Human Magnet Syndrome by Ross Rosenberg

Human Magnet Syndrome

When individuals with healthy emotional backgrounds meet, the result is a loving, reciprocal and stable relationship. However, when Codependents and Emotional Manipulators meet, they are enveloped in a magnetic and seductive "love force," that begins like a fairytale, but later unfolds into a painful "seesaw" of love/pain and hope/disappointment. This book will help the reader make sense of the ubiquitous attraction that affects each and every pe...

Details Human Magnet Syndrome

TitleHuman Magnet Syndrome
Release DateMar 1st, 2013
PublisherPesi, Inc
GenrePsychology, Self Help, Nonfiction, Relationships, Personal Development

Reviews Human Magnet Syndrome

  • Leo Robertson
    Started off quite rough for me, but I'm not a fan of the typical American non-fiction style, which starts off with a long-winded me me me, rife with mentions of beloved kids and dogs for whom I careth not a fig. Then the author explained the relationship between codependents and emotional manipulators as a "dance", but not before almost an entire chapter dedicated to what metaphors were and why they were useful, and repeated mentions of how well ...
  • Jeff
    I wish I'd had this book many years ago. It could have helped me recognize patterns and avoid a lot of hurt and heartbreak. This book is a very good study of narcissists, co-dependents and how they relate to each other. I recommend this to anyone who has had relationship problems; you might see some familiar patterns
  • Justin
    On a professional and personal level, I gave this 4 stars. There were a handful of parts I could pick apart (the missed grammatical and spelling get edits; the discussion of anti_social personality disorder vs psychopath), but the book does a great job of describing personality disorders, dysfunctional relationships, and how we are drawn to others. The scale created to show how people are attracted to one another and how self-centered vs other ce...
  • Nancy
    If you keep finding yourself falling in love with people who are needy, drama queens, emotionally unavailable or just plain jerks, this book is for you.
  • Rahele Tavana
    Very helpful. I would say perhaps it would be useful also to read the theory of attachment . Perhaps deep understanding of different styles of attachment ( avoidant, anxious..) can also help us in building stronger and healthier relationship with others. What someone calls an emotional manipulator, someone else may call a person with an avoidant attachment style. A man or a woman who has experienced childhood anxieties in the hands of a perfectio...
  • Christina Vetter
    This book is life changing. I didn't even know what a codependent relationship was until I picked up this book. Dr. Rosenberg explains what codependency is as well as narcissism, which is the meat of the book. He also talks about borderline personality disorder and a little bit about his own journey. He explores the origins of what makes a person a codepdent or what makes a person a narcissist, and how the two balance each other out in a dysfunct...
  • Andi
    4.5 stars.
  • Donna Hines
    The theory behind the human magnet syndrome is one that I have shared with my readers on my Facebook page, The Lost Self Life After Narcissism. Their is very much truth in the co dependency dance. Emotional Manipulators ie. Narcissists are so charming, so elusive, so appealing to the "naked" eye. You can fall head over heels with one in an instant, that magnetic attraction is truly that strong. Yet you end up losing a sense of self in the process...
  • Jeff Finley
    I'm updating my review after Ross Rosenberg has released a major overhaul and update to this book. I listened to it on Audible and wanted to offer my thoughts.I highly recommend this book to empaths, highly sensitive people, and other lovers/healers out there who tend to attract "damaged" or domineering relationship partners. Ross has created such a useful tool for understanding the empath/codependent and narcissist attraction. Why we keep gettin...
  • Angie Mangino
    The Human Magnet SyndromeBy Ross Rosenberg M.Ed., LCPC, CADC2013 Reviewed by Angie ManginoRating: 5 starsWhy do we love people who hurt us?In this book about emotional manipulators, codependents, and dysfunctional relationships, the author presents a well-documented search for the answer.“The bond created by perfectly matched ‘human magnets’ is interminably powerful, binding two lovers together despite consequences or shared unhappiness. In...
  • Ziad AR
    Very worthwhile, albeit minor repetition and a few mistakes that give the impression that the book was rushed to be published. It answered the dilemma of repetitive dysfunctional relationships patterns in the context of Codependency/Emotional Manipulation and revealed a lot one must know before it's too late, whether one eventually decides to leave or stay in such relationships. It explains the familial origins of Codependency and Emotional Manip...
  • Bobbi
    Very insightful and helpful book!
  • John (JP)
    "Why after so many failed relationships did I meet a woman with whom I could share a stable emotionally intimate and mutually loving relationship?" This the question Ross Rosenberg seeks to answer for himself and you the reader. To this end he posits a theory of relationships that divides the world into 2 opposing continuums. Either you are a co-dependent or you are an emotional manipulator. He says that depending on the degree of dysfunction in ...
  • Najwa
    I stumbled on this book due to my newfound interest in the psychology of relationship interaction. It's my first experience in audiobooks so my review might not be that accurate as I did not have the book in hand which I believe reading would be much enjoyable with. Having had a prior knowledge about the Codependents and NRPs personalities and how they complement each other in the field of human relationship interaction, this book seemed like ano...
