The War within These Walls by Aline Sax

The War within These Walls

It's World War II, and Misha's family, like the rest of the Jews living in Warsaw, has been moved by the Nazis into a single crowded ghetto. Conditions are appalling: every day more people die from disease, starvation, and deportations. Misha does his best to help his family survive, even crawling through the sewers to smuggle food. When conditions worsen, Misha joins a handful of other Jews who decide to make a final, desperate stand against the...

Details The War within These Walls

TitleThe War within These Walls
Release DateOct 16th, 2013
PublisherEerdmans Books for Young Readers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Young Adult, World War II, Holocaust, War

Reviews The War within These Walls

  • Bekah
    I am so pleased that I stumbled upon this while scanning the library shelves, but surprised that I had never heard of it before. Told in first-person, with lots of illustrations that are both simplistic but powerful, The War Within These Walls tells the story of Misha, a young Jewish man in 1939 Warsaw. From his fictional lens, we learn about the Nazi invasion of Poland, the creation of the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw, onward through the uprising of ...
  • Tarissa
    A hard-hitting look at one family's survival in the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland. In fact, it's told from first-person perspective, so it's exactly like seeing it through young Misha's eyes.Yes, there's some gruesome/graphic scenes. Yes, there's pain and hurting on these people's faces. Yes, you're going to see and feel the pain for yourself.The Nazis have taken over Warsaw, but the ghetto is uprising. The Jews in the area are being persecuted...
  • Kathleen
    This is an excellent book about the experiences of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto during WWII. The book is considered teen fiction, and is only 175 pages. Though it's fiction, it isn't written in the style of a typical novel. With minimal text, the author superbly conveys the horrors of the people during this time. Misha (the main character) displays courage throughout the book, putting himself at great risk in order to secure food for his family. Mis...
  • Elizabeth Westlund
    The War within These Walls follows Misha, a young Jewish teen during the time of World War II. His family is relocated into a crowded ghetto where conditions are deplorable. The format of this book is shorter passages of text accompanied by black and white drawings that depict the events of the story, such as his daring escapes through a manhole or the funeral cart that passes through each day. Eventually, as Misha loses more and more of what is ...
  • Dorcas
    This is a graphic novel about the ghetto uprising in Poland WW2.It is a difficult book to rate. By giving it two stars I'm not saying its a bad book but it definitely wasn't for me. It's also a difficult book to classify. I would put it as YA but the subject matter and illustrations are quite violent at times and I'm not sure I could recommend it to any young adult I know.The illustrations themselves are finely executed and there's tons of them. ...
  • Claudia
    We know a bit about the Warsaw Ghetto, and the walling up of Jewish citizens during the war. We know a little...but this book forces us to SEE. To watch children slowly starve to death, to see families crammed into one room, to see people rounded up and taken away, never to return.I didn't know much about the Warsaw Uprising, the short-lived, heroic, revolt by young Jewish kids who decided a death fighting for their cause meant more than a slow d...
  • Penny Peck
    The battle between the Germans and those trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII is the main focus of this novel that should attract a teen audience. The format of the book is really inviting - a novel in free verse is paired with distinctive b&w illustrations making this a hybrid between a graphic novel and a novel in poetry. The main character, Misha, is fictional but there are real life people featured as well, making this historical fiction ...
  • Lauren
    Powerful. Thought-provoking. These are the two main words that come to mind after reading the novel, The War Within These Walls. What is a considered a fast read, allows the reader to experience from the point of view of the main character, Misha who is living in the Warsaw ghetto during the Nazi regime. This story takes you on the journey of Misha and the absolute horrors that he encountered living in the ghetto. This story is one of the unwaver...
  • Sarah Hysong
    While I like the concept of the book, the "poetic style"-- i.e. 169 pages of simple sentences-- made it a very annoying read.
  • Stephanie
    The War Within These Walls is a historical fiction graphic novel about the uprising in the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw in 1943. The book is told in first person through the eyes of Misha, a fictional character based on the Jewish people who fought against the Nazis during World War 2. Misha’s account begins in 1939 at the formation of the Warsaw ghetto through 1943 when the Jewish resistance forces fought back. Misha details the horrors the people ...
  • Beth Wozencraft
    The War Within These Walls was an interesting book to read as it was basically a graphic novel with illustrations on each page and short paragraphs or even just a single word per page. Because of this format it was easy to read, yet still powerful. In fact I found the use of single words to be especially powerful. Single words such as “Food” stood out because it was the only word on the page. It showed how no words could describe the starvati...
  • Alex (not a dude) Baugh
    The War Within These Walls is a slim graphic novel based on a real event. Narrated by teenage protagonist Misha, it follows the fate of his Jewish family living in Poland at the start of WWII. Little by little the Nazis made life untenable for the Jews in Poland. Eventually, the Jews were all moved into various ghettos around Poland, Misha and his family found themselves living the the Warsaw Ghetto.With little food and people dying of starvation...
  • Lizzie
    The War within These Walls focuses on the story of a Jewish man living in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. Though the main character is fictional, the author highlights characters that are based on real people who organized to fight against Nazi occupation. The book provides information about the harsh and cruel conditions of life in the ghetto as well as details about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.The illustrations are simple (dark greens and blues),...
