Just Between Us by Maya Linden

Just Between Us

Empathetic, supportive and respectful...Or competitive, manipulative and downright bitchy? Or somewhere in between?In Just Between Us , a host of Australia's best-loved female writers bare all on this age-old quandary: Are female friendships all-natural and nurturing? Or are some more damaging than delightful? And most of all, what happens when female relationships go off the rails? And who is to blame? While falling in and out of romantic lov...

Details Just Between Us

TitleJust Between Us
Release DateJun 1st, 2013
GenreNonfiction, Short Stories, Anthologies

Reviews Just Between Us

  • ALPHAreader
    On the surface, a collection of fiction and nonfiction stories from nineteen different writers on the topic of ‘friendship’ sounds like it could be the stuff of a dull Year Nine English writing assignment. But it’s in the subtitle of 'Just Between Us' that the tension and purpose is revealed; ‘Australian writers tell the truth about female friendship.’ And then you only need read the foreword by Helen Garner to know that this is a very ...
  • Dale Harcombe
    Female friendship is explored in this collection of fiction and nonfiction by some of our well known Australian writers. Many people will no doubt devour this book in huge gulps. That wasn’t the case with me. I found it better to read and digest in smaller bites, so maybe one or two in a day and then a break of a day or so before returning for another helping. Otherwise it felt to me all a bit much – rather like a gossip session which is not ...
  • Margot McGovern
    It’s not uncommon for women to invest more in our friendships than our romantic relationships, yet the cliche of the BFF—that kindred spirit you meet in kindergarten and remain thick as thieves with no matter what shit storms life throws at you—is a rare reality. While from the outside female friendships may appear simple, they are, more often than not, rife with subtext. Through personal essays and short stories, nineteen Australian women ...
  • Kirsty Dummin
    Though I didn't love every single story, the overall theme of this book is really interesting and important. I related to many of the stories, which has caused me to reflect a lot on my own female friendships.
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    It is most often the end of friendship that is explored in Just Between Us. In the editor's introduction they share that the impetus for this book came from a discussion where they came to recognise the absence of stories about "a slow breakdown, or an unexpected break-up, of a relationship with a close female friend", despite the universality of the experience.Just Between Us then is a collection of both fiction and non fiction pieces about the ...
  • Kate
    Just Between Us is a compilation of short stories – both memoir and fiction – by some of Australia’s favourite female authors. These stories are about friendship and most of them relating the tragic tales of how many female relationships painfully breakdown. I love the concept of this anthology. I’ve often wondered what exactly has gone wrong in my own relationships with female friends and reading this collection has made me feel better k...
  • Claude
    I really liked this book after initially avoiding it due to my fears that it would be about the pseudo-intellectual hypocritical feminist type authors. Alas it is not! The compiler and introduction is written by Helen Garner a women I'm sure I would dislike in relation to her stance on feminism, yet bizarrely I tend to like her books. All the stories in this book, (it's a short stories collection by women both fiction and nonfiction), are great! ...
  • Renee
    I absolutely loved this collection of heartfelt fiction and nonfiction stories from some of Australia’s best writers, they made me laugh, cry and dragged up some emotions that I thought I’d stashed away forever, they also transported me back to some of the painful memories that I once felt at the loss of a cherished friendship but most of all in a way made me feel slight envy knowing that I have never really experienced such a true, deep, mea...
  • Ruby
    Female friendship is a fascinating thing, methinks. This book made me feel like less of a freak and I realised many of my experiences were quite normal. I would love to discuss this in a book club full of women, to compare notes, show our battle scars and have a good old cackle at ourselves and each other. I would also like a few of my male friends to have a read... I would be very curious about their experiences and how they differed from mine. ...
  • Clare
    A collection of fiction and non-fiction stories from Australian women all about female friendship. These stories highlight how common, but how infrequently discussed, the challenges and complexities of these relationships are. Made me pause to reflect on the significant friendships throughout my life - what sustained them and why they ended. As a mother to a young daughter it also left me thinking about what awaits her and how to support her to d...
  • Jennifer Rolfe
    I found this book very thought provoking and made me pause and think about the many friends who have come and gone over the years. Some of the stories will stay in my mind forever. I really loved the mix of fiction and non-fiction stories and being introduced to some writers I have never read before.
  • Lisa Liebelt
    This one will be shared with my daughters, sister and friends in the knowledge that they too will find themselves in these pages. The complexities of female friendships and the joy, bewilderment and sorrow explored in these essays and stories will give moments of understanding and enlightenment to many. Read and then share and then enjoy your own friendships for what they are.
  • Kate
    Some really honest, insightful writing (both fiction and non-fiction) about friendship between women: the joys, the nightmares, the passion, the regrets. A lot of the pieces are really strongly grounded in the Australian landscape too, which adds another layer of emotion. Really important writing on a rarely discussed subject.
  • Athol-mary
    This is such a pleasure to read. The "stories" are fiction and non-fiction, by Australian writers I enjoy and by some I have not read until now.
  • Catherine Lockwood
    Interesting and familiar! Some stories better than others some are very funny good way to analyse female relationships I kind of wanted there to me more stories. Was a quick read.
  • Alli
    Lauren Rosewarne's piece was wonderful. I go back to this again again.