Nikola Tesla by Sean Patrick

Nikola Tesla

If you want to learn about one of history’s most fascinating minds and uncover some of his secrets of imagination—secrets that enabled him to invent machines light years ahead of his time and literally bring light to the world—then you want to read this book.Imagination amplifies and colors every other element of genius, and unlocks our potential for understanding and ability. It’s no coincidence that geniuses not only dare to dream of th...

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TitleNikola Tesla
Release DateApr 9th, 2013
PublisherOculus Publishers
GenreBiography, Nonfiction, History, Science

Reviews Nikola Tesla

  • Sid
    If you are stubborn enough to find your adventure;you have to be mulish enough to imagine that you can accomplish something more than the normal folks; you have to be persistent enough to keep on going through the path of your dreams even when everyone calls you a fool; you have to be pig-headed enough to deny the denial of others about you and you have to be strong willed enough to carve out opportunities to fulfill your goals.And to light you e...
  • Kyle
    Worthless self-help drivel packaged up to look like a biography of a great scientist. I could do a similar thing and write a "biography" of a historical politician by pasting How to Win Friends and Influence People on the pages within. To hide the fact I created a sham I might provide around 3 pages of biography scattered within; the first website I find on the internet would be the obvious source for such important historical information regardi...
  • Hirdesh
    Exceptionally well book about Greatest Experimental Scientist of the World.I've enjoyed the book thoroughly.
  • Troy Blackford
    This book gets dinged for being a succinct biography of Tesla wrapped in a loaf of self-help tinged ruminations on 'genius.' But it is a quick read and an interesting one, regardless.Nearly a third of the book goes by before mentioning Tesla, and the first twenty percent of it is essentially a summarization of thoughts from Malcolm Gladwell. The last fourteen percent of the book is information about the author's other books.But the ruminations on...
  • Jessaka
    After reading reviews on "Hillbilly Elegy" I thought of this book and wanted to re-read parts of it to make a review, to try to counteract the falsehoods displayed in the Elegy book.Here are some quotes:"There are millions of people that work incredibly hard yet have little success to show for it. Is ten thousand hours too simple of a prescription for greatness?Yes, it overlooks another aspect of great achievement that cannot be ignored: opportun...
  • Tania
    I agree with the reviewer who points out that this is not a full biography of Tesla, and I too thought that it would be when I started reading. That did not take away from my enjoyment of the book, though. Nikola Tesla is a fascinating man, and his accomplishements were many (and often misattributed). This book provides an overview of Tesla and what he accomplished, as well as an in-depth analysis of why he didn't accomplish more. It goes one ste...
  • Laura
    What a waste of time!!First of all, the author makes an introduction showing some "hints"about IQ and imagination. So what?By following, he writes a very abridged report of Tesla's scientific accomplishments without making any kind of reference.And then he claims that it was Tesla who discovered the X rays and not Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen!!! Perhaps the author never ever heard about the The Nobel Prize of Physics in 1901 which was awarded by the R...
  • Nada Khaled
    TESLA! What a great scientist are you !!This book showed me how great was this man, and how he suffered to make something useful to the world, and how he was offended by the most two powerful men at that time (J.P Morgan, the richest financier at that time,, and Edison, that great scientist and the discoverer of the direct current) and how cruel and evil was Edison with him, because his ideas were much better than him and were going to make his d...
  • Yousif Al Zeera
    As mentioned in a lot of reviews, the first third of the book is nothing about Tesla but rather some nice discussion and summary on the 10,000 rule. But I have to say that the Tesla part is good. I mean maybe not great but a very good way to be introduced to this incredible guy. I liked how the author mentioned the intricacies of Tesla's relationship with key people at the time (Thomas Edison and JP Morgan). P.S. You may start hating Edison after...
  • Kel
    Firstly, if you are considering reading this book because you want to know about the life and works of Nikola Tesla then I suggest you go to wikipedia instead. This book offers no real insight or narrative on Tesla's life. It's basically a bullet-point chronology of Tesla's life with a few extra words thrown in.I was looking for a book about Nikola Tesla, instead what I got was a three part book that barely did more than chronologise Tesla's inve...
  • Nick Kives
    Free ebook from Amazon that I have had laying around forever. It takes about 1/4 of the book before it even mentions Tesla. The stuff about Tesla is easily found anywhere else.
  • Iva
    Nikola Tesla was born in my country Croatia so I wanted to know more about his life, that's why I started reading this book, I thought it was a biography and the parts about his life were interesting (hence the 3 stars), as for the rest it didn't impress me much.Da se razumijemo ovo nije biografija nego je "self help nesto maskirano u biografiju", a ja sam bila lakovjerna pa sam nasjela na Amazonu i skinula si na Kindle jer se reklamira kao Tesli...
  • Kelly
    Probably more 3.5. It is very much a self help book but I think it's good because it does make you feel like you can be a genius too if you unleash your imagination and creativity. I didn't know much about Tesla and if it was just a book solely on him, this book would have had a 4.5/5 from me because it gives a great insight into his life, his drive, his passion and his work. It is a very interesting and quick read.
