Into My Arms by Kylie Ladd

Into My Arms

When Skye meets Ben their attraction is instantaneous and intense. Neither of them has ever felt more in synch - or in love - with anyone in their lives. What happens next will tear them both apart. Into My Arms is a searing love story and a gripping family drama - a shocking, haunting novel in the tradition of Jodi Picoult and Caroline Overington.The kiss ignited something, blew it into being, and afterwards, all Skye could think about was Ben. ...

Details Into My Arms

TitleInto My Arms
Release DateMay 1st, 2013
PublisherAllen & Unwin Australia
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Romance

Reviews Into My Arms

  • Sharon
    Skye has been going out with Hamish for a few years now and the pair are in a loving relationship, but that's until, Ben Cunningham walks into, Skye's classroom where she is teaching. When Skye and Ben first met it seemed there was an instant connection between them. Skye tries to avoid her feelings, but the more she sees, Ben the stronger her feelings become.Breaking up with, Hamish may have been hard for Skye, but she knows she wants to be with...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.com4.5 starsA few months ago Australian author Kylie Ladd blew me away with her powerful new release novel, The Way Back. After being moved by this novel, I thought it was high time I explored some of Ladd’s back catalogue. So I dusted Kylie Ladd’s third novel off my bookshelf and delved into the book, which I devoured quite quickly.Into My Arms is the story of a fateful love affair that has far reaching imp...
  • Suzanne
    Review to follow. I have about 11 to write Review to follow. I have about 11 to write 😔
  • Chloe
    I have mixed feelings about this one. It was a great beginning, a good ending, but the middle dragged a bit for me. I couldn't help but feel that the author threw a few too many story lines in for fillers.
  • John Purcell
    Just finished Into My Arms and highly recommend it. Anyone who has read and enjoyed Caroline Overington's novels or Jodi Picoult's will love it. Kylie Ladd engages the reader from the first page to the very last. Interesting and moving.
  • Belinda
    There has been a bit of buzz around Kylie Ladd's new book Into My Arms, so I was excited to pick it up from the library yesterday. I love a book where you can really sink your teeth into the ideas and characters featured and I thought this book club darling was going to be the next dinner-party must-read. Into My Arms opens strongly, when the impetuous headstrong Skye, who is dating Hamish, meets teacher Ben Cunningham at a school. Skye falls in ...
  • Joanne
    What can I say? Love love loved it. I felt guilty for finishing it so quickly!
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    In her previous novels, Kylie Ladd has written with compelling insight into uncomfortable issues including adultery in After the Fall and death and grief in Last Summer. Into My Arms, her third novel, is similarly confronting while examining the complexities of family, love and desire. It's incredibly difficult to articulate my thoughts about Into My Arms while avoiding spoilers. The back cover hints at love at first sight followed by a passionat...
  • Kathy
    This is a story about Love. A story about Family. And as everyone else has already stated – it’s hard to write an indepth review without spoiling it for you. The twist is heartbreaking and although it comes on quite early in the book it keeps the pages turning to see how everything turns out in the end. I would have given the book 5 stars, and it's a good 4 1/2 for sure, but I like stories to not leave me with any questions and although I was...
  • Kerri Sackville
    This is a love story with a twist - a contemporary romance set against the background of a uniquely modern dilemma. Kylie writes so beautifully, and her characters live on well after you put the book down. I raced through Into My Arms, needing to know where Skye and Ben's relationship would lead. A brilliant read.
  • Georgia
    What a ride! Kylie Ladd sure knows how to write a gripping novel and Into My Arms does not disappoint. Devoured this over a weekend.
  • Amanda
    4 for plot. 5 because i could not put it down.
  • MarciaB - Book Muster Down Under
    *Please note that this review is based on the uncorrected proof provided to me by the Publisher and that it may differ slightly to the final published version*I am not a fan of book reviews that end up spoiling a story for another reader and, while Kylie Ladd doesn’t hesitate to give us some teasers in the first few chapters, and the plot is revealed fairly quickly, I have still been faced with the challenge of writing this review without spoil...
  • Kate
    See my full review here: http://booksaremyfavouriteandbest.wor...I recently reviewed Dawn Barker’s Fractured. I went to great lengths not to reveal the critical plot point (and hoped other reviewers would do the same). I’m exercising the same careful approach in this review of Kylie Ladd’s latest novel, Into My Arms.For that reason, it may not seem much of a ‘review’ however I think when an author and a publisher have gone to great pain...
  • Helen McKenna
    When Skye and Ben meet purely by chance, there is an instant connection between them. Both are a little perplexed by the intensity of it but ultimately they have no choice but to give in to a force that is bigger than both of them. Although this means Skye needs to break off her previously happy relationship with Hamish, she knows that Ben represents the kind of love that only comes along once, if ever.Although surprised by Skye’s decision, her...
  • Faye Barron
