青の祓魔師 10 [Ao no Exorcist 10] (Blue Exorcist, #10) by Kazue Kato

青の祓魔師 10 [Ao no Exorcist 10] (Blue Exorcist, #10)

悪魔が見えるはずのない燐の同級生が、教室を徘徊する悪魔に悲鳴を上げる。更に不浄王の一族である不浄姫が復活するなど、不穏な気配が世界に満ち始め…!? そんな中、燐はメフィストから晩餐へ招待されて!?

Details 青の祓魔師 10 [Ao no Exorcist 10] (Blue Exorcist, #10)

Title青の祓魔師 10 [Ao no Exorcist 10] (Blue Exorcist, #10)
Release DateDec 28th, 2012
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Shonen, Graphic Novels

Reviews 青の祓魔師 10 [Ao no Exorcist 10] (Blue Exorcist, #10)

  • Amanda Setasha Hall
    The new arc is definitely interesting. The bonus chapter was a laugh. And chapter 41... Where do I start?? THE CROSSDRESSING. Yes. Good.The art was great as well and very detailed.
  • Mahra
    Mophisto has some plan in his head, I feel like he's gonna do something we all did not expect him to do. Like I can feel a plot twist coming but I can pinpoint what it is.This volume was a fun read, i like the arc of seven mysteries but it feels like a filler arc? But I don't know. Plus I think Yukio is hiding something, like as if knows something we (readers) have yet to figure out!,My fav character is Bon, the one with angry face and hair pushe...
  • La Revistería Comics
    Pese a los pronósticos negativos de la autora, el Exorcista Azul llega a los dos dígitos y lo hace en un tomo de lo más cargadito. Incluye:Capítulo 38: ExorcistaCapítulo 39: La etiqueta de los demoniosCapítulo 40: Los siete misterios de la academia Vera CruzCapítulo 41: Secreto guardadoCapítulo extra: La banda de Kin tiene cero intenciones de vender.
  • Saphirablue
    They are back at school! As cool as the fighting and seeing them in action has been, it's great that they are now back at school.I'm very curious about the appereance of more and more demons and what that will mean for the "common" people and our heroes.
  • Lenni Locket
    4/5 estrellas.Un tomo bastante flojito comparado con los anteriores, pero no por eso menos entretenido.
  • MissAnnThrope
    04 August 2013Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ERMAHGERD !This . . .(view spoiler)[and this . . .All of the cross-dressing in this volume had me laughing so hard I swear it nearly gave me six-pack abs (okay, okay . . . a four-pack one-pack, but a really solid one!). Seriously, who cares about Demon Eaters, a Gehenna Gate, or even the Illuminati when you've got Rin and the entire gang dolled up looking so dang purdy?!Mephisto Pheles is quickly becoming on...
  • Lara
    I like that in this volume we're starting to see what's going on globally, and I continue to love the characters more and more. In this one Izumo is kind of forced to realize that, as little as she likes it, Shiemi is not useless at all, and we get a glimpse into why she's being so resistant to Shiemi's attempts at becoming friends with her. There's some ridiculousness here in the girls' restroom story (haha, that bathroom looks an awful lot like...
  • Justin Duran
    Incredible book shows the development of Ren as a character. Even when his friends see his demonic origin and abilities they still find the good in him and truly believe that he wants to be an exorcist and avenge his foster father by killing Satan. Though he dose find out the truth, Satan being his father his mother was a satanist, mephisto helping him seem normal, his foster father treating him like a normal kid, etc. He stays true to his princi...
  • Selena
    I just wish there was more story contained in this volume. The extras were great, but now I have to wait to read more! D:
  • Ashley De La Cruz
    The little extra bonus are so great! The story needs a bit help but I really want more !
  • Scott Lee
    Finished today. This volume has several interesting moments, although it mostly light hearted stuff after the heavy finale of the Impure King battle. 1. The actual Paladin goes up against the Impure Princess--who, even if she's less powerful than the king, is by implication a fairly big deal--and wastes her in one shot. So yeah, Rin's cool, but not that cool. 2. Kimiko and Izumo team up again, and this time Izumo does the saving, which finally al...
  • Noah Daniels
    This volume starts a new story arc in the manga, which is always nice to encounter. Another interesting feature of Blue Exorcist, and many fantasy/adventure style manga, is the inclusion of various mythological creatures. This could also be useful in, say, teaching freshman English mythological units.
  • TheGracefulReader
    THE GOOD Seven School Mysteries: The few we've seen so far of this we're pretty hilarious. (I'm still dying in the inside poor Shima...)Rin: He continues to be a likeable main character. THE BAD Arthur: I... wanna kill him. Can I kill him? no? Boo..
  • Abeer Albossany
    I loved many elements in this volume, such as the art and the new arc story also the several relationships development. However, my biggest like was for the first chapter were the events happened on Yemen.
  • Nina
    I'm glad I finally know who most of the characters are. And that there are some smaller sort of missions in this one. I finished it a couple days ago though, so I already forgot most of the details because brain.
