Rocked On the Road (Rocked, #2) by Clara Bayard

Rocked On the Road (Rocked, #2)

Running towards her future?Liss is leaving everything she knows behind for an adventure with sexy rock front man Joe Hawk. Life on the road is wild and intoxicating, a constant party that ends every night with laughter and passion.Or just running away?But when the plus sized beauty finds herself falling in love with Joe but out of love with his lifestyle, she has to decide who she wants to be and where that leaves her budding relationship.Under t...

Details Rocked On the Road (Rocked, #2)

TitleRocked On the Road (Rocked, #2)
Release DateFeb 26th, 2013
PublisherRising Books
GenreRomance, Music, New Adult

Reviews Rocked On the Road (Rocked, #2)

  • Teri
    Good series but I hope Liss gets some confidence and a back bone soon. Otherwise this will be a long, aggravating story!
  • Kimberly
    Review for all three in series~ disappointed Book one was free on amazon about 70 pages shows a promising start to series want you to continue.Books 2&3 you pay for $7 dollars for less then 140 pages between both book two and three which would have been ok had book two and three had promise. The books were full of typos and the ending well sucked I was left with that it?? Had author did one book hint! (Some readers get turned off by these 70 page...
  • Amanda
    This book was very good, I was pleasantly surprised. I had a feeling what ended up happening would happen, though I was hoping it wouldn't happen it did. I loved what Joe said at the end of the book to Liss, and it gives me very high hopes for book 3.I was so pissed off at what Ryan did and said to Liss in front of everyone, and Joe not doing a thing to stop it...pissed me off even more, and that part had me in tears with her. This series is trul...
  • Jen Warner
    Book 2 joins Liss with Joe on the road tour. She's happy to be with him and their time alone is steamy, until the stress of a road tour gets in the way. Does her insecurities get in the way of their relationship? Does he stick up for her when those on the tour pick on her insecurities or make her feel small? Are they starting to fall in love?Looking forward to seeing how their story turns out in the next book...
  • Saskia 'follow my shoes' Smith
    It's a great storyline it seems there is release of e book after e book about this story line which I don't mind but.,. Each one is a short story and it ends up costing over a fortune to read them all, as each one takes off where the previous one finished. It's a good story, but to short ... its a shame that the writer is milking it
  • Dinese E.
    Part 2 was good. Liss had so many insecurities. Joe could not fix her internal fears, problems. She had to do that herself. But the way Ryan talked to her was SO not cool. Don't know why Joe didn't defend her from that.
  • Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews
    This enjoyable story continues with Liss following Joe on the road. Through all the improbabilities of this love Joe and Liss fight to see if their love will survive. Second book in a series. The story continues strong with characters you will love.
  • Jay
    the fun turns to heartbreak this time :(sad but sweet end, now onto the next installment...
  • Kimberly
    Loved the characters and they found they way back to each other... Only compliant is they are too short..
  • Roseanna Mcclain
    This book was better than the first. Liss still has her insecurities but she had decided to work in them on her own. can't wait to read the next book.
  • Amber
    Great Read. I loved the first one and enjoyed this one just as much, I just wish all three were one book, they need to be longer
  • Kim Chappell
    really good read wish it was longer
  • Kim
    3.5 stars
  • Rebecca Collins
    Ahhhh get me that 3rd book quickAaahhhh! I need to read the third book in this series! No time for this review, need to continue the story!!!!!
  • Jae Lu
    If book 3 is coming out until 2014? I'd hate to forget about the 1st series.
  • Dawn Pressel
    I hope Liss finds some confidence soon and Joe finds a back bone to stand up to Ryan and Rick
  • Sue Brooks
    Loved it....
  • Holly Marshall
    This book was great but ive come to expect nothing less from the author! I didnt like how it ended but im sure book 3 rocked to the core will make up for it...
  • Tsukushi
    This series is starting to frustrate me.
  • Nellie Johnson