Safe Passage by Carla Kelly

Safe Passage

It’s 1912, the beginning of the Mexican Revolution—and the Mormon colonists must flee to the United States. When his estranged wife is mistakenly left behind, Ammon Hancock goes back to rescue her. But when he finds her, he must coax her to follow him to safety… and maybe even love him again. This revolution could be the very thing that ends their war of hearts.

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TitleSafe Passage
Release DateAug 13th, 2013
GenreRomance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Lds, Lds Fiction, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Historical Romance, Christianity

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  • [̲̅ρ̲̅υ̲̅и̲̅y̲̅α̲̅]
    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts... for more, visit Punya Reviews...A full review of Carla Kelly’s Safe Passage would be kinda difficult to do for me, not because it’s a badly written book (I finished it in 2 days, a record for me TBH!) but because the historical facts integrated in this story. It’s very difficult to comment on war or revolution or whatever and the loss of the absurd amount of human lives in the pr...
  • Carol Nicolas
    Carla Kelly has done it again. I enjoyed this historical romance, about a woman who gets left behind when the Mormon colonists of Colonia Garcia, Mexico leave for the United States during the Mexican Revolution of 1912. Addie Hancock has been through devastating trials, and her heart is broken. Now she is in terrible danger as she hides in her house with her dying grandmother, hoping that the brutal soldiers will not discover her. Ammon Hancock, ...
  • Heidi
    I have enjoyed reading Carla Kelly's recent books. I must admit this one drug on for me a bit and I found myself putting it down and reading other books. I finally finished it though and did end up liking it. A clean love story with a bit of history thrown in the mix. Not one I would buy, but I'm glad I read it.
  • Melissa T
    When it got down to it, I didn't really care what happened at the end of this book! I can't put my finger on what the problem was--I just didn't care. Maybe I'll go back and finish it some day. Or Maybe I'm just done trying to read Carla Kelly's books. As much as I loved a few of them, I have been unimpressed with the rest.
  • Carolyn
    An unusual story based on the expulsion of Mormon settlers in the Mexican territory during the Mexican wars. It's a story of the fearsome violence and inhumanity of war to those people who opposed each other, or even to those who tried to remain neutral in it. Many settlers had lived in Mexico on ranches or towns for years and considered themselves to be Mexican. That did not matter to the warring sides. They did not have empathy for anyone, even...
  • Sarah
    The setting of this book was what interested me. I didn't know much about the mormon settlements in Mexico and what happened to them. I found that aspect of this book interesting. I also liked that this book was mostly all told from the male perspective. The characters were likable and I thought their story was interesting. I found it hard to believe two people that loved each other and had even married in the temple would throw it all away not t...
  • Tracy
    Although a revolution is raging, Ammon is sent to Mexico to rescue his estranged wife, Addie. It seems like a straightforward mission until he runs into other people who need his help, and he has to walk a fine line to win back the wife he once lost. Addie is feisty but resourceful and compassionate. Although Ammon's main purpose keeps getting sidetracked, he begins to realize that the journey is part of the mission as well. I love that Ammon kee...
  • Mikelle
    This book was slow. A few tense moments but mostly predictable and boring. I suppose also that its my own fault for reading a book spattered with religion as well . I'm not typically a fan of Christian fiction. It felt forced and a little peachy. I have read other books by Carla Kelly and really enjoyed them but unfortunately this would not be my recommendation.
  • Amanda
    WonderfulI always love Carla's books, and this was no exception. It was different, captivating, and I enjoyed meeting some new friends. I speak Spanish, so I love her books with a Spanish background.Well done, Carla.
  • Kelsy
    What an interesting read. Now I want to learn more about the Mexican revolution and the history of the Mormon pioneers in that country. The characters were likeable, interesting, and relatable; and, the plot has quite a few surprises with satisfying twists and turns.
  • Judy
    The year is 1912, revolution has come to Mexico and the Mormon colonists have been advised to leave their homes in the community of Colonia Garcia and the surrounding area and head to safety. Many of those leaving hope to come back and re-establish their lives as soon as things settle down. After all, some have lived in Mexico all their lives including Ammon Hancock, a young man in his twenties, who owns a small freight business in the community ...
  • J Jares
    First, this is a well-crafted story that takes place in the early years of the 1900s during the Mexican Revolution. A colony of Mormons that had taken up residence in Mexico many years ago, were ordered off their farms and ranches because of the fighting. Most of the people left their homes when their religious leader ordered it.However, Addie Hancock’s father begged her to stay behind with Grandma Sada Storrs, bed-ridden and having taken a tur...
  • Andrea
    My quest for historical western romance that doesn't suck will be ongoing, apparently. I couldn't even finish this nonsense. I've read another by the same author that wasn't unreadable, but the plot was thin and the characters poor, so I'm not really sure why I thought this one would be any better. I was lured in by the historical setting, I guess.At any rate, I got through four chapters, 60 pages, which I think is a reasonable enough chance to g...
  • Patsyann
    My favorite Carla Kelly books are ones that have male character driven stories. And this book does not disappoint!! This hero cries, prays and loves with strength and courage!! There is a great journey through a war-torn country and a great romance between two people who changed –because they wanted to change and because they truly loved one another.One aspect of this book was that Kelly never really described what the hero and heroine looked l...
  • Emily
    The history of the LDS colonies in Mexico intrigues me. It's been one of those topics I've been aware of for years, but haven't ever taken the time to research it, so I was glad for this opportunity to see it from the perspective of (fictional) Saints living there. My interest is definitely piqued enough to want to learn more.That being said, I had a hard time getting into Safe Passage. Husband and wife Ammon and Addie have been estranged for a c...
