Rebel by Nick Nolte


The legendary icon tells his story—a tale of art, passion, commitment, addiction, as intense and hypnotic as the man himself.In a career spanning five decades, Nick Nolte has endured the rites of Hollywood celebrity. Rising from obscurity to leading roles and Oscar nominations, he has been both celebrated and vilified in the media; survived marriages, divorces, and a string of romances; was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine; ...

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Release DateJan 23rd, 2018
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Biography, History, Culture, Film

Reviews Rebel

  • Robin
    One of the better celebrity memoirs I've read in a while. Nick appears to be candid about most things in his life and freely admits his rebellious, stubborn, and opinionated streaks.
  • Scott
    4.5 starsNolte first initially made his name as an actor with the popular TV mini-series Rich Man, Poor Man (also a great epic book by Irwin Shaw, BTW) and for the next twenty-five years he landed on Hollywood's A-list after moving exclusively to movies. Surprisingly his autobiographical effort is just as interesting when he speaks simply and candidly of his Midwestern childhood years in the 50's and pre-stardom life of the 60's and early 70's. H...
  • Brian Joynt
    This is essential reading for fans of the legendary actor, but while Nolte does offer some interesting stories and narrative beats about his life and some of his films, the memoir seems to lack the depth I'd anticipated. I suppose when you read a memoir like this you expect to connect with the literature the same way you connect to the films in which the actor played, but it's difficult for an actor generate that kind of tone without truly gettin...
  • Wynn
    Nick Nolte become an actor because real life was hard for him as a young man who only wanted to play football. I enjoyed reading about his journey to Hollywood via the many theatre groups and a couple of marriages. He talks a lot about his movies and how they inspired him and taught him life lessons. He talks about directors, producers and the actors he had the pleasure and displeasure of working with. I felt he was being honest and not gossipy a...
  • Jimilee Allen
    I read it in one day. I enjoyed it very much. His stories about his life and honesty was great to read. Not trying to hide his feelings or up and down past. True original in the acting world!
  • James Carter
    Rebel is an absorbing yet shallow story of Nick Nolte's life. Two chief reasons why I went for the book were: to learn about movies Nick Nolte was part of and to know his explanation of when his infamous mugshot spread through the news like wildfire. Of the former, he barely talked much while omitting a great deal of them and, of the latter, lightly touched the incident in a few pages before moving on. Instead, he talked about his life experience...
  • Barry Hammond
    Long known as a talented actor in such television and film roles like Rich Man, Poor Man, The Deep, Who'll Stop The Rain, North Dallas Forty, 48 Hrs., The Prince Of Tides, Down And Out In Beverly Hills, The Thin Red Line, New York Stories, Scorsese's remake of Cape Fear, Mother Night, The Good Thief, Affliction, Warrior, and Graves, Nick Nolte was also a person who got into the arts only after a promising football career was derailed by a rebelli...
  • John
    This book popped up by accident on a search for ebooks at the Singapore National Public Library. Nick Nolte? It conjures up images of a hard-living blond jock from North Dallas Forty who had morphed into a wild-haired madman recluse staring vacantly into drug-induced middle-aged fiend captured in a DUI mugshot. This book is brutally honest, candid, funny, sincere and addictive. Like your standard Hollywood rock n roll bio, there are drugs, lots a...
  • Mediaman
    This shallow memoir is from a nutcase actor who is unapologetic about his lifelong drug use, cheating, anger issues, and rebellion. And much of the book makes no sense. Nolte's issues start at age four in Ames, Iowa where his dad returns home from World War II a hollow ghost of a man who transformed from a loving father to a distant silent man. Around the same time Nick's mother responds by going a bit crazy (telling the kids that the parents wil...
  • Al
    For most the name “Nick Nolte” probably conjures up two images. One is that of young Nolte playing the “bad son” Tom Jordache expulsed from his family in the miniseries “Rich Man, Poor Man.” The other is that of an older Nolte’s chaotic mug shot arrested for traveling the wrong way down the Pacific Coast Highway. The reality, based on his memoir “Rebel,” is somewhere in between. Midwesterner Nolte drifted into acting in his twen...
  • Aaron
    A lively, boisterous and often brave first-person narrative of one of America's best--and America's most American--actors. Yet for fans of so many of Nolte's films, it is a severe disappointment. Too many classics are completely overlooked. Instead of "Q & A", "Extreme Prejudice", "Weeds", even "48 Hours" earning pages, there's too much time spent on "Prince of Tides". Luckily, "North Dallas Forty" and "Affliction" are covered quite extensively, ...
