Unbound (The Tied Man, #2) by Tabitha McGowan

Unbound (The Tied Man, #2)

There will be two major locations - Spain, and Dublin - and an introduction to Finn's wider family, and also the horror that is the O'Halloran clan!

Details Unbound (The Tied Man, #2)

TitleUnbound (The Tied Man, #2)
GenreDark, Romance

Reviews Unbound (The Tied Man, #2)

  • Diana
    The Tied Man may not be for everyone due to its dark story but its incredible. At first I was a little put off, by its sad underlining tone and its dark path, but it really makes you think! I mean Finn, is really unimaginably strong not to break and really how much would you do to protect your family. I really dont think Ive ever read a book with such an evil and manipulative person and then for her to be female and a mother! It also makes you wo...
  • Susanr
    An excellent read though the subject matter was very very dark and I know that it won't be every ones cup of tea, it was definitely mine . I think the author was right not to give an epilogue at the end of this book as Finn deserved more than that . I can't wait to read how Finn copes with his freedom and embarking on a consensual relationship