The Heart of Leadership by Mark Miller

The Heart of Leadership

The Heart of LeadershipAre you the type of leader people want to follow? You can be—but first, you’ve got to understand what sets great leaders apart from all the rest.Certainly, leaders need people skills, execution skills, a deep knowledge of industry trends, the ability to articulate a vision, and more—they must be competent—but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What’s below the waterline? What’s deep inside the best leaders th...

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TitleThe Heart of Leadership
Release DateOct 14th, 2013
PublisherBerrett-Koehler Publishers
GenreLeadership, Nonfiction, Business, Self Help, Personal Development, Buisness

Reviews The Heart of Leadership

  • Jeriel
    Leadership is a quality we all need to succeed in life, but the true way to achieve it is not something we all practice. Mark Miller outlines this principle in his book The Heart of Leadership, following the narrative of one Blake Brown in a blend of both fiction and self-help.While the format of this book was interesting, it was certainly unconventional. Most other self-help books outline their ideas in a straightforward way, but Miller's story ...
  • Christine
    I really enjoyed the format of this book, and how it was told as a ‘business fable’. I found this kept it from being preachy, and didn’t make it feel like I had to memorize a textbook. It was so easy for me to relate to Blake’s story, and I appreciated how he worked through the advice he was given and how to apply it at work. I think that because the concepts of leadership were presented in this way that I immediately could find areas tha...
  • John E. Smith
    Mark Miller has done it again ...In his fourth book, Mark chips away at my aversion to narrative leadership development by using realistic scenarios, dialogue that sounds like people actually talking, and by communicating a clear message that resonates with me. I imagine anyone who cares about their personal leadership ability or who is responsible for the leadership development of others, will find much of value in this little fable. The Heart o...
  • Garland Vance
    I have loved all of Mark Miller's books. While they appear very simple in the beginning, they are filled with wisdom--just packaged in a very user-friendly way. In the beginning of his first work, The Secret, he said that leadership is 90% character and 10% skill, but The Secret addressed the 10%.In the Heart of Leadership, he addresses the other 90%. Rather than saying that leaders have integrity and character--don't we want everyone to have the...
  • Lyssa Smith
    This was a good, quick read with a punch. I liked the anecdotal nature of the book. The protagonist was able to share the same doubts as the reader without being patronizing. I recommend this book - it's just the right amount of instructional and inspiring.
  • Brian O.
    One of the best leadership reads I've ever purchased! For anyone looking for ways to get to the best version of themselves this ebook provides a critical path to real growth.
  • Gena Tarrell
    Listened to this while spring cleaning. Easy to have the 5 tips sink in as written in a story form. Appreciate the steps of growth
  • Maria N
    One of my favorite books on Leadership. it has become somewhat my leadership bible. I will be referencing it all through my career
  • Kris
    A good read. Similar to Ken Blanchard's stories about a manager, making his way and learning through others, Miller's character Blake, learns how to be a leader who wins hearts and minds. Meeting with a group of expert leaders his late father created years earlier, he stumbles upon his own faults and learns to incorporate the lessons his mentors share with him. Many pearls of wisdom throughout. A good read for new managers or a great reminder for...
  • Erica Figgins
    Very insightful and loved the story! Read this book for a leadership class and will carry these lessons with me in my future career and endeavors!
  • Todd
    Mark Miller’s latest book, The Heart of Leadership: Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow is a short, simple yet powerful read. It continues the story of Blake from one of Mark’s earlier books, Great Leaders Grow. But you don’t have to have read the previous book to be up to speed with what is happening in this edition.I found Mark’s tone to be conversational and warm. He’s not preachy and writes as one who is a fellow traveler on the...
  • Johnny
    These are the words you hear when your boss tells you why you didn't get the promotion you were working so hard to get. When you ask for reasons, you get told to go find out from someone else.This is the intro to the books story. A common situation that happens to some people that think they have it all figured out.As Patrick Lencioni states, "the simple but painful truth that if your heart is not right, no one cares about your leadership skills....
  • Erik
    I was looking for a simple book that could serve as a curriculum for men and women completing the program at a homeless outreach. I needed a book that did not make assumptions that the reader was an established leader looking for new ways to improve. I also wanted something transferrable that a leader from the community could use for mentorship. Finally, I wanted a book that did not assume the reader was aiming for the role of CEO. This is a shor...
  • Devon H
    The Heart of Leadership is a phenomenal self-motivator that speaks to many of the traits I try to cultivate in my own life. The goal of the story is to propose ideas that the general public can use to become leaders in their daily lives, whether they are in a position of leadership or they are simply living their life.The five main principles are Hunger for Wisdom, Expect the Best, Accept Responsibility, Respond with Courage, and Think Others Fir...
  • Brando Menjivar
    This book is written in story form so its a pretty easy read. Here are a few takeaways from the book in my own words.1) "Leaders are different" - simple statement but profoundly true. Followers follow leaders because leaders are different than followers.2) "Leadership Character" - C.O.M.E. - I came up with this acronym that helps me encapsulate leadership character which should not be confused with character. Everyone in the organization should h...