  • Patrick
    Misha is a young Jewish man who watches firsthand the deterioration Warsaw Jews under the heinous yoke of Nazi occupation. When it is too much to take, when his only choice is to fight or die, he joins with a small force of Jewish resistance to rise up and fight the occupiers, knowing that he fights not for victory but for an honorable death. Sax and Strzelecki work well together in creating a gritty and dark picture of the Nazi occupation of War...
  • Barbara
    The War Within These Walls is a story based on real facts with fictional characters and relates the details of the invasion of Warsaw by the Germans on September 1939. The author did a succinct but powerful job depicting the feeling of the characters, making the readers feel the injustice and agony the Jewish went through. The author did a great job by choosing carefully in every page the perfect words to describe the actions, the anguish, the so...
  • Robert Keyes
    i think it is a good representations. of what it was like to live in side the Berlin walls during the Nazi. Misha the main character is living with his family in warsaw. which at the time is taken over by nazi. the whole time his his struggle living in these harsh he trys to fight back. this would be unexpected by the nazi and is their best chance of living. "there is no food"40 the nazi have stoped all food from entering. all the c...
  • Julie Suzanne
    A quick but dark read in poetic & graphic novel format about being in the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust. It does focus on the Warsaw uprising which is a topic I haven't seen explored much in YA historical fiction. I appreciated the word art more than the graphic art/drawings. I feel that the visual art contributed little, and I didn't cry, which explains why I gave this a 3 (it IS a depressing topic, after all), but I did....pause....a few t...
  • Cathleen
    A graphic novel with dark illustrations depicting the events leading up to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. A good and basic introduction to this significant event and a stark reminder of selflessness and courage in the face of insurmountable odds.
  • Elaine
    Though the illustrations were nice, I didn't think they added anything to the book. The story is compelling enough, and my heart just aches for all those families. I just can't comprehend how humans can do this to one another. I could never be a soldier.
  • Nathan James
    This historical fiction is gripping and informative. I knew a little bit about the Warsaw ghetto, but this graphical novel paints both a grim, and somberly triumphant tale. I also enjoyed the format of the book. Lots of graphics, and poignant prose.
  • Angela
    I think that this book gave a strong perspective about the Holocaust. In this book you learn about how the Jews fought back against the Nazis. You see the Holocaust from a Jew's point of view while the war was happening and how the Jews fought back to try and regain their independance.
  • Edward Sullivan
    An exceptionally told story about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, equally powerful in words and images.
  • Roos
    De simpelheid van zowel het verhaal als de tekeningen maken de boodschap nog krachtiger dan hij al is!
  • Suzanna
    "War Within These Walls" reveals the bravery and courage of the Jews during the tragedy of World War ll. The book takes place in Poland at the beginning of the war when the turmoil had just begun. Misha, along with thousands of other Jews, was forced into a tiny ghetto. The Germans built a fence, isolating the Jews from the rest of the world. Through Misha’s eyes we witness how the circumstances for the Jews progressively worsen as they die fro...
  • Mallory R
    The War Within These Walls takes place in World War II. It is about a boy named Misha and him and his family are jewish and the Nazis moved all the jews into the ghetto. No one could get out and people were dying due to disease starvation and being shot but Misha figured out a way to survive. In this book A character that I can’t identify with is Misha because he had people invade his town and they built a fence around his community and he was ...
  • Nicole C.
    This haunting text about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is narrated by Misha, a Jewish teen during WWII. As all the Jews in Warsaw are relocated “inside these walls,” Misha and his family encounter unimaginable living conditions. As the Nazis begin ordering Jews out of the ghetto for “resettlement in the East,” word gets back to those who remain in Warsaw: “They are taking us to camps to murder us.” It is at this moment that Misha’s jou...
  • Nicole B.
    This story is told in first-person by protagonist, Misha. Misha is a young Jewish boy whose family was forced into a Warsaw ghetto during WWII. This coming of age story shares the transformation of Misha being upset and angry about what was happening to his family, to him taking action and rising up to fight against the Nazis. In this historical fiction, graphic novel, the illustrations do a lot of the talking and symbolism is spread throughout. ...
  • Leslie Bello
    The War Within These Walls is a historical fiction book about the Jewish uprising in Warsaw. It has won the National Jewish Book Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature and other awards. Misha (a fictionalized character) and many Jews were segregated into a ghetto and were treated horribly by the Nazis. This book shows the courage that Misha and those part of the uprising built up to stand up for themselves. It was something that many Jew...
  • Elisa Gutierrez
    This haunting tale tells of Misha's attempts to survive Hitler's Germany in a Jewish ghetto. As he watches his mom get more and more ill and his dad doing what he can to provide for the family but coming up short, Misha sets out to take control of his situation. Through dangerous ventures out of the ghetto, he is able to provide a little food for his family amongst the horror. Yet when his younger sister catches on to what he is doing, she wants ...
  • Kandace
    I was drawn to this book by the illustrations and descriptive language used to describe the trials of Jews living during World War II. The language is very real and encourages the reader to create vivid images in their mind as they read. The mood of this book stands out with the illustrations as they are black and white with shades of blue that give a very sad feeling. This helps the reader empathize and understand the plight of Jews during this ...