Niketche by Paulina Chiziane


Negra de origem humilde, Paulina Chiziane teve de percorrer um longo caminho até se firmar como escritora. Primeira mulher moçambicana a publicar um romance, a autora faz uma literatura ligada às suas raízes culturais, abordando temas femininos num país em que a atividade é exercida quase em sua totalidade por homens.Niketche conta a história de Tony, um alto funcionário da polícia, e sua mulher Rami, casados há vinte anos. Certo dia, R...

Details Niketche

Release DateJul 19th, 2018
PublisherCompanhia das Letras
GenreFiction, Cultural, Africa, Eastern Africa, Mozambique, Feminism, Womens

Reviews Niketche

  • Lark Benobi
    I loved reading this book. It delighted me over and over again for its brash heroine who, even though she finds herself in a loveless marriage, and even though her entire family tells her that what she has is all she deserves, refuses to believe it. She then goes about making her life better, all on her own, following a path that is joyful, funny, bawdy, women-centered, and in every way satisfying to me as a reader.This is a feminist book in all ...
  • Robin
    "In love, all men are betrayers."A raw and intimate look at polygamy, written by Mozambique's first published woman (a fact that still has me blinking in disbelief). What a unique reading experience this was. I definitely felt culture shock, and soon realized this book was not written for a Western audience. The culture shock was in response to both content and style, which made for both an interesting and challenging read. It is amazing that thi...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    In my year-long project of trying to finish reading a book from every country, I took the time to revisit Mozambique. I could not resist after a few friends rated this one so highly, and even moreso when I discovered that this is the FIRST female author to be published from Mozambique. Most of the time you see Mia Couto, who often has women as background only.What a mistake not to feature the women, as Chiziane demonstrates! Rami, the titled Firs...
  • dianne
    “While they (men) learn to write the word life on the map of the world, we go out in the early morning, following our mothers, to scare the birds away from our plantations of rice.”An intimate story of the ugly plight of women in a post-colonial culture that consciously kept the bits of pre-colonial tradition that benefit those in power, rich over poor, strong over weak - but mostly men over women. Rami is a brilliant, loving self-described ...
  • Greg
    I found this to be a fascinating study of a culture I had no idea existed. I understood very early in the book that in this culture, men are kings and women are not much more than their slaves. This point is hammered to the reader over and over, as if Chiziane isn't sure we understand what she is writing about. Still, this is an interesting study of lives most of us will never encounter outside this book.
  • Cat (cat-thecatlady)
    very enlightening and raw story about polygamy and how it can change and shape someone. really liked it
  • Sandra Bašić
    odlična knjiga o poligamiji i kako se žene iz Mozambika s time nose
  • Patryx
    Niketche. Una storia di poligamia è un viaggio nel mondo interiore della protagonista, Rami, una donna di 40 anni con quattro figli che decide di non chiudere più gli occhi davanti ai tradimenti del marito, ma di affrontare la cruda realtà: Tony ha altre donne, da cui ha avuto dei figli. Rami l’ha sposato a 18 anni, dopo aver preso il diploma, che in Mozambico rappresenta un livello di scolarizzazione molto elevato per le donne (che, spesso,...
  • Kazen
    I love fiction that takes me to a place I don't know and drops me into the thick of things, and The First Wife is a delicious example.In this book Mozambique's first published female novelist (you read that right) weaves the story of Rami, wife to Tony and mother to several children. She thinks she is Tony's only wife until she discovers a second, who points to a third, all the way down to his fifth and most recent acquisition. The book follows R...
  • Stephanie Jane (Literary Flits)
    When I realised The First Wife was the first published novel by a Mozambican woman I was eager to read it. The book could be considered to be pretty typical women's fiction fare as it centres on Rami's efforts to keep her straying husband, Tony, by her side. However Chiziane's powerful writing and gorgeous prose lift The First Wife way above its genre and I absolutely loved reading it. The poetical sweeps of language are frequently breathtaking a...
  • Mary
    As I contemplated changing my college major (again) to anthropology I read a lot of ethnographies. The First Wife by Paulina Chiziane is a lot like ethnography as it examines the roles of men and women in Mozambique. However, the First Wife is not Chiziane’s own story but that of Rami, whose marriage is faltering. Her husband, Tony, is running around with other women “stuffing them full of children”. Despite being a Catholic and Christian c...
  • Rebecca
    A challenging but nonetheless rewarding read. The First Wife tackles head on the Mozambican tradition of polygamy, exploring its pains as well as rare pleasures through the eyes of Rami as she tries to keep track of her slippery husband Tony. In the process she builds a rambunctious family of wives who give as good as they get, and through whom Rami discovers her own strength. Chiziane fights misogyny in the best way, pointing out its ridiculousn...
  • Melissa
    I received a review copy of this title from Archipelago Books via Netgalley.This is a challenging book to read for several reasons. It is a sad fact that women in Mozambique, even in the twenty first century, have extraordinarily tough lives and the author does not hold back from describing the hardships that women face on a daily basis in this country. The story is told from the point of view of a woman named Rami who is in her forties and is ti...
  • Mandy
