The Crimson Campaign (Powder Mage, #2) by Brian McClellan

The Crimson Campaign (Powder Mage, #2)

The hounds at our heels will soon know we are lionsTamas's invasion of Kez ends in disaster when a Kez counter-offensive leaves him cut off behind enemy lines with only a fraction of his army, no supplies, and no hope of reinforcements. Drastically outnumbered and pursued by the enemy's best, he must lead his men on a reckless march through northern Kez to safety, and back over the mountains so that he can defend his country from an angry god. In...

Details The Crimson Campaign (Powder Mage, #2)

TitleThe Crimson Campaign (Powder Mage, #2)
Release DateMay 6th, 2014
GenreFantasy, Epic Fantasy, Fiction, High Fantasy, War, Military Fiction

Reviews The Crimson Campaign (Powder Mage, #2)

  • Petrik
    4.5/5 StarsTwo days. That’s the actual amount of time it took for me to finish this 600 pages book, that’s how fast paced this book is.It’s not an exaggeration to say that The Crimson Campaign is a marvelous sequel that’s better than the first book in every aspect. The revolution that Tamas started in Promise of Blood has turned into an all-out war with the Kez and with it, the plot became so much more engaging than before. Still told fro...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    Faye adjusted her dress and took a deep breath. Her eyes traveled around the room. A mix of emotions ranged across her face: anger, panic, dear. For a moment Nila thought she might snatch up a frying pan and kill her. Nila wondered who she was. Why was she here? Obviously another prisoner. Another player in Veta's schemes. Could Nila trust her? "I'm Nila," she said. "And this is Jackob."Fayes eyes settled on Nila and she nodded with a frown. "I'm...
  • ☽Luna☾
    1001/5THIS.WAS.INCREDIBLEI'm convinced this series was written for me. I'm also DOOMED to shamelessly love it. I feel like I'm in a powder trance after this book, HOLY SHIT. I once again dropped all other priorities to read this and ended up devouring it in two days. Definitely my favourite read of 2017. "Every night he's looking for the eye behind the flintlock." So I thought book one was incredible, somehow this book was better. I just need t...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    I probably should have written a review for this before plunging into the last book of the trilogy, but it could not be helped I had to know how it would all work out.Definitely better than Promise of Blood and a great action packed free-for-all. “One man always makes a difference. Sometimes it’s a small one. Other times, he tips a war.” I’m not huge on loving military campaigns and since this had 2 character PoVs with military type c...
  • Dan Schwent
    Tamas is lost behind enemy lines and presumed dead. Taniel Two-Shot is wasting his life away in mala dens. And Adamat is hunting for his missing wife. Not only that, Kresimir lives and is looking for the man who shot him in the eye...So yeah. This was pretty great. As much as I loved the first volume, Promise of Blood, this book slightly surpassed it.The Crimson Campaign is everything the second book in a trilogy should be. The danger is ramped u...
  • Twila
    4.5 starsRemember how I called Promise of Blood a book chock-filled with potential and an extremely promising debut? That it could turn out to be a truly incredible series? Yeah, it’s happened. “The hounds at our heels will soon know we are lions.” The Crimson Campaign was better in almost every way compared to its predecessor. All those problems I had with the character development? That’s gone. Those problems with the pace? That’s tot...
  • Samir
    I enjoyed the first book of this series very much and it got me interested in further exploring of the flintlock fantasy so I was eager to continue with this series and to find out was my infatuation with Promise of Blood a one time thing and after reading this I must say that it grew into something more; it grew into affection.I could ramble on about this book but that would be hard to do without giving away important parts of the story so I’l...
  • Chris
    I'm loving this series. This one was even better than the first, and definitely sets up the third really well. I was a little skeptical about this new "Flintlock Fantasy" trend, but if this is typical of the subgenre, I'm sold.
  • TS Chan
    4.5 stars. The 5-star rating is just within grasp based on the promising enfolding of events in this worthy sequel to The Promise of Blood. This is a good example of how a sequel leading into the final book of a series should be written. There was no unnecessary padding, plodding or diversion from pre-established plots from the previous book. It did not suffer from what is termed as middle-book syndrome; even though it did feel like a middle-book...
