This Time Tomorrow (The Searight Saga, #1) by Rupert Colley

This Time Tomorrow (The Searight Saga, #1)

1915. Two brothers. One woman. A nation at war.A compelling story of war, brotherly love, passion and betrayal. Vast in scope and intimate in the portrayal of three lives swept along by circumstances, This Time Tomorrow moves from the drawing rooms of Edwardian London to the trenches of the Western Front and to the uncertainty of post-war Britain. When Guy Searight volunteers to fight with the British army in the early days of the Great War, he l...

Details This Time Tomorrow (The Searight Saga, #1)

TitleThis Time Tomorrow (The Searight Saga, #1)
Release DateMay 1st, 2013
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, War, World War I, Literature, 20th Century, Drama, Fiction, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews This Time Tomorrow (The Searight Saga, #1)

  • Kathryn
    This Time Tomorrow is historical fiction involving two brothers and a girl they both love set in the midst of the British experience of the First World War and its aftermath.Colley, founder of the History-in-an-Hour Harper Collins series, is able to keep the reader interested in his characters as we follow them through their various war-related experiences. The descriptions of trench warfare are particularly heart-stopping.There was one scene tha...
  • Erin
    Find this and other reviews at: http://flashlightcommentary.blogspot....Rupert Colley's This Time Tomorrow was in impulse buy. I love war era fiction and despite its similarity to Private Peaceful, I thought the romantic story line had potential. The novel had a number of good reviews and I was genuinely optimistic going in which is probably why I fell so hard when the execution proved impossibly disappointing. Several reviews cited intense emoti...
  • Mike Hyman
    Rupert Colley normally writes non-fiction for the History In An Hour series. But here, for the second time, he turns his hand to fiction. While I thought his first novel, My Brother the Enemy, was excellent, this is perhaps even better. The story begins during the First World War in 1915 and takes us through to 1926. It starts and finishes in a railway station, which I thought was a nice touch. The main characters, brothers Guy and Jack Searight,...
  • Tony Parsons
    Timeline 1914-1929 (WWI). Guy Searight (British Army) was at the Charing Cross train station saying goodbye to Mary (Guy’s GF), Arthur Searight (dad), Edith Searight (mother) & Jack Searight (Guy’s younger son/brother). As were all the other young men who were off to fight for their country in a war they knew nothing really about. 9/1916, Charlton, England. Guy was home at last.The bad news is Jack (18) had joined the Essex Regiment, & Edith ...
  • Elsbeth
    Despite taking place during one of the most awful times during human history (and we've had quite a few), it is not a depressing book. Of course, the time the brothers spend in the trenches, is shocking and it touches the reader to the heart. But not in a bad way. I don't think I'll forget Jack, Guy and Mary anytime soon.It was well written, I just couldn't stop reading!
  • Netanella
    First paragraph: If there was ever a time to feel nervous, thought Guy, fiddling with the straps of his haversack, this was it. The horse-drawn taxi ride seemed to take an age reaching Charing Cross, while his mind spun constantly with excitement and anticipation. They’d all sat in silence; his father, sporting a black suit, chumping on his pipe, wore an expression of resolute self-restraint, his mother and Mary one of foreboding. Only Jack, hi...
  • Lia
    Great book Waiting for the next one!!
  • Eveie Hickman
    This book details the story of a family in World War One . Both of the sons sign up for the war and have each other’s backs, in fact Jack saved his brother Guy from dying in no mans land. Then on manoeuvres later he is deemed a deserter and is court-martialled and shot.The family left behind has to suffer the indignity and shame , despite their other son Guy being a hero. This was a good book and detailed the trials and tribulations that were f...
  • Dawn
    This felt terribly rushed. There was so much potential for real complexity, but I never felt like I was reading about real people. Arguments ended too quickly. Everyone was too reasonable. People did stupid things and caused each other pain and then acted ridiculously callously, but were wholly forgiven.I also felt far too much modern psychology in the behavior of the characters, and the language was an odd mix of archaic and modern.The wartime s...
  • Rosi
    This story was compelling and the tension between the three main characters was high. The description of the battles (WWI) and the human damage inflicted were a little too realistic for me. The ending was not satisfactory ; just too abrupt.
  • Billie Kretzschmar
    UnforgettableThis book of two brothers, war and Mary is unforgettable. Each and every character is major to the story and how war affected each of their lives.
  • Jennabeth
    While the story was marginally compelling, the writing was clunky. It was completely distracting and I found myself skimming a lot of redundant language. Tons of absolutes and repeats.
  • Margarita Morris
    I found myself drawn into this story of two brothers going off to fight in World War One and there were places in the story when I welled up with tears, something which doesn't happen very often.
