whether she’s invited or no. Pushy entitled bitch, bloodshed.” In the "Deserters" we pick up right where we left off in Scourge of the Betrayer, with Arkamondos "Arki" the young scribe, Captain Braylar Killcoin and the rest of the Syldoon warriors, regrouping after the debacle of their last mission...
  • Bob Milne
    Veil of the Deserters is everything I was looking for in the highly anticipated follow-up to Scourge of the Betrayer. What Jeff Salyards has crafted here is a rare sequel that actually manages to outdo the first. The stakes here are bigger (and clearer), the world-building is taken to a whole new level, and the characters really come alive. Paced exceptionally well throughout, it also has the kind of killer climax that manages to completely satis...
  • Milda Page Runner
    Even better than the first one. We get up close and personal with Memoridon witches and learn how their magic works. Another layer of mystery added to Godsveil and I predict we will get to see what’s behind it in the last book. Impressive city of Sunwrack from within, Syldoon towers, manumision and how ‘Black Noose’ structure works – exciting stuff. And then just like in the first book - plenty of skirmishes, travelling adventure, bloody ...
  • Mia
    AN OPEN LETTER TO MR. JEFF SALYARDSAUTHOR OF 'VEIL OF THE DESERTERS'3 July 2014Dear Mr. Salyards:I am constrained to write to you because I can no longer countenance your behavior which has decidedly placed me in considerable danger. While I normally espouse the principle --'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'-- the gravity of the situation obliges me to register my protest no matter how distasteful I find the task....
  • Jenna Kathleen
    This series has some of the best fight segments in fantasy writing. Arki is slightly less useless in this book than the first and as always, he is hilarious whether he is trying to span a crossbow or attempting to hide his acquired knowledge. Or just talk in general.I loved the two new female characters - they are a great addition to the series. I loved all the worldbuilding added with the Memoridons and I hope there will be more of them showcase...
  • Joel
    First and foremost - I want to thank Jeff Salyards for picking me in his contest, sending me this copy of the book before release date, and for following up to ensure I was happy with it. I also want to apologize, because I started reading this forever ago, and my paper book reading has all but skidded to a complete halt over the last few months. Normally I'd read a book a week or more, but I've taken around 2 months just to complete this one - a...
  • Scott Hitchcock
    Book 1: 3.5*sBook 2: 4.5*sThe primer that was book one was fulfilled in this middle installment. Salyards does a great job of keeping the reader on a string as he gives answers that create more questions and a lot of them are surprises. I look forward to book three.
  • Alissa
    Some poets spoke of red sunsets as things of sublime beauty, prefacing good fortune or romance, but they always seemed to be foretelling some bloodletting, murder, or tragedy writ large for all the world to see, and never more so than now.
  • David
    Can't believe the mighty good luck I've had reading lately, what with Joe Abercrombie's FIRST LAW trilogy only a last month and now Salyards BLOODSOUNDER'S ARCH. FIRST LAW blew my socks off and became an instant favorite. And this here trilogy is doing the same thing and hitting quite a few of the same notes but with it's own particular flavor. These first two books have a strong Sword & Sorcery intimacy to them that I love. A more personal story...
  • Freakout
    Bloody excellent fantastic !!! What a ride ... Even better than the first one. Highly recommended !!!
  • Nathan
    I read this book, Scourge of the Betrayer. It was a strange little tale, fun and smart, and Veil of the Deserters (Bloodsounder's Arc, #2)ended without answering a single question I had about what was really going on. Rather than being annoyed by this I was intrigued; the scribe telling us the story was just as confused as the reader.Turns out it didn’t matter, almost everything we learned in book one was suspect. Arkamondos, our lovable scribe...
  • Sarah
    Salyards impressed the holy hell out of me. There’s no other way to say it. The first book was good, but it didn’t really blow me away. I can tell that Veil of the Deserters was a labor of love. Salyards really pushed himself to be the best that he could be. He used Scourge of the Betrayer as a steppingstone, a good start. He turned that good, solid start into something quite amazing. Honestly, in regards to epic, military fantasy, this is so...