  • Sandra
    I very rarely read biography's or autobiography's. But I've always loved Nick Nolte as an actor. The first time I saw him was in Rich Man Poor Man, and oh man, I fell in love with that California / beach boy good looks. An amazing performance and I have loved seeing him in his work since. So hearing him tell his life story in his own words sounded like a good read. And it was. Starting when he was a child and all through his life and career, it r...
  • Jo
    Many thanks to goodreads for sending me a copy of this book. Highly recommended for Nolte fans, this is a candid memoir of his life along with a few pictures. He's lived his life on his terms and makes no apologies about it. Most of us couldn't get away with doing all the drugs and partying he did and come away virtually unscathed. Nolte recounts his roles, loves and many directors and actors he worked with along the way. If you care about these ...
  • Robert Grant
    An interesting life lived with great zest by one of the best actors ever. Mr. Nolte inhabits his book like he does his characters big, bold and gravelly voiced. His insights into why he acts and what moves him are fascinating as are his stories of the roles that define his career. Nolte has always been one of my favorite actors and I hope to see him one day win that damned Oscar he so richly deserves. I sure don't understand the bashing into park...
  • Barbara
    Surprising honestyA very frank and not ego-driven memoir by a great (most of the time) actor and a complex and insightful human being. Wish he’d commented on all his major film roles, but whatever he did include he seems brutally honest about. At least HIS version. Nick, thanks for everything!
  • Adam Lowy
    If you love Nick Nolte the actor as I do (I'll take his Keruoac-esque role in Who'll Stop the Rain as vintage Nolte!), you must read this book. He is not a flowery writer, but he is candid, direct and writes as he acts and speaks. He has lived a fascinating life and there is just enough reflection on it here to make it an easy, fun and wonderful ride. Thanks for the ARC!
  • Becky Roper
    I've liked Nick Nolte in many of his films (particularly Prince of Tides) but the enduring image of him is the "wild man" mug shot of him being arrested for a DUI. This book gives a more balanced view of his life and motivations. He is honest without being too detailed about his addictions, marriages, preparations for roles and parenting.
  • Catherine Benson
    Actual Rating: 4.75The only real reason why I am giving this book this rating is that there was a lot of unnecessary use of inappropriate wording, but other than that it was a great read and I seriously appreciate learning more about Nick Noltes life before and during his acting career.
  • Cheryl
    I won this book on Goodreads. Nick writes about his mixed up life with drugs, alcohol, marriages and an unhappy childhood. He writes details about several of the movies he was in and ones he missed out on. This book would be best for people who are really into Nick Norte and his movies.
  • Joseph M. Tanis
    Terrific read about one of Life’s true “characters”First , I really appreciate Nick Nolte as a fine actor. This is a great read and I recommend it to anyone looking for a vigorous story.
  • Carol
    I really enjoyed this tell-all, warts and all, from this intense actor. The insights into his decisions and mistakes were fascinating and, at times, heartbreaking. A gifted athlete, he fell into acting and made a great career out of it. A terrific ride with a fabulous actor.
  • Tim Hickman
    A really fun read. Nolte is definitely off center, and here he honestly and with humor tells the story of what got him into acting, followed by the journey that led to over 100 roles and a few memorable missteps. Great fun.
  • Karen Malkin
    I enjoyed reading about Nick Nolte . Both his personal and professional life. He seems like a down to earth person and tells it like it is. He has had a fascinating career and I have enjoyed his many movies. Interesting read.
  • Lisa Mcbroom
    Reading Nolte's autobiography was like sitting across from him in a bar. I had such a crush on him in my teen years and reading this I forgot what a good actor he is. Also I love how he parented his children letting them be free spirited and his anti Ritalin crusade.
  • Kimberly
    First page-turner I've read about a real life. I appreciate Nolte's raw honesty which he's managed to make seem like an easy task.
  • Elizabeth Thomas
    Okay read. Nolte was quite a character.
  • Lenny
    Nick describes in an unflinching manner all the ups and downs of his life. Well worth the read!
  • Chris Bradshaw
    Good 👍 readIt was nice to read about this man I relate to his addiction side seen it in his films glad I read this book!
  • Liz
    Good and honest.
  • Kathi
    Whoever wrote this is who I want to be my ghost-writer. Excellent portrayal of a problematic yet philosophical and inspiring, authentic life.