    This is quite a remarkable book, passionate, lyrical, intense and deeply illuminating about Mozambican society and the position of women within it. The very intensity of the prose makes it quite a challenging read, especially as it is also repetitious and unrelenting, but any criticisms I might have of it as a novel are outweighed by its intrinsic worth as a work from an African writer opening up her country to a wider international readership. T...
  • Zippergirl
    Okay, let's see a show of hands.How many men think that polygamy is a reasonable alternative to monogamy?How many women think that polygamy is a reasonable alternative to monogamy?Let's just say there are few surprises when Rami pours out her pain and disappointment after she learns why her husband doesn't come home except to change his clothes. He has common-law wives and children all over town. In rural Mozambique polygamy is tolerated, even am...
  • Carol Peters
    I didn't even know where Mozambique was, much less that this was the first ever novel by a female author published in the country.It's a stunner of a novel, perhaps more so for a reader who knows nothing about Mozambican culture, where women from the north are seductresses & women from the south nothing but obedient.The first-person protagonist is wife to a man with four mistresses & sixteen children. She decides to meet the other women. First th...
  • Arthur
    Como é ser mulher em uma sociedade com tradição patriarcal fortíssima, onde é aceita a poligamia? Chiziane - a primeira moçambicana a escrever um romance - rompe as barreiras do silêncio feminino e nos traz essa história de poligamia - ou história anti-poligamia. Ao nos contar a vida de Rami, esposa devotada e que segue a tradição, e sua busca pelo marido que não para mais em casa, Paulina Chiziane nos leva por um passeio pela socieda...
  • Tuscany Bernier
    Wow! What a book! This was one of my first novel I have ever read that was originally in Portuguese. The way Paulina Chiziane describes emotions in her book makes you never want to put it down.This book follows a character named Rami who is the wife of a police chief, Tony, and their marriage. She finds out that Tony had been cheating on her with another woman. Rami goes there to fight this woman and the other woman says, "Tony's not here. He's w...
  • Natalie
    Kako je biti žena u društvu s vrlo jakom patrijarhalnom tradicijom u kojoj je prihvaćena poligamija? Ovaj roman - razbija barijere ženske tišine i donosi nam priču o poligamiji. Govori o životu jedne žene po imenu Rami. Ona je odana i slijedi tradiciju, no kad joj dojadi da sama bude u kući sa djecom jer njenog muža gotovo nikad nema doma, odluči potražiti koja ga to njena suparnica oduzima. A u toj potrazi pronađe; ne jednu, dvije i...
  • Bridget
    My Thoughts are @ Bridget Blogs Books
  • Filipa
    Livro muito divertido que conta a historia de um poligamo e as consequencias dessa poligamia.
  • John Vanderslice
    I wrote the following review which was published in Pleiades Book Review 14.2 (2017): At first glance it might be hard to consider feminist a book that features a protagonist who willingly participates in a polygamous marriage, but this is exactly what The First Wife—newly translated from the 2003 Portuguese language original, “Niketche: Uma Historia de Poligamia”—aspires to be. And one can say that in the end--after some surprising, even...
  • Tommie
    This book felt sort of like a how-to manual for taking down a jerk of a husband and the whole system that supports a man's wanderings (everyone in the book, including the protagonist, blames the women for letting the man stray). Rami organizes the mistresses though, basically forms a credit union, gets them all recognized, and at one points gets her husband to realize he is powerless through locking him in a room with all of his wives getting nak...
  • Domingos Novela
    Primeiro livro dela que leio, confesso que não espera do que lá encontrei. Muito humor, muita "novela mexicana", muita sabedoria acerca da cultura e dos costumes do povo moçambicano. Fictional mas com muita verdade. Muito bem escrito, de forma a não aborrecer os leitores, linguagem muito simples, as vezes até para maiores de 18 anos. Todo escritor "vende" a sua teoria no livro, mas neste fiquei um bocado confuso, não entendi ao certo qual d...
  • Littleflyingdingbat
    I read the English version of this book and found it very interesting. The narrative circles back on itself quite a bit, but I ended up liking that. You feel as frustrated as Rami does while also following the narrative of her, Ju, Lu, Saly, and Maua seeking freedom. Fantastically layered.
  • Jane
    3.49 stars
  • Biblibio
    The First Wife: A Tale of Polygamy by Paulina Chiziane (tr. David Brookshaw) was the last book I bought during WITMonth 2016, and I read it in early 2017. I neglected to review it, despite, unsurprisingly, finding it to be a fascinating and important novel. Let's ask ourselves, seriously, how I could not be interested by "the first Mozambican woman ever to publish a novel"? Or a novel that explores polygamy from the eyes of the wives?I should beg...
  • Sonia Almeida Dias
    Thank you to Netgalley and Archipelago Books for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a very strange book for me to read. First and foremost because I knew it had been originally written in Portuguese and I was reading a translated English version, I kept wondering how the sentences and words would sound in their initial version, so it was difficult for me to disconnect from that. Especially when expressions like little by...
  • Dan
    This book prompted so many feelings. It's the story of a woman who discovers that her husband has four mistresses and children from each of them. On the one hand, my Western perspective took great umbrage with the cavalier way Tony treated each of the women in his life. Why would any of them put up with it? But, of course, Chiziane is writing from a culture that I know nothing about. She contextualizes the various responses to Tony's philandering...