Cold Mourning (Stonechild and Rouleau, #1) by Brenda Chapman

Cold Mourning (Stonechild and Rouleau, #1)

Nominated for the 2015 Arthur Ellis Award for Best NovelWhen murder stalks a family over Christmas, Kala Stonechild trusts her intuition to get results.It’s a week before Christmas when wealthy businessman Tom Underwood disappears into thin air — with more than enough people wanting him dead. New police recruit Kala Stonechild, who has left her northern Ontario detachment to join a specialized Ottawa crime unit, is tasked with returning Under...

Details Cold Mourning (Stonechild and Rouleau, #1)

TitleCold Mourning (Stonechild and Rouleau, #1)
Release DateFeb 10th, 2014
GenreMystery, Fiction, Holiday, Christmas, Cultural, Canada, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Cold Mourning (Stonechild and Rouleau, #1)

  • Sue
    Set in Ottowa during the Christmas holidays, Cold Mourning introduces new characters I truly hope to meet again. Kala Stonechild has just transferred to the police department in the city. She is Aboriginal, grew up on the rez in a series of foster homes, and, for personal reasons, has decided to try life and work in the city. Her coming coincides with a major police case, the disappearance of a local businessman. She is among those tasked with fi...
  • Carolyn
    I regret not being aware of this great police procedural series which is set in and around the Canadian city of Ottawa. My mistake was ordering a digital packet of the first four books in the seven-book series. This distracted me from full enjoyment in the book. There was no way to see how far along I was in the plot, only the percentage read in the entire 4 book series or the time left to read all 4 books. This made the story seem longer to me w...
  • Fictionophile
    Set in Canada's capital city during the week leading up to Christmas, it was a perfect novel to read this time of year.The novel opens in 1995 in northern Canada where two young First Nations girls have accepted a lift from a stranger. An action which brings about tragic and traumatic consequences for them both.Skip ahead to chapter one and Kala Stonechild has just accepted a position on a special task force of the Ottawa police. The reader immed...
  • Sandy
    What a great read. I haven't read this author before but now look forward to a sequel. We meet Kala Stonechild, a cop who has move to Ottawa from Nipigon to take a job with an offshoot dept. of major crimes. She's a young woman but older her her years thanks to a childhood in foster care, on & off the rez.Her new boss is Sgt. Jacques Rouleau, a seasoned & respected cop with his own issues. His boss is a weasel, the dept. is a pilot project set up...
  • Teena in Toronto
    Kala Stonechild is a police officer working in Northern Ontario. To put some space between her and an ex-boyfriend, she takes a job in a specialized crime unit in Ottawa. On her first day, she becomes part of the team that is investigating the disappearance of a local businessman, Tom Underwood. When he is found dead, left to grieve are his young wife, his two adult children, his son-in-law, his ex-wife and his business partner. Is one of them a ...
  • Katherine
    Brenda Chapman has a rare skill - she is a brilliant writer who makes you want to turn the pages as fast as you can to find out what is going to happen next, but you are torn because sometimes you just want to sit and savour the prose just a little bit longer. She has a gift of intense illustration as she has you squirm - sometimes in fear and always in suspense for what is going to happen next. I loved this Kala Stonechild mystery, the first in ...
  • Maxine
    Kala Stonechild, a First Nations woman and police officer, has transferred from Northern Ontario to Ottawa to work in a specialized unit in major Crimes. But it is not just the job which has brought her here. As a child in foster care, she and her cousin, Rose, experienced an horrific event which has plagued both of them since. Now, Rose has disappeared with her young daughter and Kala is determined to find them. In her first week on the job and ...
  • Pat
    A cleverly crafted book with likeable characters who seem very real. Not too many walking cliches here.Kala Stonechild has just joined the Ottawa police, transferring from the northern reaches of Canada for personal reasons. The first case she is involved with is the murder of a businessman who is found frozen to death in the boot (trunk for you North Americans) of his car. While some officers investigate his business dealings, Stonechild is assi...
  • Pat
