The Stress Free You by Elizabeth O'Brien

The Stress Free You

Stressors are everywhere. Each and every day, we run into situations that constantly test us, rob us of our patience, strip us of our sanity, impact our focus, and cause us to lose control of our days. Although stress can be challenging, it can also be easy to handle if you have a system to deal with it. This system would knock out these stressors, shut down your anxiety, and curb fear so you can take back control of your life.Inside "The Stress ...

Details The Stress Free You

TitleThe Stress Free You
Release DateMar 27th, 2012
PublisherEmpowerment Nation
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Health

Reviews The Stress Free You

  • Holly
    This little ebook was just what I needed when I realized that stress and anxiety from a full-time job, full-time grad school, and working on the business and marketing plans for a start-up business was not going away. Oh, was I supposed to have a life somewhere in there? I count myself lucky if I get a shower every day.The best thing about this book is the length.Yep, it's super short, and when you're at your limit with stress and anxiety, 400 pa...
  • Nicholas Maulucci
    stress - something with which we all do on one level or another. washer breaks down, showers plugged up, car is broke down, dealing with people that never are satisfied, homeschooling, fleas, visa paperwork, passport paperwork at the embassy 6 hours away, - that is all everyday life, but hearing that a family of fourteen is moving in for three months on top of all that - now that may cause some stress. this book deals with it on a superficial lev...
  • Mario Streger
    I started reading this book because I have headache twice a week and can’t stand it no more. It gave me some tips on how to get rid of the stress I feel, which is maybe what is causing my pain. I identified myself with the third part of the quiz, where I found out that my problem may be solved with some meditation. Hope it helps.
  • Fiona Brichaut
    May be useful as an introduction if you know nothing about dealing with everyday stress. Five minutes with Google and you'll find the same advice - meditation, exercise, maybe a bit of Tai Chi, yoga or aromatherapy....For chronic stress that is affecting your life and health, I don't think this goes deep enough.
  • Rashelle
    I love this book. I had no clue what to do about all the stress I was feeling, and I didn't realize how damaging it really is. I'm definitely going to be trying some of these tips and tricks ASAP. I also love that there's information about sleep deprivation in it as well. This will most certainly help my husband as well.
  • Tona
    This book came at the right time. I've been stressed out and not sleeping. This book gave me some great ways to identify stress and how to deal with it. Granted, you have to do the work but I'm starting to realize some of the signs. I try to remember one thing from the book per day. I highly recommend purchasing this book.
  • Omar Jarvis
    Very good book,though I feel it was written just for me. It has a lot of techniques that people already know but sometimes you needed be reminded of these things. It's definitely I book I will always keep on my Kendil and share with others. I recommend if you unsure how to deal with stresses please read this book.
  • Vivaan Ali
    I like there was not a long preamble before the author got to the point. Long preambles are stressful. She gives good advice on using exercise, simple meditation, food and supplements. It is all very easy and doable.
  • Kimberly Brillhart
    I really enjoyed this book. It's a short uplifting book that discusses the importance of positive thinking and offers different techniques to eliminate stress. I especially liked the aromatherapy section.
  • Barbara
    Short and positive, but not very in depth on any of the topics covered.
  • Diane
    Positive & uplifting, a lovely little book.
  • Janae
    Good resource and food for thought.
  • Tammy
    Awesome and helpful. Waiting on author approval before review but it will be an awesome review.
  • Deborah
  • Helen
    Really helpful, especially the quiz in the middle to fnd out what kind of stresses I am. Looking forward to a stress free me...
  • Melody
    An easy read with interesting holistic tips for stress management.
  • Celia Ulmer
    A quick read. Easy fixes to a stress free life. I knew most of the stuff in it, but it is a good refresher.
  • Santino Maulucci
    I don't have a lot of stress,so I couldn't really relate to a lot of this book. There was some stuff about yoga and tai chi but also some stuff that could probably help
  • Sidney Laud
    Useful and practical adviceI find the treatment of stores acceptable and its advise practical. I recommend it as you will find something to use..