クズの本懐 1 [Kuzu no Honkai 1] (Scum's Wish, #1) by Mengo Yokoyari

クズの本懐 1 [Kuzu no Honkai 1] (Scum's Wish, #1)


Details クズの本懐 1 [Kuzu no Honkai 1] (Scum's Wish, #1)

Titleクズの本懐 1 [Kuzu no Honkai 1] (Scum's Wish, #1)
Release DateFeb 19th, 2013
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Seinen, Romance, Drama, Contemporary

Reviews クズの本懐 1 [Kuzu no Honkai 1] (Scum's Wish, #1)

  • Tamara
    1.5 stars (half star given due to complex characters and I'm feeling generous)Read up to chapter 35Status: On-goingGenres: Over the top drama, Too fucked up romance, Mature (my ass)Premise: This is really twisted and fucked up in any angle possible. Shit went from normal love to "potential Yaoi" to "Yuri" so fast. LOL..everybody loves everybody..but no one loves the one who loves him/her..MANGA LOGIC.Warning: If you start this manga one of thes...
  • Inés Izal
    No puedo creer que algo así de retorcido, haya conseguido tener licencia para un anime.
  • Rayen
    I just had to read manga after watching few episodes, because I wanted to know what will happen next. Anyway, after few first chapters in the manga, you can't really say anything about most of the characters, but you can see, there is something in them and personally I would like to know what happened and how will it continue.Beautiful but shy girl fall in love with the most perfect boy in the planet, confesses and guess what, he likes her, secre...
  • Mehsi
    I am also watching the anime and thought I would check out the manga, see if it was different. But I found out that the anime does a goshdarn good job on adapting the manga. :P I will just continue with the anime. Maybe when the series gets licensed in English I will buy it and read it. Pretty good series, though a bit depressing and definitely quite mature at times (plus knowing the anime it will get even more mature).Edit: While writing this I ...
  • Lör K.
    I genuinely have no clue what to think about this manga.It is completely morally wrong, sick and twisted -- incest trigger warning is all I'm going to say -- but at the same time, the whole plot line is so... capturing. No matter how disgusted I felt at times, I just couldn't put it down. The characters have depth, although a lot of it only seems to be their love for other people, forbidden love, but there are points where we see beyond that.I fe...
  • Diana
    Comencé a leer este manga gracias a cierto vídeo en Youtube y debo decir que aunque no esperaba mucho del plot, tampoco fue que me decepcionó lo suficiente como para abandonar esta historia. Estamos acostumbrados a historias con amores imposibles que a medida que avanza la historia empiezan a volverse posibles, muchas veces esas historias involucran personajes cuyas diferencias de edades son grandes pero que aún así en cierto punto de la his...
  • Rida
  • Rosario Rolon
    I know many people are gonna think ,this is your typical romance and stuff based on the cover . I strongly suggest you give this book a chance because it is by far greatly written. Characters are really relatable . When it comes to your crush and someone you love and I mean really love ,it just has to be them no matter what ,taking it from someone who got rejected it is a harsh world . We have Hanabi who's in love with her teacher,and Mugi in lov...
  • Kenny
    Twinning complication of unrequited love replacement strategem.
  • Carmel
    I got to re-read Scum's Wish again and I still love it. I know that a lot of people found this disgusting, but I really love the series' complexity. Scum's Wish is such a twisted tale of unrequited love. Hanabi loves her neighbor/teacher while Mugi loves his tutor/teacher, too. Both of them know they can't ever get what they want. So, they found solace in each other. Scum's Wish is NOT for everyone and you will probably end up NOT liking the main...
  • Esteban
    Easy to follow but way too slowThough the story is non-cliche, it has no unexpected turns nor surprises. That makes it easy to guess and follow. However, it is quite interesting as it deals with real-life issues. 4/5, the fifth star is taken away because the story is way to slow and gets to the point about half way into the book.
  • DJay
    Basically, it's two people who are dating each other but are in love with two other people. So the entire time they are together, they are imagining that the other person is the person they actually like. I won't be continuing this series.
  • Mark Evans
    It’s this versus Domestic Girlfriend for the most messed up relationships in a manga, though I think this one might edge it out. Unhealthy is probably being too kind. I was expecting it to be a lot more lurid given the cover, but that was the most salacious thing about it.
  • Elisabeth
    Messed up Love-Pentagon, or was it Love-Hexagon?
  • Jesica
    Confieso que lo empece por pura curiosidad morbosa Y aunque no entiendo todavia muchas cosas de la historia promete que estara interesante, o por lo menos eso quiero creer.. :P
  • Seobin Baeg
    I think the author is using a dark psychology as a front to add sexual activities. The plot could have been better without it. How typical of Seinen...
  • Keri (JD)
    If you are looking to melt into a dark feeling and reflect on unrequited love this is a great manga for you.Explicit and emotional
  • Sleepy Ash
    not a bad start I think this will probably be something I'll enjoy reading
  • Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
    Oooh it's so twisted!
  • loli_readz
  • Marta
    What can I say... I really like f****d up characters -.-" This looks like a promising honest little shoujou, but I fear it won't live up to my bright expectations
  • Alexandra
    And I have only one simple question: WHY the parents aren't close to these children!?
  • Shadowjac
    Emo trash.
  • Kiddo
    meskipun genrenya itu populer banget, tapi entah kenapa suka sama tokoh-tokoh di sini
  • Banafsheh Esmailzadeh
    Very well written, a nice change of pace from usual love stories.
  • Ruthsic
    Friends with benefits is not really a novel concept but to see it being done in a shoujo-esque setting feels very different. Granted, it is categorized as seinen, but I don't believe in there being girl books and boy books, so there. All I will categorize it as is young adult, and it is intense for that. Reader discretion seriously advised - as this story is a little messed up. Mugi and Hanabi both love other people but since both those people ar...
  • L. Feijóo
    Es un drama romántico basado en amores no correspondidos, tema muy común en este género. Aunque normalmente las historias de este tipo son alegres y con los típicos personajes que se ponen colorados cuando ven o piensan en la persona que les gusta. Aquí se centran más en lo que eso reprensenta para el personaje, el cómo es ver a la persona que quieres siendo féliz con otro y saber que poco puedes hacer para remediarlo, en lo que estás di...
  • Carrie Asagiri
    First of all, I would like to make a disclaimer: this manga is not suitable for everybody. Depending on the reader's sensibilities, moral, and experience, this could be disgusting or at least felt wrong.I'm the kind of reader who knows from personal experiences the kind of relationships depicted in this manga, so I'm not that shocked but it touches some inner buttons anyway.I am not going to talk about the plot because it is something you can rea...
  • Sandra J
    Started in an intriguing way, but it gets somehow annoying at the very near end, specifically the female protagonist. She seems pretty logical and reasonable, only to loose it slightly at the end.
  • Anna N
    very interesting premise, highlighted a very impactful truth. though this story has a lot of potential, and a lot of character growth potential, the characters never seem to learn and break out of this disgusting cycle when they so clearly knew it was wrong and what this "love" was. Characters simply stay in their abusive relationships and honestly who would want to read about people cheating on each other? 3 stars for how good the story was at f...