Sleeping Lady (Fantasy Playland, #1) by Cleo Peitsche

Sleeping Lady (Fantasy Playland, #1)

Georgia is broke, and she can’t resist the ad in the paper: “Women with low libido needed for sex theme park.” Never mind that as someone who masturbates several times a day, she hardly qualifies … she needs money, and she’ll do anything to get it.But first she has to pass the audition. All she has to do is pretend to sleep while the sexiest man she’s ever seen uses her however he pleases.This erotic romance contains explicit sexual c...

Details Sleeping Lady (Fantasy Playland, #1)

TitleSleeping Lady (Fantasy Playland, #1)
Release DateFeb 26th, 2013
PublisherPouch Productions
GenreAdult Fiction, Erotica, BDSM, Novella, Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Sleeping Lady (Fantasy Playland, #1)

  • Kathy K.
    13 pages of desire, lust and sex.Georgia applied for a job at Adult Fantasy Playland.Worlds Largest Sexual Amusement Park.The ad specifies women with low sex drive Only need apply.Georgia has a high sex drive, but she needsThe job and the moneySo she lies and fakes it.She gets the job, and Billy is her “trainer.”Billy is one hot hunk, naked in all his glory.His training sessions teach her not to orgasm.He performs oral on her, teases her, pla...
  • Thom Swennes
    No Fantasy Land, no Adventure Land and no Land of Tomorrow (all the things that make Disney parks unique and special), this is a totally new concept; Adult Fantasy Playland. What attractions this theme park has remain a mystery (maybe to be exposed and unraveled in other stories in this Fantasy Playland series) but this tale is about the Sleeping Lady attraction. Georgia is broke. Her situation is short and simple leading her down a desperate roa...
  • Amber Brownlow
    Sleeping Lady is a short story by Cleo Peitsche. In this story, we meet Georgia who is broke and needs money; because of this reason, she takes a job that she sees advertised in the paper but there is one small problem, the job is meant for women that have low libidos, which is most definately not Georgia who masturbates multiple times a day. She needs the money though, and figures that she'll be able to fake it which might prove to be slightly d...
  • Jane
    Sleeping Lady is about a job application process for an adult fantasy park. The girl for this job needs to be able to pretend to stay asleep while the client plays with her. Then add wanted a girl with a low sex drive, so when Georgia applied she had a problem with Billy the stud that did the trial demonstration with her. This was a delightful story with a touch of BDSM and humor added to make it a fun read. I loved the situation and the delight ...
  • Aussie bookworm
    for a free short Read I really enjoyed reading Sleeping Lady. Georgia is looking for a job and has found a really good paying job at Fantasy Play land, a adult fantasy theme park. They are looking for someone to play the sleeping Lady. Georgia fibbed a bit on her resume putting down that she has a low libido, however as she is auditioned for the role, she finds that this is going to be more of a problem than she thought. thankfully she has the se...
  • Adrian
    Eh. this was a really short story. I'd liked it to have been longer. On one page, all of a sudden, Georgia was called Elle. It threw me off and I had to reread several times to figure out who Elle is. Since those two sentences were the only mention of Elle, I guess in a rough draft, Georgia was originally named Elle? The concept of the story was a little weird but overall, I guess it isn't horrible for a super quick, free read.
  • Indie Editor Nancy
    Extremely well written, fantasy story. Georgia desperate for a job applies to be a sleeping lady actress in a Adult Playland theme park. Billy is the hot trainer who shows her the ropes.Enjoyable read.
  • Andita
    I liked this...Story and wish there is an adult playland to have fantasies in. I'm not sure if I would like sleeping sex but sex is always a good thing.
  • Lizzie
    A quick fantasy, or a fantastic quickie. This book could be both. BDSM, Spanking, Voyerism
  • Kathryn Parry
    Not bad for a quick freebie
  • Amanda
    This book is a short erotic book. Have to say it is very well written, gets right to the point. And VERY VERY STEAMY! Must read if you like/Love erotic stories.
  • Michiru
    hmm ....
  • Jennifer
    Really enjoyed this one, just wish I could read more of the story!!
  • Keema Osborne
    Sleeping LadyThis one knocked my socks off. I wonder if this was Sleeping Beauty would she have aced this test. This is a short sexy read that will have you flipping the pages.
  •  Charlie ✰ WLTB Blog ✰
    Quick short sexy read
  • Linda
    Quick short read, Georgia auditions for a job as a Sleeping Lady at Fantasy Playland. Smut and play sleep. For a quick read with smut? 4 stars.