Run to You (Curves for the Rockstar #2) by Clare Cole

Run to You (Curves for the Rockstar #2)

Six months after rock superstar Rick Borrell swept her off her feet, Amy Reid’s life has been turned upside down. Rick’s solo album has been a huge success and Amy finds herself accompanying him to the Grammy Awards, where her sexy curves catch everyone’s attention.Behind the scenes, though, a bandmate and his devious brother have plans to scupper Rick’s solo career at any cost, putting Amy in grave danger that Rick must race to save her ...

Details Run to You (Curves for the Rockstar #2)

TitleRun to You (Curves for the Rockstar #2)
Release DateMar 1st, 2013
PublisherClare Cole
GenreRomance, Music, Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Novella, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Run to You (Curves for the Rockstar #2)

  • Tia
    I really don't think that this story needed to be broken into multiple books. One book would have sufficed. The idea behind the first boom was intriguing but after that, it doesn't hold much interest for me. The "conflict" seems to form rather quickly and dissipate just as fast. Because the writer decided to break the story up, it makes the writing seem rushed and ill thought out. Also, the writer ends the book on what she believes to be a cliff ...
  • Kame
    Okay first off - this seems to be one of those short serial books - I didn't really get that when I read the description and I want to make that clear for anyone reading this review - I won't even count this as a novella for me it's that short - and I question if it warrants the $$.I still like the main characters Amy and Rick. They are believable.What I did not like was the scene between Amy and Rick's bandmate's brother; not what I read a roman...
  • Char (1RadReader59)
    This is the second story “Run To You” I got from the Rockstar Romance Box Set that was offered on that I know was offered on Amazon also, free or 99 cents at one time so keep your eyes peeled.Now for the Review: Hold on to your hats the erotica in this one is intense. But, there are only a few scenes but they are steaming hot. The love and respect these two have for one another as a couple does shine through and that makes it a ...
  • Beate
    Few things piss me off more in a book, than a rape being described as it is happening to the character. I'm all right with it being mentioned as something of the past, part of something that shapes a character one way or the other, but that's about it. It's a hard line with me. (view spoiler)[Amy was on the way to getting raped, and it made me freak out. Thank fuck the author decided to spare her. (hide spoiler)]There is a reason I have issues wi...
  • Saskia 'follow my shoes' Smith
    I loved book 1, it was a good lengthy quality story line, and so I purchased book 2 for just under £2, what a waste or money, it's a short story it's not got much story line to it. I was more annoyed by the price, what a rip off, seems the writer has clicked on to writing as many short books to follow on from book 1, breaking the story in to multiple short story books over pricing each them, to there point where it costs the reader a lot of mone...
  • Amanda
    Stars: 4.0Hmm…I don’t like this guy Jake, he’s sketchy. Phew okay…this one was so much better than book 1. It had me on the edge of my seat at the end wondering what was going to happen. I can’t wait to continue with the next book.In this installment we finally meet Luke, Rick’s son…and Amy starts to notice things about Luke that don’t add up. Luke’s mother warns Amy about Jake, and Sean…telling her they are not good for Rick ...
  • Natalie Townsend
    3 stars. These first two books were short stories and the second book ended with a cliff hanger. A couple errors in the writing but I did enjoy the story. I would like to keep reading the next 2 books to find out what happens but the price of those books are a bit expensive when they only have 40 pages in them.
  • Crystal
    In the second book Rick finds out that he needs to protect Amy from people that he thought he could trust. What is a man to do? He has decided that he is going solo but his other band members still want the fame that his name gives them.
  • V
    Once again Clare hit it out of the ballpark with this new installment of the adventure of Amy and Rick! I love this series and these people, characters, my book This installment had the sexy, but added some thrills and suspense too. Looking forward to more. Thanks Clare!
  • Rosanne
    Part of the Rockstar Romance Boxed Set. The story ends abruptly. Rick and Amy's story continues in:More Than A Feeling (Curves for the Rock Star 3).....and concludes in:Dancing in the Dark (Curves for the Rock Star 4)
  • Dhamiera Johnson
    I read the first book which was good, but this book makes me want to read the series. The fact that Ricks own band mates attacked Amy due to their own selfishness is horrible.
  • LiLiana P.
    So hottttttt, just melted with it!!!
  • Chris
    *sigh* Why can't people just write full books anymore? I think I'm done with this series.