Wolf Hook by Michael Wallace

Wolf Hook

Jim Heydrich is the Canadian-born nephew of one of the most feared men in the Gestapo. When his family returns to Germany just before the war, Jim arrives in the Third Reich as a young, sensitive theater student, both protected by and encumbered by his famous relation. Resisting an invitation to join the Nazis, he instead finds himself a member of an English-language theater troupe working in Occupied Europe. Unbeknownst to Jim, the leaders of th...

Details Wolf Hook

TitleWolf Hook
Release DateApr 6th, 2013
PublisherBalsalom Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, War, World War II, Thriller

Reviews Wolf Hook

  • Stephanie
    Full review to come. Hovering between 2-3 stars, we'll see what it ends up being after I put down my thoughts on it.Full review written 6/23/17:   In this WWII spy book, we have the (fictional) nephew, Jim Heydrich, of the (factual) ruthless Reinhard Heydrich who finds himself caught up in much deeper waters than a simple acting troupe authorized to travel around the Reich performing an English-language play. He is torn with his loyalties to C...
  • Alisa
    Although the book started off a little slow, I quickly found myself wrapped in the adventure. I won't be a spoiler for those of you yet to read it, but Wallace stays very true to the history of the period and it's very easy to believe the story could be a combination of fiction and non fiction. It was a very enjoyable read and I finished in 2 days. I hope there will be more adventures with this cast of characters.
  • Anne
    Intersting supposition using a nephew of Hitler's hangman, Reinhard Heydrich for a hero in a book. It was a very interesting story as a group of actors/spies travel through Germany and Italy while avpiding exposure to the Gestapo and the SS.
  • Sandi
    This is not a genre that I normally read, but I really enjoyed Wolf Hook. It is well written and suspenseful (I can definitely see it as a movie), and I look forward to reading more from this author.
  • Ted Baker
    More than a generalizationThis is a story of considerable detail. With several interesting characters. The plot grew steadily more in grabbing and holding my attention. I was particularly impressed with the character of the local detective and his being recruited into the SS. And his feelings about it. How would he deal with the kind of at atrocities he would be expected to commit. This was the feeling I came away with.
  • Ricky
    Downloaded this for free, so my review may be skewed a bit. But for a free download this book kept me entertained. First chapter was slow, but after that I was intrigued and curious to see what would happen next. If I would have paid for this book I may have knocked it down to 3 stars. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, quick, and easy read!
  • Stephen Shender
    Page-turning thriller Michael Wallace has written an entertaining, edge-of-your-seat, twist-and-turn WWII spy thriller. I read it over a couple of days, but it took me that long only because I had to put my tablet down to sleep and eat.
  • Mike Calabrese
    Not bad for historical fictionI usually read civil war or WW2 history. So this is different that what I normally read. But I'm glad that I did. The plot was plausible and there was good interactions between the characters. This was a good read.
  • Dorothy Mills
    Pay close attentionA good, seemingly accurate account of war times. The difficulty was in keeping up with all the characters and their roles. It was made somewhat easier by the author's recounting of events in the next chapter. A lot of surprises.
  • Marilyn
    WW II spy thrillerInteresting and creative premise...can a German actor performing English plays in Occupied Axis countries during WWII be a spy? Mostly believable, but sometimes I had to check reality at the door.
  • Joseh
    Wolf Hook, something I could not hook up toI thought from the title that this was something to sink my teeth in and enjoy. Not the case, first I would not classify this as a thriller it was too predictable and at times I found myself wondering, not the authors best work
  • Mike Whitehouse
    The chase is on.A novel full of intrigue and action, a chase through Europe by a theatre company who are not what they seem to be, are the pursuers what they appear to be?.
  • Beth McGee
    Enjoyed this account from World War II. What a sad time in our world. This book used some historical figures and fictionalized others to develop an interesting story of sacrifice and of love.
  • Susan
    If you like a mystery with a major war thrown in this is the book to read it great read and has it moments of humor all though very subtle. It spies and gun battles to hold the interest of anyone.
  • David Torr
    EngrossingWell written story with twists and turns to the last page. Once the excitement starts I found it hard to put down.
  • Bobbyk
    A good read A worthwhile read for sitting on the beach The story line was almost believable but thought of an English touring group in Nazi Germany?
  • Sekhar N Banerjee
    Really interesting Even though the beginning of t,he story was rather dull, it started getting enjoyable from the middle of the book . On the whole it was time well spent
  • Crt
    I quite enjoyed this book and read it on my Kindle iPad reader. I
  • barbara conroy
    I like reading a bood based on historical events. This book was very enjoyable. The author kept you guessing all the time as to what would happen next, it was never predictable.
  • Connie
    Book is slow to start, but don't give up once it gets going it's captivating. Great descriptive story telling of WW2. Easy to feel this was a non-fiction read even though it was fiction.
  • Paul Burnette
    Great Suspense! Jim Heydrich doesn’t know where his sympathies lie as his uber-powerful uncle, his German-Canadian family members, and an English-speaking, German-sponsored theater company all vie for his loyalty in the midst of the chaos of Germany and Italy in the first half of World War II. All Jim wants to do is survive, but he would rather do that anywhere but where he finds himself through most of this fast-moving story. From the suspense...
  • Anthony
    I thought this author sounded familiar and recalled that I red his "Red Rooster" several years ago and remembered that it was an okay read. This book too was just okay. It did fill a time when I wanted an easy read and I thought it would be fun but I forgot, I read his Red Rooster. the book was fair to midland and too many language issues as it is evident the author writes with British frames of reference. Fast read but I have to put this author ...
  • Marti
    nook edition I would have given this book four stars, but I noticed some glaring typos such as using roll instead of role, grill instead of grille, and my all time bugaboo--close proximity--redundant--like saying pizza pie. Nitpicking aside, it was an interesting yarn--supposing that Reinhard Heydrich's nephew was touring in Europe with a troupe of actors during World War II. Various actors make up the cast of the two plays--an Oscar Wilde and Ha...
  • Ashley Nudson
    Didn't like itDidn't like itdidn't like it..couldn't stay interested in the story...it was a struggle to get the book finished. I will never read another book by the author
  • Joy
    I like Michael Wallace - he is one of the most versatile authors I read. His books are well-researched and believable.
  • Steve
    Great story line, characters are interesting and believable. Could not put the book down.
  • John Herrmann
    Excellent intrigue!Good characters, nice paving, great dialogue. The story line is good, if a bit trite and a little too perfect. Overall a fun read with decent tension!
  • Patricia
    An excellent thriller, but pay close attention! Sometimes it was easy to lose track of who was on what side!!