Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie Mayfield

Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods

About the AuthorJulie and Charles Mayfield began living the Paleo lifestyle in 2009. They brought their love of home cooking and the Paleo movement to the masses through their first book, Paleo Comfort Foods. They work closely with clients at their gym, Atlanta Strength and Conditioning, to promote healthier cooking and lifestyle choices. Visit them at PaleoComfortFoods.com. Robb Wolf is the NYT bestselling author of The Paleo Solution.Comfort-F...

Details Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods

TitleQuick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods
Release DateSep 24th, 2013
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Health, Food

Reviews Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods

  • Sharlene
    I received this book as a result of a First Reads giveaway.I was pleasantly surprised to receive this book on my birthday! I am a recipe book junkie with a bookshelf reserved just for them. I have seen great ones and horrible ones and everything in between. As someone who has cooked for over 25 years I am not new to the kitchen but I am new to Paleo. My friends swear by it and I was still unsure.I opened the book and was relieved to find out exac...
  • Nicole
    I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads giveaway. It is very clear and concise, with helpful breakdowns of prep and cooking time. As another reviewer pointed out, some of the recipes are very basic, but it is more of a book to change your viewpoint about cooking and food itself rather than a strict recipe book. I would consider this more of a starting point.Also, having seen Jules and Charles in action, I can vouch that they practice...
  • Kelly Davis
    Quite a few recipes that I'm excited to try. Having been a student of the paleo lifestyle for just about 6 months, I've read much of the information, so I'm more interested in the actual practice of cooking now. I bypassed much of the foundational information and headed straight away to the recipes. Nice organization, pictures of everything. Really nice.
  • Jennifer
    This recipe book has some really great suggestions for good classic comfort foods without all the bad stuff. I have to say that the tortilla soup recipe I use from this book is a HUGE hit! Great job on finding tasty ingredients to make things that normally would be "bad" for you!
  • Desirae
    3-1/2 Stars
  • Doan
    Great, daily recipes.
  • Deborah
    Delicious realistic recipes that don't have me in the kitchen for hours.
  • Natalie
    I think this book is a great concept but the recipes are very basic with a gluten free twist. Its great for those who are not comfortable in the kitchen but for the expereince home cook, the cook book does not add anything.
  • Brittany
    Won on here in the Giveaways!All the foods look great and are pretty simple but my only complaint is that there are like 6 recipes printed twice in row...its threw me off at first...
  • Pat
    Some pretty good recipes. I prefer a "high veg" version of Paleo and this book is very, very meat-centric.
  • Jade Geary
    I didn't care for any of the recipes. :/
  • Christy
    Excellent book with loads of great recipes! Easy to use, easy ingredients to locate. Many of these recipes are in my weekly stable of favorites!
  • Natasha A.
    There is a lot of seafood/fish in this.Not great for someone with allergies to both.
  • Elaine
    Now this recipe book tempts me to cook. Pictures are very nice and it has simple quick recipes.
  • Martha Smith
    This is both an informative text and a cookbook. The recipes are delicious and easy to make. The beautiful photographs are the star of the book!
  • Delmma
    I love the pictures! very user friendly v