    4 starsI'm a bit late in getting to this series but better late than never. I saw this series listed on someone's reviews (Sandy I think it was you) and decided to begin with book #1 (be proud of me Chris!). Book #1 takes place at Christmas and what better time of the year for a murder!Tom Underwood, a successful businessman, is found dead. A new murder unit attached to Major Crimes in Ottawa Canada is given the task to solve the case before Chri...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    Excellent mystery; Cold Mourning is an Ontario-set book about how one man's disappearance sets off a chain of events, connecting crimes together into something much larger. I really enjoyed reading it and I liked the author's writing style a lot.
  • Margaret Bryant
    Promising new police procedural series set in the cold Ottawa winter. Hadn't a clue whodunit until the very end.
  • Jo
    I was puttering around looking for a good book, and I found one! This had all the hallmarks of a great read - interesting characters, fast plot and beautiful language. I am hoping we will get more of Kala's heritage as a First Nations member in the next book.
  • Fiona (Titch) Hunt
    I would like to thank Netgalley for allowing me a copy of this wonderful 1st book in the Stonechild & Rouleau series.When I first started reading this a couple of days ago. I found it to be quite weird to know why Lily & Sunny was being introduced to the story. Thinking that the rest of the story would go on looking for them in the case that they were either missing or murdered, I carried on reading.Thinking that Tom Underwood's disappearance had...
  • Joyce
    4 and 1 / 2 starsKala Stonechild is a newly minted detective and new to Ottawa. She meets her new partner, Clarence Whelan. They go out on her first call immediately. Women are being attacked and fondled before the molester runs away. Then Kala and Sergeant Rouleau get called to a missing person case. Tom Underwood has gone missing. Although he has been missing for less than a day, the case would be high profile and his wife Laurel just knows som...
  • Regan
    I received an advance copy from Net Galley for review purposes, thank you Net Galley and Dundurn Publishing. This is the first book in a new crime series revolving around Kala Stonechild and Jacque Rouleau. Kala is a Native/Aboriginal woman from Native Canada. She had a rough start in life living in foster homes and reservations. She had a cousin, another Native, who she grew up with. Unspeakable things happen to them while in the care of the sys...
  • A Book Vacation
    To see my full review: was immediately pulled into this story by the prologue as it focuses on two young girls as they battle a man who lured them into his van--it piqued my interest and pulled me right into the story. Then the novel jumps ahead a decade or so, and we meet new characters. Although it is obvious that Kala Stonechild is one of the little girls from the prologue, using a different name, the text doesn't come ...
  • Lori
    This is the first of a new detective series by Brenda Chapman and an excellent beginning. I had read one of Ms. Chapman' stand alone novels, In Winter's Grip, and very much enjoyed it. This new series introduces a couple of interesting crime solvers: Kala Stonechild and Jacques Rouleau. Kala (late 20's) is of First Nations background and comes from a broken home and the Foster Care system. As a young policeman, she is intelligent, intuitive and a...
  • Nataly Trofimova
    Detective Jacques Rouleau heads a special Ottawa crime unit. He’s a worldly-wise and respected police officer with his own issues. Kala Stonechild has just moved to Ottawa to take a job in Rouleau’s crime unit. She had a tough childhood and has some skeletons in the closet. The team is investigating a case – a wealthy businessman Tom Underwood is missing. At first it is just a disappearance, but later Underwood’s body is found in the trun...
  • Carole
    As a mystery detective novel, this one is pretty standard fare: round up the usual suspects, throw in a few twists and red herrings, add a surprising revelation and voila: you have the murderer!What elevates "Cold Mourning" above this rather formulaic plot structure is the portrayal of Kala Stonechild and Jacques Rouleau. Both are developed in a very interesting way that definitely makes me want to read about them again.I doubt if I would rush to...
  • Naomi
