Mediterranean Diet for Beginners by Callisto Media

Mediterranean Diet for Beginners

Embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle through whole, natural foods prepared with heart. Hailed by The Mayo Clinic as a "heart-healthy diet," the Mediterranean diet is praised as one of the healthiest ways to eat in the world. The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners is your complete guide to understanding this low-fat, nutritious way to optimum health:-Recipes from breakfasts to desserts are sure to please every appetite. Wake up on the Spanish coast w...

Details Mediterranean Diet for Beginners

TitleMediterranean Diet for Beginners
Release DateApr 5th, 2013
PublisherRockridge Press
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews Mediterranean Diet for Beginners

    Good enough to eatAll the ingredients for healthy eating. Recipes look doable. All you need is motivation and a grocery list. Clearing the house of unhealthy foods may cause some anxiety to the clean your plate club, but it is necessary to be able to keep slip ups to a minimum. Manga!
  • Evelyn
    Great meal planning and some interesting recipes.
  • Mellie Woods
    Why have I never looked into this way of eating before? This book is easy and straight forward to read. The recipes are simple and easy to follow. The meal plan looks very doable. This is the way I like to eat and who doesn't like a way of eating that includes red wine. I have read so many different ways of approaching diet and always there is something I must overcome. I love everything about this plan, well except for maybe the sardines. I am s...
  • Millie Russom
    OkI was hopingformore recipes but mostly it was just information on how to eat and tj e benefits from it.
  • Christy Feldhaus
    Thought it was time to look into this.Heard about this diet. I have very broad tastes. This was way to limiting in selection. The price was right for the download, but I doubt I will use this much.
  • Randolph Quebec
    Easy, PeasyThe book is an easy read and provides a great plan for starting this healthy program. I look forward to enjoying the meals.
  • cindy massey
    MediterraneanThis book was an easy read and the recipes are simple and not too hard to make. Great start for eating healthy
  • Joy
    Very helpful!
  • Melissa
    Quick lesson Quick start on a healthier lifestyle. Easy to understand and easy recipes. Would recommend for new beginners. Enjoy and good luck .
  • Carla
  • Gary Carter
    Informative I liked all the different recipes. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to make a change in their eating habits.
  • Ashley Flynn
    Easy and quick read extolling the virtues of this way of eating. The majority of the recipes are ones I will try.
  • Ginny
    Excellent short read. I believe we will be trying this diet.
  • shelley coleman
    easy to understand and simplified The book was short sweet and simple. Recipes are easy to follow. I recommend this starter book for to anyone who is looking to achieve better eating habits and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Linda K Kau
    Great informstionThis book provides all the information I needed to start eating the Mediterranean diet way. I love the recipes and they are easy to prepare.
  • Barbara Smith
    Very straight forward and easy to follow. Great for those wanting to get an idea on how this plan works
  • Kathy Dee
    Basic information provided easy recipes for a week. Basic information only. good reference list if more detailed information is desired. Will try a few of therecipes
  • Katie
    This is more an expanded magazine article than a book. I wanted more information, recipes.
  • Sandy
    Great ideas on how to eat healthy.
  • Trish
    This is a great intro book about the mediterranean diet. It isn't really a diet, it is a life style. The recipes that are included in the book sound super yummy.
  • Dianne
    As a newbie to the Mediterranean Diet, I really liked this book. Very simple with tips and recipes that I will actually use. Had a lot of useful information.