  • Elisabeth
    This book is informative only to the ever-shrinking number of people who have a) never been in therapy or b) had an addict in their life or been an addict. Most of this is simply AA and Al-Anon concepts with an arbitrary scale thrown in for good measure. This book is also at least double the length it should be thanks to near-endless repetition and the author's desire to tell his life story both as the book goes along and at the end. At the end o...
  • Alissa Thorne
    The premise of this book is that narcissists and codependents are attracted to one another in a harmful symbiosis. While the information was valuable, it was not very well written. I found this through Ross Rosenberg's youtube videos, and it didn't seem like there was enough additional value in the book to be worth struggling through the writing. I may still pick it up again some day though, if my interest in studying narcissistic personality dis...
  • Mick Wilson
    I wish I'd known this ten, or five, or two years agoThe play between my own characteristics and my partner's needed a mirror that I could not see. 'Eggshells' was a start, and this book helped develop a more rounded picture - that life with a BPD is not one way, that we decide on this path of our own free wills and that the consequences are only ours.
  • Michelle
    Easy read for the layperson. Worth reading- insightful -- lots of little personal pointers from the author - more than a few I know that person or that situation or that is what she was talking about examples.
  • Mira Domsky
    Fantastic book on how attraction works, in particular for people in abusive relationships. The theory explains why people find themselves in abusive relationships over and over again, and why they often find it difficult to extricate themselves from those relationships. Game changer.
  • Carol Gerlach
    This book is more than just a how-to book. It did it deals deeply into psychological issues that most people can understand and it does help figure out why we love and how
  • Crystal Barthelette
    This is about as enlightening as a grade school psychology course and wrought with reductionist/generalization mindset. Thank God for more evolved therapists. The author states the obvious that there is a destructive dance between two sick and wounded people, but he casts codependents in the innocent victim role whilst painting their partners as manipulative and incapable of empathy, insight or willingness to take accountability for their part. W...
  • Kay Alden
    Exploring Relationship Mysteries - How Did This Happen To Me?This book would be an invaluable resource to any person living in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship. The author’s understanding of how bright, perceptive, intelligent people are drawn into such relationships, and why they stay in them, brings a new level of enlightenment to the reasons underlying dysfunctional involvements. By understanding the reasons for such unequal...
  • Ariane
    I really appreciated this book, and its slightly different take on co-dependency and narcissistic personality disorder (instead calling co-dependency "self love deficit disorder" which while a mouthful is a very apt description of what's really going on). I skipped over a bunch of the book that was going over basics I'm already familiar with, and it's definitely more geared towards people who've been in romantic relationships with people with NPD...
  • Adrienne Bross
    A well-written discussion on how unhealthy relationships often come from an emotional manipulator and codependent coming together in a dysfunctional relationship. The information in the book seems thoroughly researched and analyzed with an eye towards how these two groups of people interact. The language, while academic, is still relatively easy for the average reader to understand. Overall, a very good read. I would recommend it to others intere...
  • Joanne
    This book could benefit from several rounds of editing. Highly repetitive. Some useful concepts, although I find the definitive, extreme exclusivity of the two polar opposites leaves the theory to be less useful. Most people I know who fall on the spectrum of codependent/emotional manipulator tend to possess the ability to be both. Which side comes through depends on who they are with or what the situation is.
  • Robin Frickey
    It was a very interesting read about why a person is attracted to certain toxic people. It makes mores sense after reading the book. The only frustrating thing is that it goes on and on about how and why, but never discusses what steps or actions to take to change it. It is more of a self diagnosis book than a self help book.
  • Katrece
    This is a short, easy read that explains the Codependent and Narcissistic Continuum; and how people on opposite ends of the continuum are drawn to each other. Also, it was very helpful in explaining how your childhood affects current relationships. As a recovering codependent it was well worth the read.
  • Shawn Steckley
    A friend gave me this title since I have been married 3 times and each relationship got worse. I finally get it. I don’t know if I will ever have someone else in my life but I have found a better me due to this book.
  • Tess
    Okay readLoads of definitions and detailed explanations, but not much on where to go once you “understand “ where and why you are this way.
  • Tomaž Hribernik
    Would have been great if the author would add more how to break through onto a interdependent relationship from codependance