Taking a Chance by Deborah Burrows

Taking a Chance

This historical romance/crime is set in Perth during the Second World War. Nell is an Australian journo, and quite the fashionable lady, and Johnny is a captain with the American Press Corps who has a bit of a shady romantic past.Johnny's ex-lover, Lena Mitrovic, has been convicted of the murder of caddish artist Rick Henzell. Convinced of Lena's innocence, Johnny ropes Nell in to help him find the truth. During their investigation, they uncover ...

Details Taking a Chance

TitleTaking a Chance
Release DateMay 1st, 2013
PublisherPan Macmilan
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Romance, War, World War II, Cultural, Australia, Crime

Reviews Taking a Chance

  • Jenny
    Taking a Chance is a historical crime mystery set in Perth Western Australia during the second world war. Eleanor (Nell) Fitzgerald was fashion writer for Perth Newspaper until one day her boss ask her to cover the murder trial of Lena Mitrovic. However, during the trial of Lena Mitrovic, Nell meets American War Correspond, Johnny Horvath which changed her life forever. Taking a Chance continues to follow the Nell and Johnny investigation into cl...
  • Dale Harcombe
    Four and a half stars.I read A Stranger in my Street the first book by Deborah Burrows and really enjoyed it. That is why I was attracted to this book. The time is 1943. Nell Fitzgerald is unofficially engaged to Rob who is away with the war. Nell writes a fashion column for the newspaper. But she has ambition. As a last resort when others are not available she is sent to cover the murder trial of Lena Mitrovic convicted of murdering her artist l...
  • Lauren K
    4.5 starsTaking a chance is Deborah Burrows second novel set in Perth, Australia during wartime featuring an intriguing crime element. It’s the 1940′s and Nell Fitzgerald is an aspiring journalist, currently working on a fashion column for The Marvel.Nell’s quite content with life, writing her column and awaiting the return of her boyfriend Rob until she meets war correspondent (and her idol) John “Johnny” Horvath at a local murder tria...
  • Marg
    Last year I read and reviewed Deborah Burrows' debut novel A Stranger in My Street. There were numerous things that I enjoyed about the book, not the least of which was the fact that it was set in my home town of Perth during WWII. Once again Burrows has turned to this time frame and setting to give us a story that is a strong combination of history, mystery and romance.Nell Fitzgerald is a journalist who works for one of the more sensationalist ...
  • Steve
    3.5 stars. I enjoyed this book, but to me, it seemed to be trying to be both murder mystery and romance, and doing neither of them well. It certainly focused more on the romance side of things, and that was okay, but I found that side to be rather predictable. The mystery side of the coin was more interesting, and I didn't work out the final reveal, but it was then immediately overshadowed by romance news. I would have preferred a little more res...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    For some reason I had expected that the characters from A Stranger in My Street, Deborah Burrows debut novel, would reappear in Taking a Chance, instead, the author introduces two new protagonists at the center of another mystery in wartime Perth, Australia.In Taking a Chance, twenty four year old journalist, Eleanor "Nell" Fitzgerald, reluctantly becomes involved with a convalescing American war time correspondent's crusade to prove a woman, tri...
  • Paula Clark
    A wonderful historical look at wartime Perth and the influx of American servicemen. A very enjoyable storyline with a bit of intrigue, murder, mystery and of course love.I particularly enjoyed the developing relationship between Johnny and Nell and especially Nell's constant bantering with herself over how it would never work! What can I say about Aunty May - such a wise, perceptive and caring woman. Everyone needs an Aunty May :)
  • Bree T
    It is 1943 in Perth, Australia and Eleanor “Nell” Fitzgerald is a journalist, working for a local rag. She primarily writes the women’s page, providing helpful fashion advice and frugal ways to repurpose old hats in this time of rationing, where money for luxuries is almost non-existent. She plans to marry her lawyer boyfriend as soon as he returns from service, but then everything changes.The court reporter for her paper is away and her bo...
  • Sally Williams
    I really liked this book - 4.5 stars. It was a fascinating excursion into an exciting time in Australia's past. Nell is a fashion and beauty journo who gets involved in solving a murder mystery with a handsome American war correspondent. I enjoyed the mystery aspect, and I didn't guess 'whodunnit'. I thought that the romance was sweet and I loved the descriptions of the fashion of the time. (One reviewer hated this - each to her own, I guess! :-)...
  • Alicia Mikulandra
    I absolutely loved this book. This is the second one iv read by this author and she does not disappoint. I particularly like how her books are set in Perth (my home) so I can really relate to it. I was also pleasantly surprised that in this book the character lived in the exact same street in Shenton park as my grandparents lived. I spent a lot of time there growing up and found the author describes the street exactly as it was. Aside From all th...
  • C.A.
    An interesting look at life in Perth during the 1940's when the American's were here during the WWII. Nice and easy to read, but has lots of interesting characters. Deborah researches the news papers from the time and other historical books about the period to add some historical relevance to fictional piece of work. She even quotes some books and research material in the back of the book for those who are history buffs and want to read more abou...
  • Carolyn Mck
    I obviously chose the wrong books to take on my recent holiday as this is another one I gave away early (after flipping through it to see if it improved). I can't believe writing as shoddy as this actually gets published. If the author used the word 'nice' one more time I thought I would scream. The story (a combination of murder mystery and social history) had some merit but the writer pulled too many strings too obviously and I couldn't get pas...
  • Terri-lee Toni
    A wonderfully mysterious & endearing read. Loved it more than Stranger in My Street. I'm going to miss Nell & Johnny.
  • Jill
    'Taking a Chance' by Deborah Burrows is set in Perth in 1943, focussing on the impact the visiting American servicemen had on the lives of the people and especially young girls during the war. I enjoyed this because Perth is my hometown and I loved the descriptions of the city and its familiar landmarks; my daughter even lives in a street in Shenton Park which is similar to the one featured. Despite the often simplistic writing I enjoyed the diff...
  • Karen
    I LOVED TAKING A CHANCE!!Although I found my family life interrupting my reading time (how rude! LOL!) I have finally found some time to finish reading Taking A Chance.I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable, with twists and turns keeping me guessing until the end.The lead characters of Nell, Johnny, Aunty May and Evie were very likeable, and although from a different era in WA, very relatable.I really enjoyed Deborah's descriptions to be very hear...
  • Jasmine Kazlaūskąs
    I really enjoyed this book all the way through. The romance between Nellie and Johnny kept me intrigued. however, I would have liked more information about the crime mystery side of the story. furthermore I thought the ending was entirely rushed which was disappointing.
  • Tara
    I found this book fairly dull. Some of the historical content seemed unnecessary to the storyline and just got in the way.
  • Alison
    I'm enjoying Deborah Burrows books and look out for the next one. This features wartime Perth and some strong women. A great find.
  • Janine
    A really interesting subject, Perth in war time.
  • FairyMary
    This book is mind numbingly dull. I wish the author had a spent a little more time developing a plot and less time telling us what her heroine was wearing.
  • Ann Tonks
    This type of historical/mystery/romance is normally my style but as it was set in the city I grew up in, I read it with pleasure.