    Read my full review: opinion: This book was an excellent first in series. I can't wait for the continuance of this series. In my opinion, this author wrote this book with a perfect pace and approachable, well developed characters and events laid out well.Now, I will state that one of my friends noticed that this book is being released in a "kindle series". I think that this disruption is doing this well written book a disse...
  • V
    I enjoyed this book. I live in Ottawa so all of the locations cited (sited.....pun) are familiar to me. The strength of the story is in the character development of Kala Stonechild and the family and friends of the murderer. These are believable people with quirks and traits we all know. ..... Okay, maybe not murder. As I was finishing the book I was already anticipating the next developments in the series. The Butterfly Kills is on my bookshelf ...
  • Janet Berkman
    Apart from a few editing issues, I very much enjoyed this mystery. The characters are well-rounded and the story kept me guessing until the end. Stonechild is a indigenous woman with a difficult past, who moves to Ottawa to take a job as a police officer. Rouleau has French and English Canadian parentage, (view spoiler)[lost his mother at a young age, (hide spoiler)] and is her boss. There are a number of interesting secondary story arcs that wil...
  • Rick Blimkie
    I am not a voracious reader but I met the author Brenda Chapman at a book launch and found her talk entertaining so I bought the book to read while on vacation. I am glad I did. It was more than entertaining. Great set up for the detective kala Stonechild. I really felt an understanding and alignment with her. Great mystery. Great read.
  • Cheryl Harrington
    I really enjoyed this first mystery featuring Stonechild and Rouleau - nicely developed characters with interesting histories, likeable and easy to root for. Chapman's mystery is solid, the solution satisfying, and her descriptions of the Ottawa winter so vivid I could hear the crunch of snow as I read. Will definitely be back for more in this series. Recommended.
  • M.
    4-1/2 star great read. I thought this was going to be the Canadian equivalent of a British cozy. I could not have been more mistaken. I have already bought the next two. Why Brenda Chapman isn't on the mystery best seller list is, well, a mystery.
  • Lorraine Montgomery
    Cold Mourning is the first in a series of mysteries featuring Stonechild and Rouleau by Brenda Chapman, a Canadian author who lives in Ottawa.  It was the second book I'd read by Brenda and I recommend you read them in order unless, like me, you intend to rush out after turning the last page and buy all the previous books because you absolutely must have the background and must have it now. Cold Mourning is set in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and d...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I have been interested in reading this series for a while but never got round to it until a glowing review for another book in the series gave me the required push.Kala Stonechild has moved from the North to join Jacques Rouleaus's elite investigative team in Ottowa. She is hardly in the door when the team is told to make wealthy Tom Underwood's disappearance their priority despite him being missing for less than 24 hours. When his frozen body lo...
  • Stacy
    This is the first in a series I was unfamiliar with set in Canada. The first chapter regarding two young girls was a tough one to read and almost put me off the book. It quickly switches to modern day and a rather unpleasant man contemplating killing his wife. When he goes missing there are plenty of people who may have had a reason to wish him dead instead. Kala Stonechild, a young police officer with a past, is investigating along with a small ...
  • Martha
    I absolutely loved this book! When I first started, I was a not confused with the plot since it completely shifted stories, but halfway through the mystery everything clicked and it made the story so much better. Throughout the entire book I had my own theories on who the murderer was, but as I reached the end, I was surprised to find it wasn't who I originally expected. As in characters, I completely fell I'm love with the mysterious Kala Stonec...
  • Maggie Holmes
    I've read one in this series and enjoyed it so I was glad to read the 1st in the series. Both Stonechild and Rouleau have interesting backgrounds and people in those backgrounds that will keep cropping up. I love that Chapman plays fair and gives you the clues. There is plenty of suspense in this one: who is going to be the next to die? Will Stonechild or Rouleau be thrown under the bus by Grayson or Vermette? I will definitely read the next one....