  • Ron Mcintyre
    Written 3 years ago but still relevant! This was a very quick read that I really enjoyed. The narrative style makes it easy to focus and still capture the major ideas of leadership. It also spawned some ideas that I may want to tackle in terms of how and what I coach on in the leadership realm. I really appreciated the simplicity of the fundamental traits he outlines for Blake: H.E.A.R.T!Hunger for WisdomExpect the BestAccept ResponsibilityRespon...
  • Mukta Mohapatra
    I was asked to read this for work. I was not familiar with the author or the series. It was a short book with a very simple story.Leadership character is the main theme of this book, but instead of a textbook style, this book uses a very simple writing style and storyline.Blake is trying to improve as a leader and he finds some mentors to teach him about leadership character.You can lead with or without a title. If you wait until you get a title,...
  • Dan Lovaglia
    **Courage is required to lead or be led...the Heart of Leadership is a must read!**Mark Miller is clearly a leader who does more than sell chicken. The Heart of Leadership cuts to the core of what it means to serve others from a deep well of character and experience. Highlighting skills to work on pales in comparison with the need to establish a solid leadership foundation, a foundation that starts with the heart. Mark's simple but profound appro...
  • BrandyLee
    I read this book after borrowing it from a manager at work. It is apparently the latest guide for salaried managers at the resort and I wanted to know what expectations they hold for themselves so that I may grow with the team. The lessons are very fitting and the format of the book is like a story rather than a traditional self-help guide. This makes it both more engaging and also a bit hard to pull out all the action plans and critical pieces. ...
  • M
    I didn't like the format of this book. The parable was cheesy, but the audio book format was extra cheesy. The dialog reminded me of something you would find in a fast food training video for new employees or a sexual harassment awareness video.That being said, I think the book would be useful to someone with very little knowledge on the topic of leadership character. It was very basic and easy to understand. If you are looking for an introductio...
  • Jeremy
    This book is about character in the context of leadership, and is written in the Ken Blanchard story style. You can read it page for page and engage in the story or just skim it and read the bolded areas. The concepts are simple, but as most simple principles, they are easy to agree with but very difficult to consistently apply. Great for aspiring leaders, leaders who feel like they are in a rut, or leaders you know who seem devoid of character o...
  • Nathan Schneider
    Written as a story, The Heart of Leadership follows a young professional who can't seem to land a promotion. He has all the skills and vision, but lacks "leadership character." As Miller puts it, "It is ultimately leadership character that determines our opportunity for influence and impact." Five things: Hunger for Wisdom - Expect the Best - Accept Responsibility - Respond with Courage - Think Others First. A short read and well worth the few do...
  • Caleb Heid
    It is hard to accurately judge the value of books such as these because so many people start them on various parts of their journeys. For me I found The Heart of Leadership to be a fantastic book for beginners looking to develop leadership traits and character. At first I was put off by the simple, story like, writing. But I quickly found that it enhanced Mark Miller's ability to efficiently portray his thoughts on leadership character.
  • Paul Davidson
    This is an easy read, written in a highly-digestible fictional story format that does not get bogged down in details and real-life examples. I prefer a little more substance when reading non-fiction, for co-workers resistant to change and unwilling to confront their own short comings, this might be the perfect book to suggest. In the interest of full-disclosure, I received a copy of this book through Goodread's book giveaway.
  • Katerina
    I did not find too much new in this book when compared to other books that have been published in the past on servant leadership. The writing style was very simplistic and the story of Blake on his journey of self-discovery seemed unrealistic. What could have been about two pages on the lessons to make a good servant leader was only extended into a little book utilizing a grade-school complexity story.
  • Melissa
    This book was great! I am currently in school to get a degree in business that is emphasizing in small business ownership. This book was more beneficial than most of my text books. And I love that it is written in a story form instead of text book style. I highlighted something on almost every page. There are so many great quotes and it really is an informative and valuable resource. I strongly recommend it to anyone with any interest in being a ...
  • Nathan Farnor
    What an amazing and truly inspiring book. I have always worked to be a good leader and be successful, but I never acknowledged the "why" aspect of my leadership. Why do I lead? Why am I working to help others? Why do others automatically turn to me for leadership? Now I can awnser these questions and can work to change my heart for the better.
  • Jessica Fuller
    After reading Mark Miller's book, I have a brand new outlook on how to become a better leader. He really touches on all aspects of leadership from the inside out! It's a must read when you are looking to widen your passions to serve others with the best of your abilities and ideas. He explains in common sense terms and allows you to grasp the concepts with real world situations! Loved it!
  • Corley
    Fantastic book. Quick read, but to the point. I was a psych leadership minor in college, and so it was great to be reminded of many of the same principles I was previously taught. I loved that the book was in a story format. It made it very enjoyable and more interesting than the typical lecture-style book.