Simply Irresistible by Ellen T. White

Simply Irresistible

It's said if you want to succeed, watch successful people and do what they do. Simply Irresistible is a humorous manual of case studies that show how the greatest sirens of history did what they did and got what they wanted, nearly all the time. Our role models-many of whom are still weaving their charms today- include Eva Peron, Greta Garbo, Coco Chanel, Nigella Lawson, Angelina Jolie, Edith Piaf, Lucretia Borgia, Anne Boleyn, Mata Hari, and Jac...

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TitleSimply Irresistible
Release DateDec 25th, 2007
PublisherRunning Press Book Publishers
GenreNonfiction, History, Relationships, Sexuality, Self Help, Biography

Reviews Simply Irresistible

  • whichwaydidshego?
    I must say that I've never read a book that was more empowering as a woman while at the same time not taking itself too seriously. It is a wonderful read that is fun yet informative, and most of all utterly fascinating.I was riveted by the women whose lives were highlighted. I appreciated how White grouped the "Sirens," with each one offering a "lesson," while interspersing their tales with wonderful and relevant quotes. But even more, I loved gl...
  • Katie J Schwartz
    I checked out Simply Irresistible from the library mostly because I was curious about which "famous and infamous" women in history would be included in the text. In that aspect, I was not disappointed. The women discussed are well-varied, ranging from Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie. However, this book only escapes receiving a two-star rating because I was able to ignore Ellen T. White's frankly terrible advice and pretend that I was just reading a b...
  • Monica
    Here lies all the speculations about the women who captivated our attention and imagination. History is full of sirens and goddesses yet why they continue to fascinate us and what can we learn from them is covered in these pages.
  • Jenn
    I am not entirely sure why I read this whole thing, unless it was out of a sense of curiosity so to whether or not the author could continue saying such bizarre things. The answer is yes, yes, she could and did. Not a book for feminists, as the whole idea behind the book is fitting into one of the "archetypes" described and apparently making men fall all over themselves to have you. Also avoid if you aren't straight: although the author profiles ...
  • Bree
    Not only was this book witty, humorous, tongue in cheek, informative, interesting, fascinating, and totally enjoyable, but it was absolutely gorgeous to flip through. Unlike the book you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous, although that doesn't hurt, to be a siren, you only need to use all the femininity that you have inside. Ellen gives some wonderful examples of ancient and modern sirens and how they used their feminine wiles to the fullest. W...
  • T.C.
    Review for The Bookshelf Reviews ( how-to-seduce history guide. Definitely a unique concept, you have to give White that.Author White delivers a comprehensive guide to a millennia's worth of 'Sirens', or women who knew how to use their feminine (and sometimes masculine) wiles to land the men (yes, plural) they desired (or perhaps didn't). A very original concept, sure, but the supposed 'lessons' derived from history...
  • Aviva
    This is a book about seduction. It's actually a how-to guide. It divides women into distinct archetypes, gives real life examples of each (Winston Churchill's mother and grandmother, Mae West, Veronica Franco, Carole Lombard, etc.) and then offers tips on how to embody the archetype that is you. Because every woman has one. There's even a few helpful quizzes to find out which you are. The goddess, the companion, the sex kitten, the mother, the co...
  • Lea Bonheim
    It was both an indulgent pleasure to read about those historical sirens (who can be interpreted variously, but just so happen to be esteemed as "sirens" here), and a kind of shameful and tiresome affair at the same time. I didn't feel in the least bit empowered about being asked to find my "siren archetype" and draw inspiration from these woman who supposedly, for the most part, devoted so much energy to being attractive to men. I found it to be ...
  • Shannon
    Just finished this book and I want to start it again. Biographies of famous (and infamous) women and what made them "irresistible". The chapters are organized by female style such as "Mother" "Companion" "Goddess" etc with examples of women we have heard of and those we should have heard of. My favorite part are the lists of how to unleash your own siren self by learning what has worked for women before you. Fun and fabulous read.
  • Mary
    Not fabulous. It's a good book to kind of flip through, but the background histories of each woman are not very informative. The advice is lacking, but the angle and concept is intriguing. I felt like while the tongue-in-cheek tone was catchy, it was also slightly disrespectful towards some of the women. Not because the author treats them as such, but that some of the women featured made great contributions to history and they are reduced to a po...
  • Rita
    What a fun book to read! One of my favorite concepts from this book is: Sirens absolutely adore men!I immediately recognized that my own personality is embodied in some of these Siren archetypes, especially The Goddess, but White also discussed unfamiliar archetypes, such as The Competitor, which opened my eyes to understanding a side of men that has previously confounded me. I will keep this book to reread a few pages here and there whenever I n...
  • Shannon
    Very fascinating history of amazing sex symbols throughout history (women). However, the author's anectodal stories were simply bbbbbbbbooooooooooooring and a snozzzzzzzzzzzzzfest. This book would have been better if she would have focused on the very interesting woman subjects without her boring interjections. Still an ok read, but I skipped around her irrevalent personal editorial points.
  • Emma
    Really an amazing read! It shows various women from throughout history and why they were a siren and how they were a siren. Very interesting, very amusing. I wouldn't say it's self help but you could take some advice from some of the ladies.
  • Puck
    It was something I saw at the library and walked out with it. I have enjoyed reading it. This is one of those books you give to a friend on a big birthday or have to distract people at work from talking to you about things you can't change.
  • Chelsea
    It's best read as a quick and dirty overview of some very famous and powerful women who used their feminine charms to change the world. The advice bits are pretty cheesy, as it can read like a cosmo mag quiz, but there are lessons to be learned from all of the little biographies.
  • Lori
    If read for the history, this is a charming, entertaining and interesting book. If read as a real "how-to" guide about men and how to manipulate, it is more nauseating than anything else.
  • Hannah Vaughn
    A wonderful read on how to be completely and totally irresistible to others without becoming a Stepford wife. A true delight.
  • Kate
    Great little bios of sirens throughout history. I loved the categories she created for the various siren types: companion, competitor, mother, sex kitten and goddess. Fascinating.
  • Lo
    Molto carino. Fa venir voglia di leggere le biografie delle donne citate!
  • Catt
    i found this book rather amusing. While i cannot speak for every woman, i know that i have each of the Siren archetypes inside of me.Not a serious read, but worth a few chuckles.
  • Beth
    Loved it!
  • Najla
    you will never regret reading this book, its like a real manual on how to be a siren. it's treasure to me.