  • Patti
    As I come close to having read all of Carla Kelly’s books, I now find each one I read automatically is compared to all the rest. “Safe Passage” is well worth reading for all us Carla Kelly fans, but the 2 1/2 stars I give it puts it well down the list topped by many others that are favorites of mine.I know nothing about the Mexican Revolution and still feel somewhat in the dark. I would have really appreciated a map (at the beginning) of th...
  • Hessie
    I had a hard time rating this book. So hopefully my review will be more helpful. This book was a little more intense than the stuff I usually read; however, I read REALLY mellow stuff. Even so, I'm glad I read it because it gives me a greater appreciation for the people who lived through these events. I was surprised how things ended in the story but satisfied. These people were tough! Things I liked: History! Carla Kelly knows her stuff! It was ...
  • Lisa Brown
    All the Mormons have been told to leave Mexico and their homes there, because the Mexican revolution has made things too unsafe. When Ammon arrives in the United States, he is approached by his Father-in-law to go back to Mexico to save his daughter, Addie. Ammon has not seen or heard from his wife, Addie, in two years, ever since they had a terrible falling out and argument when she miscarried their first baby. He had no idea where she was, and ...
  • Melissa
    Not my favorite Kelly. The book was more about Ammon and the journey he takes to find out what he wants in life and the adventures he has while tromping around war torn mexico. The book is well written and put together in a way that made me want to keep reading even tho I was irritated by things. One of those things was the fact that he stayed in Mexico putting his life and then his wife's life in danger for reasons I did not think good enough. M...
  • Robyn
    This was an OK story. You might like it better than me. Ammon and Abi are married and living in Mexico, he goes off to work and earn money and is injured in a logging accident. He comes home to let his wife take care of him. Only she just had a miscarriage and is grieving and says some horrible things to him and he leaves. Something like 2 years pass and the Latter Day Saints are asked to leave home and move back to the United States because of t...
  • June
    I grabbed this book at the library because I recognized the authors name but didn't even look to see what the book was about. Turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It's a Historical fiction story during the Mexican Revolution and when the Mormon church told it's members to get out of Mexico. The story is about a young man who was married but when he was away on his freighting job, he was injured and it took him a few more weeks to get back home. ...
  • Kim Dennis
    I liked this book better than my mom and my sister did. As a history teacher, the historical parts of this left me curious about the Mexican Revolution. I don't know that much about it,and now I want to learn more. I do wish I had understood more about it before I started the book. She used a lot of names and situations that confused me a little because I wasn't sure which side was which. The thing I really didn't like about this book was all the...
  • Christine
    This was a very sweet romance - not sappy at all. It takes place in a Mormon settlement in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. Amon and his wife separate and he leaves for the states. She stays behind to take care of her elderly grandmother. Her father (also in the states now due to the war) sends Amon back to bring his daughter home, hopefully alive. When he finds her, their reconciliation is slow and fraught with dangers. My favorite scene wa...
  • Barb in Maryland
    3 1/2 stars.The ever reliable Kelly entertains the reader with an unfamiliar time/place--Mormon settlements in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution of the early 20th century. The blurb gives a nice synopsis of the basic plot, so I won't do a recap.However, the opening part of the book paints a very emotional picture of the split between our young couple, so I was expecting a re-building the marriage story. What I got, instead, was a road-trip sto...
  • A.L. Sowards
    4+ stars. A sweet story about a man who goes back into Mexico during the revolution to rescue his estranged wife. Partially a love story, partially a story about surviving in territory ruled by roaming bands of violent revolutionaries. I thought the characters were well done and showed nice growth throughout the story, and there was enough stuff happening plot-wise to keep my interest. I would have liked it even more if (view spoiler)[Am and Addi...
  • Madelyn
    I loved this book! I had a hard time putting it down! It's a story about Addie and Ammon a young couple who live in Mexico when the Mexican Revolution takes place. The Mormons have fled Mexico but Ammon's wife Addie is not among them. Ammon assures his father-in-law that he'll do what he can to find her and bring her back. It starts out that Addie and Ammon have had a falling out and it has been a long time since Ammon has seen his wife and ages ...
  • Londi
    This wasn't my favorite. A lot of the dialog was in Spanish so I couldn't understand a lot of the story. I knew what was happening, but I couldnt' figure out why other than it had something to do with the character saying something in Spanish. I didn't know when I started reading it that it would have Spanish in it, so I highly advise that you only read it if you feel like asking people to translate (or google translate) or if you know Spanish. O...
  • Rachael
    I did not like this book as well as another one I'd read from Kelly called Borrowed Light, but it was pretty good. The premise of how this couple became estranged after her miscarriage didn't seem realistic to me. However, the process of how they learned to forgive and commit to each other again was enjoyable, and the crisis adventure that brought them back together was fascinating. This period of the Mexican revolution and how it affected northe...
  • Nellie
    Romantic, clean, and interesting. I loved the characters, and the storyline was interesting. Ammon's estranged wife has been left behind in a revolution in Mexico, and he must go find her and bring her to safety. I liked this story, but because of so much Spanish, I felt like I wasn't following bits and pieces of the storyline at times. It wasn't that much, but bothered me. I liked the strength of Addie, but felt their stubbornness to stay in uns...