Fermented by Jill Ciciarelli


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Details Fermented

Release DateAug 6th, 2013
PublisherVictory Belt Publishing
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Health, Nonfiction, Reference, Food Preservation, Nutrition

Reviews Fermented

  • Sara
    Wow, I need to finish this book! I've skimmed it and found it very interesting. I haven't tried any of the fermenting but now I am fascinated by it. I will definitely check this out from the library again. Could be the secret to always feeling good!
  • Michelle
    Fabulous guide to fermentation. There are some great tips (like wrapping kombucha in twinkle lights to increase the temperature in the winter) and some really creative recipes. It's beautifully photographed and designed. I'm really excited to try the fermented curry ketchup and fermented barbecue sauce recipes.
  • Natalie
    Simple introduction to fermentation. Whoo?
  • J.D. Knutson
    This is the third book I've read on fermentation and, while simple and helpful, did not stick out as unique. The pictures were lovely. Here are the recipes I'm excited to try:Fermented grainy mustard (158)Radicchio Kraut (164)Radishes (166)Jalepenos (170)Garlic (174)Frozen yogurt (186)Res cabbage and apple kraut (206)Turnips (207)Citrus (216)
  • Suzanne Barrett
    The full-size, beautifully photographed book begins with a foreword by noted Paleo expert Diane Sanfilippo and then explains health stewardship and a history of fermentation. Part I gives fermentation basics and mother recipes with information on what foods to select, water, sugar and salt requirements and so on. In this section are recipes for dairy and coconut-based ferments including several kinds of yogurts and kefir. I particularly like the ...
  • Joshua
    Very solid intro to the topic and much more tactical and approachable than other books I've read about fermentation. I probably shouldn't rate it until I try some recipes, but they seem reliable. I like the fact that it discusses a principle (like, you can mix juice and kombucha, let it re-ferment, and get a new beverage) and then follows it with several concrete recipes.
  • Bridget Hewitson
    This is a very good resource for fermentation of food and drinks. It is comprehensive and has reliable sources of reference should there be a curiosity in reading further about the subject. I felt encouraged to try fermentation of items not yet tried, as well as to re-try those that had previously flopped. Thank you for a wonderful book!
  • Stephie Jane Rexroth
    Clear and concise with all the know-how to get started. After successfully fermenting my first jars of sauerkraut, enhancing many of my Paleo meals, ideas are now brewing wildly in my mind. O the possibilities; I'm hooked for life.
  • Mariah
    Fantastic. I had to buy myself, and others, a copy.If you are wanting to learn to ferment food and do it the wild way (e.g. not rely on starter cultures from whey etc.) This book is for you. Clear and easy to understand.
  • Amanda Ventrone staymates
    Great book! It makes fermentation less intimidating. I got a good chuckle when I read a line about expanding these practices far and wide, reaching away from the author's native Pittsburgh, PA... Which is exactly where I am. Thanks for the courage to ferment!
  • Ariadna73
    I liked this book because it confirms what I already had discovered: that fermentation is really easy to do, and it is almost impossible to fail at it. My takeaway would be the yogurt recipe, although I don't know if I will try it any time soon. I'll see.
  • Kevin
    clear, concise
  • Carolanne
    Really good but I would have loved more ideas on what to actually ferment (I'm not very inventive).