  • Conor
    4.5 Stars The Crimson Campaign is a brilliant follow-up to Brian McClellan's promising debut Promise of Blood. In only his second full-length novel (having also released a number of cool short stories set in this universe) McClellan produces another fast paced story with a complex plot, deep, sympathetic characters and the same intriguing magic system. He also improves on many of the features of his previous book while managing to avoid ‘middle...
  • Bookwraiths
    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Fantasy lovers! Flintlock aficionados–And everybody else here who just loves great books:Today, today, you find yourself equals.For you are all equally blessed.For I have the pride, the privilege, nay, the pleasureOf introducing to you a middle book of a series which does not suck,A tale which can proclaim that it is better than its predecessor in every way.When I first picked up The Crimson Campaign from atop...
  • Phee
    Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. This is one of the best if not THE best second book in a trilogy I have ever read. Second book syndrome is not a problem here let me tell you. I loved Promise of Blood and thought it was a cracking 5 star read. It’s sequel The Crimson Campaign absolutely blew book one out of the water. This was outstanding!!! It out did book one in almost every single way and did it so well. I’m actually enthralled. I don’t ...
  • Choko
    *** 4.75 ***A buddy read with my friends @ BB&B! Because we love Flintlock Fantasy!!!I wish I had the time and was not on my phone app, so I could write a review worthy of the story of those very human and very compelling, imperfect Powder Mages! I wish I had the skill to write it in a way which would express the beauty and power of the simplicity of the prose the author employees to deliver the gritty details of a world in the flames of war. I w...
  • Petros Triantafyllou
    I had a hard time deciding if i liked this or not.This book have 4 different POVs. Tamas, Taniel, Adamat & Nila.Both Tamas' and Taniel's POVs were great. Action packed, full of mystery & intrigue, and a great storytelling for some well built characters (Including sidekicks as Ka-Poel, Olem & Mihali). Adamat's and Nila's POVs in the other hand, were quite boring. I, not once, found myself interested in Adamat's family, the young Eldaminse, or even...
  • Scott Hitchcock
    That was a fun read with nonstop action from start to finish. Better than book one which was very good in it's own right. I look forward to book three which has a lot to live up to. There's still so many story lines and people in flux. Abilities not yet completely defined. McCellan has a very fluid writing style. Not fancy or poetic but the flow is terrific.
  • Solseit
    It took me a while to publish it but here is the full review on the book! immensely enjoyed the first book of the series Promise of Blood; and I was fearing to be disappointed. Silly me! This book was sublime, action, fast pace in the development (better, right pace for the development of the situations because it never felt like I needed more information), drama, magic, powder (duh!) and grief. (view spoi...
  • Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
    [4.5/5 stars] This book didn't let up!! RTC
  • Michael Britt
    Actual rating: 4.75/5This book was soooooo close to becoming a 5 star book for me. There were just a few minor problems I had with it. Things that could be explained in the third novel, so I decided to give McClellan the benefit of the doubt. But I'll get to that later. I think I've said this a few times, during my updates, but I can't believe this is the same writer from Promise of Blood. I felt very "meh" about it and was nervous to continue it...
  • Matthew
    Book 2 of this series down! While I am enjoying it, each of the first two books took me forever to get through. I am not sure what it is, but it just felt like I was never making any progress. Usually it only feels that way when I don’t like a book.Also, I am amazed when I look at the giant brick of a book sitting on my desk and think, “Hmmmm, not much happened in that book for that many pages.” Again, not a bad thing, it just seems like th...
  • Bradley
    For all you fans of the grimdark fantasy epics, this one shines bright. Blindingly so.I particularly like the fact that we stick with the same three PoV's as the first book, namely Inspector Adamat with his quest back at home, Taniel with his self-destructive god-killing front-line support, and Tamas far into enemy territory fighting the war against Kez while the rest of the army assumes that he's long-dead.There's a lot of war and interesting de...