    This confronting story - taking place over just a few years - could only happen in a very modern society. It is basically the story of two families facing the effects of an IFV embryo donation many years later, and of another family of refugees facing a new society. The families become intertwined - and are all touched by love, loss and longing.Much in the style of Jodi Piccoult, Kylie involves the reader in a chasm of emotions about social issue...
  • Amy Simmonds
    I enjoyed the general storyline in this novel, however I found it was difficult to connect emotionally to any of the major characters due to the style of writing. The story moved at a fairly rapid pace, but with the POV changing from character to character with each new chapter, it was hard to really be drawn in. The ideas and moral dilemmas raised in novel were interesting though, and I was engaged enough to read through to the end.
  • Amanda
    Fantastic, thought provoking, confronting. You will not want to put this book down. Ladd is a brilliant writer. Can not wait for her next book (I really hope there will be a next book!)
  • Bree T
    Skye is an artist, working at a primary school to create a mosaic when she meets Ben. It’s like nothing she’s experienced before and Skye isn’t exactly a stranger to impulse behaviour. But everything with Ben is different – the pull, the attraction that they both feel towards each other seems to trump everything else in their lives. Skye ends her two year relationship in order to be with Ben when it became obvious that all she wanted was ...
  • Michelle
    Into My Arms was a powerful and completely absorbing book, unfortunately, it’s also really difficult to review it without giving away the discovery Ben and Skye make. Let me tell you though, it is absolutely shocking and something which seems almost impossible. Ladd’s exploration of how this discovery affects Skye, Ben and their families is fantastic and truly compelling.In many ways, I found Into My Arms to be similar to my favourite novels ...
  • Simone
    It is just another normal day when Skye meets Ben. A teacher at the primary school she is completing a special art project at Skye knows she has never met Ben before, but it is obvious pretty much immediately that there is an extremely powerful attraction between them. Skye tries to ignore it at first - after all she is already in a happy relationship - but she soon realises this attraction is like nothing she has ever experienced before and she ...
  • Paula Phillips
    Skye has always been a sensible one and is happy in her long-term relationship with boyfriend Hamish, that is until she meets Ben - a teacher at the school that she is working as an Art Tutor. It is like magnetic fields are at work in the air with these two as Ben and Skye seem connected and drawn together, no matter what happens the pair can't stay apart. So Skye knowing she has met her soulmate breaks up with Hamish and starts dating Ben. All i...
  • Tanya
    Sometimes you read the back of a new book and think you have a bit of an idea of the story you're about to read. She has found her one true love, her soulmate, and he has found his.What happens next will tear them apart and unleash havoc onto their worlds.You already know this book is about love. You know it's about heartbreak. You know it's about family. What you don't know is what will happen that will tear Skye and Ben apart, what will destroy...
  • Katie
    Having never read one of Kylie Ladd's books before, I have to say I was more than plesantly surprised with this! Interpersonal family dramas (none of which I can really go into with spoiling the plot for anyone who comes after), with more of a literary writing style than Jodi Picoult's, but not as torturously bleak as some of Anita Shreve's. The sex scenes are described bluntly, with lots of four letter words, so that is something to take into ac...
  • Jenny
    Difficult to review without spoilers, although enjoying her writing style I did find the predictability of it quite annoying, particularly the last part of the novel. I think it did raise up some interesting and confronting things to say on a range of issues, future readers need to discover these for oneself. I would be very interested to read other reviews of this novel and I would also be keen to try Kylie's other work.
  • Faye
    This is the first novel I have read of Kylie Ladd. I heard a review about this book not giving away the plot. I was not sure if I would like this book once I started reading it, however, as I progressed through the book I just wanted to find out what happens. Predicable in parts, however, I did like the book. I would like to read one of Kylie Ladd's other novels, just to see what I think. Worth a read, however, it is not riveting as suggested by ...
  • Robyn Kildey
    this book had an interesting story at the begining but then I felt like I was watching "Love Actually" the story split into several linking stories but they had no real purpose or major significance. and it never really ended or wrapped things up. Also events happened in the story that were just ridiculous. I hated that I had to finish it to find out what happened and with having no end to the story I hate it even more. What a waste of time
  • Kel
    I was really enjoying this book at the start but then it seemed to change a little towards the middle and I was not enjoying it much at all. I continued to read and it picked up a little towards the end but it was almost like a roller coaster. I did not like the layout of the book where the chapters were focusing on different characters/storylines all over the place. I personally think there was too much being crammed into what was the premise of...
  • Danielle Jenkins
    An intriguing story. I couldn't put this book down. Kylie Ladd draws you into this love story and then shocks you with a totally unexpected and unique twist. I found myself at first judging the characters but then slowly feeling empathy for their complex feelings. A great book that I highly recommend!