Ryders Ridge by Charlotte Nash

Ryders Ridge

Will escaping to Ryders Ridge help Dr Daniella Bell forget her past, or force her to confront it head on?Shaken after a tragic incident in the city hospital where she worked, Daniella figures that the small north-west Queensland cattle town of Ryders Ridge is just the place to hide. Caring and dedicated, she quickly wins the trust of her patients, and the attention of handsome station heir, Mark Walker. As their relationship grows, Daniella begin...

Details Ryders Ridge

TitleRyders Ridge
Release DateMar 1st, 2013
PublisherHachette Australia
GenreRomance, Cultural, Australia

Reviews Ryders Ridge

  • Brenda
    Dr Daniella Bell had just moved from Brisbane to the small outback town of Ryders Ridge in far north-west Queensland, and her first week was already proving to be nerve-wracking. Her supervisor, Dr Martin Harris, was working on young Sarah who was having an asthma attack. Daniella was tense and unable to relax, she had a vivid fear of being unable to save Sarah. But the danger was past, as Dr Harris had her breathing under control, explaining to ...
  • Kim Wilkins
    Young doctor Daniella Bell comes to Ryders Ridge for her country service. But she has a complicated relationship with her brilliant surgeon father, and her past is threatening her future. Mark Walker, local station owner is dealing with his own complications: a grieving father who won't take his medication, and a family debt that means he has to play nice with people he'd rather not be around at all. Set against a social background of B&S balls, ...
  • Paula Clark
    A very enjoyable debut novel from Charlotte Nash. A refreshing rural romance storyline involving the medical profession in a small country town - it's struggle for funding, limited resources, inability to attract long-term doctors etc. as well as the types of medical cases that come through the doors.Both Daniella and Mark were great main characters, each carrying their own worries for their careers and future. I also enjoyed Jackie's character a...
  • Rachel Amphlett
    When tragedy shakes Dr Daniella Bell’s well-ordered career in a busy city hospital, she beats a hasty retreat to the sleepy Queensland town of Ryders Ridge, determined to try to put her past behind her.What she doesn’t count on is the effect the charming cattle station heir, Mark Walker, will have on her – or the impact of their affection on others’ plans for the cattle property which has been in the family for three generations.With “R...
  • Lynne Stringer
    I enjoyed Ryders Ridge, which told the story of Dr Daniella Bell, who runs away from an unfortunate incident in a city hospital to a country practice. I found the characters likeable (except for the ones I wasn't supposed to like) and the novel seems to be well researched (not being familiar with country life I can't be sure, but it sounded convincing to me!). The story progressed well and was engaging. Very entertaining.
  • Moon Love
    This book is all about relationships. These relationships are not just between Daniella and Mark, but between all of the people in their lives. It's like a complicated spider's web that's intricate and fine, yet still beautiful and strong.I've stayed up late wanting to finish this book before I went to bed. It's a great book with a great story that's written extremely well. The descriptions are almost thorough, imaginative, and so easy to picture...
  • Shona
    361 pages Beth -a Doctor finding herself
  • Courtney Davy
    Really enjoyed this book was a great read
  • Susan Dawson
    Really liked this one. Will be reading more of her books soon. Know I’m late to the party but lots to read now & catch up 👍🏼😍
  • Joss Mckinnon
    Falling in love with this author. Her books are amazing
  • Bree T
    After a tragedy that haunts her in the city hospital where she was working, doctor Daniella needs a change and she figures that a small town might just be the thing to help her get over her nerves. She’ll be working closely with the other local doctor and the nurses, she’ll be well supported and hopefully, she just might be able to move on from the terrible event that still weighs so much on her mind.Quickly Daniella finds a friend and settle...
  • Lauren K