  • Terry
    "The Hounds at our Heels...Will Soon Know we are Lions."What a terrific quote from the cover! This book was an excellent follow-up to the first book in the Powder Mage series. Equally as good for me. The characters I liked in the first book grew on me more. The themes of love of country, indomitable spirit, perseverance, loyalty and especially love of friends and family run strong in this one.I'm totally hooked to finish this series. 4.5/5.0 star...
  • seak
    The Crimson Campaign picks up right where Promise of Blood left off in Adro. The Kez are at the Adran's doorstep and Tamas' plan to get behind them has back-fired, Taniel is drugged out and not looking to improve, and Adamat is still searching for his kidnapped family. It used to be, a sequel was just a bridge to the exciting events of the final volume of the trilogy. Not so here and with a lot of trilogies I've been reading lately. Crimson Campa...
  • Terence
    Tamas's defense strategy on the Kez Adro border fails because of treachery. Even worse Tamas, the majority of the Powder Mages, and a large portion of the army is trapped behind enemy lines. There is no easy way for the Adran army to return to Adro and now they must travel a large mountainous stretch of Kez with no supplies to safely return. Meanwhile Taniel miraculously lived through the destruction of a mountain and he's the last Powder Mage re...
  • Jody
    Well! It's been a few days since I finished The Crimson Campaign and my opinion hasn't changed. This was definitely better than the first book. More action, more magic, and above all else more gritty determination by our lead characters. Brian McClellan is putting the flintlock fantasy genre on the map. The multiple POV's are done extremely well. Taniel and Ka-poel are by far my favorites. Adamant came in second, with Tamas following in third.A...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum find myself thoroughly enjoying the Powder Mage series. Brian McClellan’s star continues to rise, following up last year’s debut Promise of Blood with a strong sequel. While there were some parts I thought he did better in the first book, others that were better in the second, overall I can’t be happier with the direction this trilogy is taking. The book starts out ...
  • David Sven
    As good as the first book My review of Promise of Blood". The story picks up where the last book left off barely skipping a beat. Christian Rodska again does a great job with the audio narration. I think if I read this on kindle I would still have Rodska's voice for Tamas stuck in my mind. I love his French accent in particular for the Kez - and why not French in a novel that emulates industrial France during the French revolution. Although, it's...
  • Alex Ristea
    Brilliant! One of my top reads of 2014 for sure.I'm telling you right now that this is an author to watch. Brian's first novel was good, but I wasn't fully convinced. This one sealed the deal, and I feel confident in predicting that he'll be a major player in the Fantasy genre for years to come.The thing that worked best in this book is the incredibly tight writing. There are no wasted scenes. Each is introduced perfectly with goals and motivatio...
  • Kaora
    I have a bit of a confession that some of you may find surprising. Perhaps even shocking.I am a bookaholic. I am addicted to books and even while reading books I often count the pages until the end of the book and the point in time where I can start YET ANOTHER BOOK. But every once in a while a book comes along that grips me so completely that I forget to count pages, and instead feel both excitement and dread each page flip as it brings me ever ...
  • Mr. Matt
    The Crimson Campaign was so good I literally had to stop reading it. I was in New Orleans on vacation with my wife and I had to put the book down. With Tamas’ small army trapped against the Fingers by an overwhelming force of Kez cavalry I was unwilling to read it without devoting my full attention to it. (Rest assured, I finished it on the flight home).The Powder Mage series is not so much a set of books as a revolutionary event. The fantasy g...
  • C.P. Cabaniss
    4.5 StarsThis was so good! The Promise of Blood was interesting and a promising start to this series, but this improved so much from that first book. Taniel was by far my favorite character and perspective in book one. In this one I gained more of an appreciation for both Adamat and Tamas. There were very few dull points in the story and very few characters I didn't like. In the beginning Taniel was really irritating me, but he developed a lot th...