  • Rebecca
    Realistic portrayal of WWI events through the lives, loves and losses of a family.
  • Ashley
    This Time Tomorrow has everything I love in a novel – history, war and romance. This book has been waiting review for far too long and that it took so long for me to pick it up is now one of my literary regrets. While it is not a “perfect” novel it fully captured my attention and I found the tale gripping. On the surface it’s a story that has been told before, it is 1915, the nation is at war and two brothers are fighting for the love of ...
  • Rosemary Hughes
    This book represents the 'War to end all wars' and is a story of a family whose two sons volunteered and ended in a man made hell. One brother saves the other when he is shot during a mission, which left him lying in what was termed "no man's land": the strip of land between the trenches.This story also tells about the women who were left waiting for their men to come back to them and hoe, over the prolonged period of time, not all remained faith...
  • Lisa Senftleben
    Colley digs into the heartache (and danger) of soldiers leaving their loved ones to go off and fight in the trenches. He also touches, quite vividly, on the gory and unforgiving reality of life in the trenches. In fact, the latter is depicted so well that I feel the love story is almost unnecessary and I would have preferred it to be left out entirely. It has a very unpolished feel to it, and some of the narration is a bit redundant at times. The...
  • Sinead Fitzgibbon
    ‘This Time Tomorrow’ is Rupert Colley’s second foray into historical fiction, his first being the novella, ‘My Brother the Enemy’ - a book I enjoyed so much, I was a little worried this one wouldn’t quite match up.Oh me of little faith! Far from being inferior, this is, if anything, even better than its predecessor. While both books are a testament to the author’s talent for drawing believable characters, the fact that 'This Time To...
  • Jane
    This book was sent to me by to review.In this centenary year of the outbreak of World War 1, this made this book published in this year even more poignant.This is a well written and well researched story of two brothers Guy and Jack and their different experiences of the horrors of war. The story line is good and there are twists too,just when the reader thinks they know the story it takes a different angle.This was extremely...
  • DustyPages
    I recently read the first novel by this author and loved it, so couldn't wait to try this. I was not disappointed. The characters were so well drawn both believably flawed and heroic. Some of the actions carried out by one of the characters really highlighted the immaturity and naivety of those young men who so readily rushed to enlist - very cleverly done.Caring about what happened to those in the story took me on an immense journey bringing hom...
  • Sandy
    The story line sounded like it would be good - WWI setting, two brothers in love with the same girl, the trauma of returning to life after the trenches... But the author just didn't pull it off for me. The characters and the emotion all fell flat. There was a lot of dialog, and it did not seem natural - I couldn't imagine men in the trenches would use a word like "gosh" and even though there were lots of situations screaming for emotion, I didn't...
  • Cathy Geha
    Set in the early 20th century during WWI this story has the grit and horror of war juxtaposed with the story of two brothers that fall in love with the same woman. It was interesting to read how many young men were actually shot by the British army due to “desertion-cowardice” and for that reason alone this book holds merit. There was nothing that was new in this story but it was well written and entertaining and that is how I decided to give...
  • Kathy DeShong
    This is good story, well developed,maybe not the ending I wanted, but a strong ending, just the same. The story takes place prior to WWII, when two brothers volunteered for military duty, the younger brother following his older brother. It was an emotional story with twists and turns I didn't anticipate.
  • Debbie
    I loved this story about the vastly different experiences two brothers who served in the grisly trench warfare of WWI. I felt so bad that they both fell in love with the same woman and that she had no loyalties except to herself. I wish there would be a sequel to see how the characters' lives unfold during the years after the war. This was an excellent read. I give it 5 stars.
  • Betty
    Novel of WWI. Brothers end up in the same unit. They love the same girl. Elder brother severely wounded. Realistic descriptions of battle and boredom in the trenches. I don't know much about WWI, but this is gritty. Worth the read.
  • Katie
    This book was just weird. The plot was minimal and some of the characters' actions were just inexplicable. There was potential, but very little development.There were also numerous issues with word usage, spelling, and translations (some of the French was incorrect).
  • Caro
    3.5i liked the first half and the rest was okay. it was enjoyable and im happy i took the time to read it
  • Hope
    Enjoyed the story and the characters. Will read more by this author
  • Corinne Driscoll
    Not crazy about the ending. Got a little nonsensical.