  • Eric
    What a wonderful surprise! Sean Patrick has written a book here that everyone should read. You will be inspired. Read it and inspire your children. If you are a teacher, read it and inspire your students.Admittedly, this book is more about what drives a genius and their imagination then it is a book about Tesla. If you want an in depth study of the life of Tesla, get another book. (You shouldn't expect any book to be in depth at just a little ove...
  • Liz
    To someone with non-scientific interest this short book should be a must read. It gives an easy-read of Tesla's life and achievements, of what he had to endure and proves the assumptions that money and power make men evil. If Tesla wouldn't have "fallen into the trap" of J.P Morgan so many times I believe the world would be a totally different place. It is also an inspirational read, so I do recommend.
  • Doug
    A very short, quick read! Actually felt more like a college paper than a book. Not that the writing was bad, or that the material was fragmented. It was more from the standpoint of roughly the first one-third of the book was what I would term as "the introduction". I say that because it had virtually nothing to do with Tesla, and in fact had little to no reference of him.The middle of the book, dealt with Tesla ... mostly just touching the high n...
  • Quỳnh Ngọc
    Sách mỏng mà truyền cảm hứng vô tận!bị ấn tượng ngay từ những dòng đầu bởi câu hỏi mà tác giả đặt ra về mối liên hệ giữa IQ với thành công và rất nhiều thực tế được dẫn ra. đoạn kết là sự tiếp nối truyền cảm hứng từ phần đầu của tác. mô tả ngắn gọn cách để bạn đạt được sức sáng tạo vô biên và điên rồi như Tesla!thực t...
  • Megha
    The book should have been named 'The Life of Nikola Tesla in Two Minutes'. Only a third of this book is really about Tesla - the rest is about creativity and genius (blah!) Even the bit about Tesla reads like a list of his inventions and discoveries, failing to give much insight into the man's life. I would recommend skipping the book and reading the Wikipedia article on Tesla instead, which by the way is much more informative!
  • Paul Ataua
    It is kind of amazing that this ever into print. It is really short at 46 pages and really boils down to a very shallow piece on the life and work of Tesla sandwiched between an equally shallow introduction on the concept of genius and another shallow piece on creativity that finishes the book off. Nothing much to say. There are some interesting things though none are really explored in depth. Sad to say that its most positive attribute was its l...
  • Sara Aouichi
    this is brilliante ^^enjoyed every second of it and got me thinking
  • Nalam V
    It is a very small and nice book and it was the first book I read. It is very nice, it's motivating as well as have a good story line. It's a good, short and brief view of his life.
  • Amanda--A Scientist Reads
    Judging from the title, you would guess this short story is going to provide a succinct testament of the life of the brilliant and sometimes tragic Nikola Tesla, but you're unfortunately incorrect. The first 30% of this novel deals with sports metaphors, and general references to intelligence without any documentation for the claims made. The claims without substantiation continues through the entirety of this incredibly short work. From there we...
  • Espartaco
    Although is a $0 short book, is not the book I was thinking on. I'd not recomend it.This is merely a self-help book on biography disguise. The facts about Tesla are correct, but has no references, must I believe on it only because Mr. Patrick says so?BTW, I think this "biography" is way better than this book:
  • Mahira
    5 stars because why not? This book was concise, excellently written and gave me quite a few shocks. After reading this I have established that Nikola Tesla is the most discredited genius by all means. From AC Current to flourscent bulbs and X-rays to radio patents all were discovered and invented by Tesla. WHAT? What the heck are we being taught at school then? This whole education system seems to be under conspiratorial shade. This book showed t...
  • Martina Pavic
    Nikola Tesla was my compatriot born in one small village in Croatian region Lika. There, in local rivers, he got his first inspirations for utilising electricity from water streams in hidro and nuclear powerplants, what he will later do in the USA. Okay, he was not the first one in history who got that idea. Windmills existed in Europe centuries before but his revolutionary ideas really made him the man who invented 20th century and we are still ...
  • Mary Mojica
    An amazing life. I wanted more.
  • PolicemanPrawn
    This is a very short biography of Nikola Tesla, covering his inventions and discoveries, his attempts to implement his vision, and the sad ways of how he was exploited. Tesla, although a genius at what he did, seemed like a very naive person (even stupid outside of engineering thing) who was very vulnerable to exploitation. He was taken advantage of many times in his life, even multiple times by the same person. Overall, this was an interesting a...
  • Anantha Narayanan
    The book is more of motivational "subject" than revealing life of Nikola Tesla. Neverthless a good book to read for an hour or so.
  • Moon Rose
    Great men and women proliferated the world since the antiquities as history bore witness to humanity's evolving rise of consciousness, tapping the sheer power of the Universe to physically create and profoundly discover its hidden mysteries that gradually and radically change the world into the world as we know it. Yet, many of these great men and women stayed in the sidelines, forgotten by history and obliterated by time as if ruled out by the i...