    Debut novel Ryders Ridge claims a solid position for Charlotte Nash in the rural lit genre in Australian fiction. With a sweet developing romance, small-town politics and a hero/ heroine that are both passionate and flawed it makes for a captivating read.Daniella Bell has escaped the chaotic lifestyle as a doctor in a city hospital to a rural town in north-west Queensland known as Ryders Ridge. She undergoes a medical placement in the town’s cl...
  • Jess
    I loved this. Fantastic debut by an Aussie author.Ryders Ridge is the debut novel of Charlotte Nash, an Australian author who I’m sure we are sure to see a lot from in the future.Ryders Ridge is a contemporary take on Rural Fiction with a unique twist. Like Loretta Hill who took the established genre of rural fiction, and tweaked it by setting her story in the Pilbara rather than an on a farm, Charlotte Nash has taken the genre of rural fiction...
  • Jaanika Niitsoo
    Sisu:peale ühte traumaatilist kogemust põgeneb Dr. Daniella Bell pisikesse paika Ryders Ridge, mis asub loode Queenslandis, et seal uuesti oma elu üles ehitada. Kiiresti saavutab noor kaastundlik arst oma uute patsientide usalduse ja nägusa Mark Walkeri tähelepanu. Kuid ka elu maal võib kaasa tuua komplikatsioone. Hetkel, kil Daniella plaanib taas põgeneda, sunnib üks suur õnnetus ta jääma ja minevikule silma vaatama. Kui ta Marki kaot...
  • Bettina
    First book I've read by this author and absolutely loved it. Really liked how the author linked rural health with life in outback Australia. Being a nurse I actually understood all the medical terminology. Really enjoyed the love story between Daniella and Mark and the mystery surrounding Daniella's secret and also Jackie and Dave's secret too. Really enjoyed this book and the characters, you even grew to love Valerie in the end. Although Steph's...
  • Rebecca
    I loved this book. The setting in outback Queensland was brilliant - having lived in Brisbane my entire life, I'm a city girl through and through, but I still find the concept of outback Australia romantic and beautiful. The romance was sweet, understated, and really well done - Mark was completely lovely, and I'm not sure they actually make them like that anywhere. The plot was interesting, and the characters were all really well developed - how...
  • Kylie Kaden
    As a city girl, I'll admit I was not quick to be swept up in the craze for outback stories (too much dust) but I thoroughly enjoyed this one (even, sniff, getting a bit glassy eyed at one point). Nash has created characters with a refreshing blend of intelligence, warmth and realism. So many bush tales end with the heroin giving up everything for the farmer she loves, and it gave this romantic story a modern edge to conclude Daniella and Mark's r...
  • Dawn
    I have to disclose that Charlotte and I both attended the Hachette/QWC manuscript development programme together. If it hasn't been for that, I wouldn't have read this book as its not a genre I usually go for - but, I'm so glad I did. This book is beautifully written and structured, and a really great read. As a doctor, the medical scenes and background were really well done, and compelling to me, and I found myself cheering for Mark and Daniella...
  • Delores Bebbington
    Ryder's Ridge is the story of Dr Daniella Bell who flees from a large hospital in Brisbane after an upsetting event in the hope that she will come to terms with it. Meeting Mark Walker a cattle station heir was not part of the plan. Charlotte has written an interesting story situated in the Australian outback and the dilemma she places her characters in is very real. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Thanks Charlotte
  • Helen
    I liked the next book in the series better, but this was an OK holiday read. Love the Aussie background and can imagine it will do well as a rural romance. I felt uncomfortable with this together, but not together romance though.
  • Gillian Milne
    Charlotte Nash has a very enjoyable writing style! She writes A lovely book with really believable characters. Enjoyed the storyline . Found the negativity towards the Grey Nomads a little disappointing!
  • Tamara
    What an excellent read considering it was the author's first novel - bravo!
  • Ellie Green
    Nice light Australian romance. Excellent debut for this author. Looking forward to reading her future efforts. Highly recommend.
  • Anita-maree
    loved this book and story line...
  • Cynthia
    Has all the elements I expected in this type of novel - a great location, likeable characters, many misunderstandings with love winning out at the end.