The Stranger (The Syrena Legacy, #0.4) by Anna Banks

The Stranger (The Syrena Legacy, #0.4)

Free online fiction. Novelette.The Syrena don’t trust many humans. Rachel is one of them. The story of how Galen met her – and how they bonded -- is both exciting and heartbreaking.

Details The Stranger (The Syrena Legacy, #0.4)

TitleThe Stranger (The Syrena Legacy, #0.4)
Release DateJun 18th, 2013
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Mythology, Mermaids, Paranormal, Novella, Short Stories

Reviews The Stranger (The Syrena Legacy, #0.4)

  • Alaina
    I total got The Little Mermaid vibes while reading this book.First, Syrena's and humans don't mix. Second, Syrena's don't save humans.Third, Syrena's don't go up to the surface - ever.SOUNDS A LOT LIKE THE LITTLE MERMAID GUYS!Good thing too because I loved that god damn movie.The Stranger is one of the two prequels to the first book, Of Poseidon, within the Syrena Legacy Series. It features Galen and Rayan, who are twin Syrenas, their best friend...
  • Tarsis
    "La humana de la que se estaban deshaciendo".Este me gustó muchísimo más, más emotivo, más lento. Muestran, como Galen simplemente eligió salvarla, porque no todos los humanos podían ser malo. Y es graciosa su interacción, porque ella era una luz entre tantas costumbres que él no conocía. HAHAHA morí con lo de ponerse las palmas para que ella no confundiera lo de hacer una fogata con que él quisiese aparearse con ella xD
  • Amanda
    The Stranger is for people who......have read Of Poseidon and want more...don't mind a little third person present tense (it still sounds weird to me)...want to see Galen, Rayna, and Toraf as kids...would like to know how Galen met Rachel...don't mind not having Emma in the story...can't get enough of the Of Poseidon worldThe Stranger was a free story I read on Tor's website on July 16, 2013 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.
  • Ruthsic
    The Stranger tells the story of how Galen and Rachel first met.The story takes place when Galen is 13 year old. He saves Rachel from drowning and helps her out. His sister, Rayna and Toraf also come upon them and though they all have a distrustful start, they soon become good friends. Rachel gradually familiarizes them with human life and things. As always, we see Galen and Rayna's hilarious bickering and Toraf's attempts to pacify them. Rachel a...
  • Cynn
    "Ella dice que los humanos tienen un dicho: "La basura de un hombre es el tesoro de otro". Cuando ella le dijo eso, se refería a algunas latas que tenía la intención de reciclar-lo que sea que signifique eso- pero Galen siempre ha aplicado ese dicho a la misma Rachel. Lo que los humanos tiraron resultó ser un tesoro invaluable para él".
  • Asami Uchiha
    3.5 starsThis was really cute, but I was expecting a little more of Galen and Rachel trying to get to know each other and of Rachel answering Galen's questions about the human world.
  • Zoe Tribley
    I liked this short story a lotas we see everyone we love as little youngsters ^^ More to who Rayna is beyond a hard-assAnd the beginning of the relationship between Rachel and Galen.I've always liked Rachel and I think in some way her strong, independent, and witty personality has ... made my mind draw up my own image of her. And whenever she's talking or Emma/Galen are describing her in whatever scene, I always imagine this short feisty chick, w...
  • SoWrongItsRANDI {Bell, Book & Candle}
    Bell, Book & Candle | The Stranger Review This is a novella so don't expect a long review. Although it is a novella, I do wish it was a bit longer than the measly 30 pages it was. Why am I reviewing a super short book? Well, that is quite simple. I'm not sure if I have already said this, but I enjoy reading about each characters' past and background. How did they meet this person? Why did this happen? What were the events that led to the start of...
  • Roos
    It's just a nice addition to the story but not necessary!
  • Tabitha
    I came across this on - This link will take you directly to the post so you can read it. The StrangerIt was a super quick fun read and really gives you a close look at Galen as a youngster. I have to admit I didn't think Rayna's personality quite matched how she is in Of Poseidon and Of Triton but it was an excellent short read. I LOVED the cover art - but Rachel's hair is supposed to be black and that cover though beautiful in its orange...
  • Kari
    **4.5 Stars**Finally! We learn how Galen meets Rachel. It is actually pretty funny seeing Galen this young and this unaware of how the human world works. It just really goes to show how much Rachel really taught him. Of course it is great that Rayna was in there too. And we get to see a little more of her younger personality and her meeting Rachel as well. Fantastic read for Of Poseidon fans. Actually, it is a must read.
  • Jane
    This is hilarious. Reading the comical banter of the syrenas, I couldn't help but wonder, I've found the perfect author (for me, anyway) . And gosh the syrenas are indeed clueless in the language and culture of humans. It was endearing to know more about the characters of the book. (view spoiler)[ Which makes Rachel's death even more tragic. (hide spoiler)]
  • Rachael
    Oh my gosh I loved this one!At first I couldn't remember who Rachel was from Of Poseidon but she was totally my favorite character. This book was the story of Rachel and how she became Galen's human.She's funny and down to earth. She's not freaked out by the crazy mermaid people and has helped them make tons of money. I'm so glad we got to see a peak into her story.
  • Sarah
    2014-12-29 was a cute story about how Galen first met Rachel, I found it a bit difficult to trust her to start with though so I'm not surprised he had issues!
  • Megan Readinginthesunshine
    Rachel I LOVE YOU and you are WONDERFUL. Thank you Anna Banks for writing such a FANTASTIC friend for Galen
  • Nay Denise
    I enjoyed learning more about how Rachel became like family to Galen, Rayna and Toraf. Great novella, but why the heck did they try to kill Rachel?
  • Nancy The book junkie
    Rating: 3.75/5Review coming soon!
  • Paige Erin
    I do not trust this Rachel all.*3-11-15 edit: Well now I feel like a stupid jerk...
  • Melissa
    Awwwwwwwww, I will mis Rachel A LOT!! :'(
  • Vani
    Nada del otro mundo e.e
  • Viola Sung
    Eh...a little too forced if you ask me. After all those years of being a Mob and she just goes and trusts Galen??? Obviously the character was made first and then the background story.
  • Nadia
    That cover is mind boggling.The story's pretty straight forward.
  • Angela
    Loved finally knowing how Galen met Rachel
  • Jennifer
    This was so good, I loved figuring out how Rachel and Galen met! Such a cute little novella.
  • Alice Dalena
    It was nice to read about how Galen and Rachel met, along wiht Toraf and Rayna. It was cute to read about Toraf and Rayna's interactions with each other.Had Galen been a few years older, Rachel might not be able to manipulate him as easily haha.
  • Classie Powell
    CuteRachel’s backstory was very sweet. Just imaging the trio as young Syrenas! Galen is a lot more chill as a kid haha.
  • Elizabeth
    Una historia corta que explica como Galen se fue adentrando en el mundo de los humanos y como salvó a Rachel.
  • Kaitlin Powell
    I loved the depth added to the story when Galen met Rachel. It really gives the dimension needed for all of the characters to be connected. A short, important read for the series!
  • Angelica Lopez
    Read it in about 30 mins. I honestly love this series and miss Rachel a lot!