God's Bucket List by Teresa Tomeo

God's Bucket List

From the popular EWTN TV and radio personality comes a to-do list that's just divine.Scripture tells us only God knows the desires of our hearts. It was, after all, God who placed them there because they are designed to lead us to His will for our lives. Why, then, is it so challenging at times to figure out if we are on the right track when it comes to what we believe we want or need? God's Bucket List will examine what God wants for each of us:...

Details God's Bucket List

TitleGod's Bucket List
Release DateNov 5th, 2013
GenreReligion, Faith, Christianity, Catholic, Nonfiction, Spirituality

Reviews God's Bucket List

  • Candice Chaloupka
    Teresa Tomeo's, "God's Bucket List" is a delightful read! Short, sweet and to the point, I finished it in one sitting. I really enjoyed this book not just for the content, but because Ms. Tomeo does not beat the issue over the reader's head. She makes her point and moves on so a lot of information is packed in this slim book.So what is God's Bucket List? The full title is actually "God's Bucket List: Heavens Surefire Way to Happiness in This Life...
  • Patti Armstrong
    Very inspiring and down to earth. Teresa Tomas has a way of telling stories and sharing experiences that is very personable. I love the message to detach from the material world and draw closer to God. It is a book with a powerful and effective message for our culture. Now if we can get people to read it, it will impact people, families and the culture in a powerful way.
  • Nicole Estes
    This was a very good book if you are looking for references to other publications, there are several sites throughout. I didn’t take as much away as I thought I might, but still glad I read it.
  • Sarah
    Teresa Tomeo writes that she first heard about it when the movie The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, was released. She wrote, in the beginning of God's Bucket List:"That movie made me think about my own 'life list.' I love lists, and even though I didn't call it a bucket list, for most of my life I'd had a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in my life."She then shares some of her story, though not in such exhausti...
  • Diane Zikowitz
    I have a nightstand full of books my Mother In Law has given me. I get a new one for every birthday, anniversary, Christmas and just when she's thinking of me. Bless her Saint-like heart, she never even flinches when my response to "Have you read that book yet?" Is always "No." (If we're being honest, half the time I've forgotten the titles and what they are about). Well this woman prays for everyone, never daring to leave anyone out. She serves ...
  • Sarah Anne Carter
    “The key to this grand way of living life is submitting to God’s version of fulfillment and abundance instead of insisting He bless, approve, and put the final stamp on our version of things.”What if, instead of creating our bucket lists off of things we want to do, we create them based on what God wants us to do? The idea of this kind of to-do list is explored by Teresa Tomeo in God’s Bucket List. The author does not dare say the book’...
  • Lyn Mettler
    God's Bucket List is a clever book that asks you to consider tossing aside your own bucket list in exchange for God's. What would he have on your bucket list? Probably not climbing Mt Everest! Teresa Tomeo, author of Extreme Makeover: Women Transformed by Christ, Not Conformed to the Culture, delves into what God's bucket list for each of us might look like and does so in an entertaining, yet thoughtful manner. Teresa, who also hosts "Catholic Co...
  • Jeff Cann
    Teresa Tomeo has written such a great book that is so personable. I feel like she is talking with me as I read God's Bucket List.The book hooked me as soon as I began to relate with Teresa's search for happiness in her career. I fell to the same pitfall in my life. She writes that "nearly lost everything that was important to [her]." It's such an honest and personal thing to reveal to everyone that your success in life did not lead to happiness.T...
  • Marty
    This book was a timely gift from God. Teresa Tomeo has a wonderful writing method that flows so well. I felt as if I was in Florence, Italy sitting at an outdoor cafe table with her as she was discussing her thoughts and ideas on obtaining happiness through God.God's Bucket List views happiness as a process that can be obtained with complete willingness of devotion in a step-by-step process. This book is a great resource to bridge inner peace and...
  • Cristina
    A mediocre thought experiment by former newscaster/journalist. What would your life be like if you followed God's bucket list of things He wants for you instead of things you want for yourself? Or if you aligned them to be the same?Maybe after it settles a bit I'll have more positive things to say, but I had a hard time relating to a privileged and self-centered post-menopausal woman. I didn't hate the book, it just didn't have a solid universal ...
  • Aluda
    This book was not just a book with a great message, it was written in an enjoyable voice. The book encourages as it challenges, and inspires while it entertains. After this I will certainly be looking into Tomeo's other writing. Tomeo has a firm grasp on Catholic theology, but that doesn't cause her to come across as an academic. Reading the book feels like reading a letter written from a close friend or family member.
  • Bentley
    I got this book through good reads read first. This book was ok. It held my attention at the begging to where I couldn't put it down. About half way through I lost interest as the writing style seemed to change and wasn't directed at the reader. It was a good and easy read, not something I'd go out of my way to find and read again though.
  • J
    Gloriously confined to my room with a cold while my husband manages the children. (Guilty, but happy, sigh.) I'm currently in the middle of 6 books. D'oh! Time to finish them up or admit defeat.About a quarter of the way through this short book. It is a quiet, peaceful and reflective book. Which makes it hard to pick up in the rush of daily life. But I aspire to read and contemplate it.
  • Sam Fink
    Very quick read. Written almost in conversation style but I was surprised that the lightness did not equate to low content. Sparks deep thought especially for those at transitions and tough times. Well worth the few hours it takes to read.The resources are exceptionally good and worth following up on.
  • Beverly
    I won "God's Bucket List" on Goodreads First Reads. Seeing the book on Goodreads was the first that I had heard of the book or the author. It was a delightful read and I am so glad that I got the chance to read it. I'll be looking for other books by Miss Tomeo.
  • LaGina
    Love a book that makes me think of things in a different manner.
  • Emerson John Tiu Ng
    ..Teresa Tomeo shares her story how she was converted from a lukewarm cradle Catholic to an Evangelist and Motivator... She shows the list of things that might be God is asking us to do...
  • Anita Horinek
    A nice shift from "my" bucket list of today's self-centered society to God's wants and ways.
  • Tanya
    Always insightful reading when you read anything from Teresa Tomeo! Loved this motivational reading!
  • Tamara
    This was an okay read, probably a Catholic would enjoy it better, I think I am just partial Max Lucado.
  • Angie Dianetti
    A great read for someone looking to find ways to grow in faith. Tomeo's antedotes of going from a C&E Catholic to a catholic radio personality touch anyone that is looking.
  • Haven Gordon
    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway and found this book to be a truly remarkable read. I would recommend this book to anyone. I found it to be very inspirational.