  • Nickolas
    VEIL OF THE DESERTERS is the sequel to SCOURGE OF THE BETRAYER by Jeff Salyards, a Sword & Sorcery novel that earned a spot in our Best of 2012 lineup. The first book in Bloodsounder's Arc unexpectedly blew me away (so much so that I read it and reviewed it twice) and I've been waiting for the sequel ever since. In the time that has passed I've read a lot of books but SCOURGE has managed to remain vivid in my imagination.I've also come to underst...
  • Timothy Ward
    Review at Adventures in SciFi publishingPodcast with Jeff includes giveaway of both books in the Bloodsounder's Arc. Ends Tuesday 6/10.Veil of the Deserters has made Jeff Salyards’ Bloodsounder’s Arc one of the best Fantasy series out there. As the story has progressed, I’ve become more impressed with his gifts and convinced that anyone who enjoys Fantasy needs to treat themselves with Jeff’s books.The story is about an archivist who has ...
  • Michael Fletcher
    Another fantastic book from Jeff Salyards. Arki's growth continues and the pacing is pitch perfect.“It is a good day for crossbows, Syldoon. A very good day.” I can't wait to get into Chains of the Heretic!
  • Neil
    if you can these good as any fantasy series anywhere. great characters fantastic story and swearing what more can you ask for. can't wait for more from Jeff.
  • Laura Hughes
    You'll be pleased to know that I’m not here to bore you with generalised, hyperbolic gushing about how much I’m loving the world of Jeff Salyards’ Bloodsounder’s Arc (I waffled on enough in my review of book one, ‘Scourge of the Betrayer’).No, what I’m actually here to do is thrill you with *specific*, hyperbolic gushing* about how much I’m bloody loving this series.(*Disclaimer: fangirlish gushing is an inadvertent and unavoidabl...
  • Angela
    Well played Jeff Salyards. For a while there I was thinking the book was a bit slow moving as it seemed to taken forever to get to Sunwrack. However the payoff was worth it. The book was a worthy middle of trilogy book and sets the stage well for the final instalment.
  • Jasper
    originally posted at: year I was searching for interesting reads, I didn't have that many book to read yet and by chance I stumbled Jeff Salyards debut, Scourge of the Betrayer. I really liked the premise of the story with a cursed flail and a lot of action, only later to find out that there was a much broader - political - scope to the story. One thing where Jeff Salyards excelled in for me was how th...
  • Stefan
    Scourge of the Betrayer by Jeff Salyards was one of 2012’s most pleasant surprises in the fantasy field. The novel put a surprising twist on the burgeoning grimdark sub-genre by using an unexpected narrator, the inexperienced, bookish, somewhat timid scribe (Arkamondos) to recount the violent and blood-soaked adventures of a band of foul-mouthed Syldoon soldiers.What happens when a young man, whose main experience in life consists of transcribi...
  • Marielle
    I enjoyed this book even better then the first. All my questions are answered slowly but steadily and more questions arise. Love the way it's written and growing more fond of the main characters with each chapter.I will start immediately on the third book!
  • Seregil of Rhiminee
    Originally published at Risingshadow.Jeff Salyards' Veil of the Deserters continues the dark and bloody story that began in Scourge of the Betrayer. It's an unputdownable novel filled with brutal happenings, dark magic and excellent characterisation. It's an entertaining and intriguing novel that hooks you from the start and doesn't let go until you've reached the end - and what's best, it leaves you wanting more.Veil of the Deserters is a remark...
  • Mieneke
    Two years ago I was very impressed with Jeff Salyards' debut Scourge of the Betrayer . I enjoyed this tale of a young, naive scribe hired by a ruthless band of soldiers as  their company's chroniclers enormously and I was looking forward to reading the second book in the series Veil of the Deserters. Unfortunately, due to the folding and subsequent sale of his publishers, Night Shade Books, to Skyhorse Publishing the publication of the book was...