  • Kaylabookworm22 L
    I love this series!
  • Martina Fuchs
    Como que este tomo fue re "Mehh" a comparación de los anteriores que pasaban un monton de cosas.
  • Elias Alexander
    I keep loving this more and more
  • Tiffanie
  • Chivitouille
    Ya extrañaba mucho leer sobre Rin Okumura y ver las ilustraciones de Kazue Kato, sin duda este tomo me ha gustado mucho puesto que una vez eliminado el Rey de la Inmundicia y después de una aventura aparte para explicar algunas cosas, finalmente la historia vuelve con un nuevo problema y algunos personajes nuevos.Al inicio nos encontramos con una misión en la que el paladín Ángel y el exorcista Lightning participan; quien es de los personaje...
  • Cornerofmadness
    Back from dealing with the Impure King, Rin is in school, barely seeing his twin. Non-exorcist students are beginning to see low level demons. Unbeknownst to Rin, this is starting to be a problem world wide. We’re introduced to a few new characters, like Lightning companion to Arthur Angel, the paladin who wants Rin dead. They’re up against a man made gate to Gehenna and hint at an organization we don’t yet know.In the meantime, Mesphisto h...
  • Holly Letson
    This manga (series) is one heck of a wild ride....and, it just don't stop. These are kinda hard for me to review, since there's so much action. But, for some reason, I want to recommend this series to anyone that likes the "Soul Eater" manga series. (Yes, I like that series, too.)------------- With wild Kracken and sea gods and Seven Wonders to explore, it seems like Rin and his friends never get some time where they can just relax and hang out l...
  • Sarah Maddaford
    I was glad that, despite Rin not jumping directly into his next adventure or major fight, this volume didn't seem as extraneous as the last chapter of the previous volume. Rin and his classmates are tasked with dealing with the fallout on the Academy of what the rest of the Order is facing across the globe. It is a good way to introduce readers to the next arc without going too far back on character development. This is definitely going to be dif...
  • Kate
    After his aided help defeating the Impure King, Rin has been warned to get back to the basics of being an exorcist. He can't rely just on his powers to save him. He and his fellow classmates see the effects of a wider, demonic conspiracy unfolding too. The students now must also deal with the rumored Seven School Mysteries (all supernatural threats) and remove them. I can't wait to see how he handles these new tasks. And to see if his brother, Yu...
  • Pato Myers
    I've been wondering why no one has tried giving Rin demon training beyond controlling his flame since he has lived as a human with zero knowledge of demons for the majority of his life. Just gaining demon powers doesn't equate to any knowledge of anatomy, history, chants, other demons powers, weaknesses, etc and exorcism school is really geared toward human students. They have run into and talked with many demons already, but none were summoned t...
  • Samuel
    **Read in 2015; book is not going towards my 2015 goal.The series is starting to wander from the plot, and when it does find its way back the scenes and villains / monsters start to get really repetitive. That being said, this book's action was alright. I did not, however, have any motivation to read the bonus chapter. 3 of 5 stars, hoping the next installment is likes the ones before volume 10!
  • Sara
    I have the hardest time remembering what happens in this series- my memory will not retain any of the info. So even though this is a new arc, I don't remember who anybody is. Honestly, I need to start over and read all of these again before I can review this.What I did remember, while reading this, made me laugh. There were some hilarious moments in this volume, and once I read everything a second time, I know I will love this volume. So many boy...
  • Kim
    This volume starts a new story line which, for Rin & his friends, means tracking down Seven School Mysteries. The best part is the addition of a new character. Not sure if I'm loving the story and I keep wondering if there is an over arching plot that I'm missing, but I'm slowly getting bored of the series.
  • Jessi
    This manga is up there in my top 10. Action, adventure, a smidgen of romance. The character designs are all quite unique which I appreciate. As an aside, the manga and anime are so far removed from each other one you get past that first story arc that they could be 2 completely different stories. They are both quite good, though. Do both.
  • Jenni Noordhoek
    Still complaining about Shura's outfits. I feel like with each volume she's wearing less and less. (In more recent, post-volume-10 chapters, she suddenly obtains a uniform and some other clothes. I am thankful for this) Maybe we could all GROW UP AND DO WITHOUT THE FANSERVICE THANK YOU. but it's still a really good series. one of the best.