Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger? by Sherry F. Colb

Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger?

For vegans and non-vegans alike! A highly readable, witty, original, and provocative book.What about plants? Don't animals eat other animals? There are no perfect vegans, so why bother? If you're vegan, how many times have you been asked these, and other similarly challenging, questions from non-vegans? Using humor and reason, Sherry F. Colb takes these questions at face value and also delves deeply into the motivations behind them, coming up wit...

Details Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger?

TitleMind if I Order the Cheeseburger?
Release DateJun 18th, 2013
PublisherLantern Books
GenreFood and Drink, Vegan, Nonfiction, Food, Philosophy, Environment, Sustainability

Reviews Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger?

  • Peacegal
    Has this ever happened: You sit down for dinner with a group of friends, coworkers, or family members. Suddenly someone notices you have no meat on your plate and comments on it. “Well, I’m vegan/vegetarian,” you cautiously explain. And then the folks around you let loose with a torrent of “How do you get your protein? What do you eat? I could never do that! Plants are living things too! Did you hear about PETA’s latest stunt? But the B...
  • Jennifer Greene
    This book surprised me—in a good way. What was I expecting? From the title, I thought it might be a light romp. I should have realized that the author, a Cornell law professor, has listened carefully and thought deeply about the questions people frequently ask vegans. The result is a book impressive for both its depth and clarity.This is the first time I've read a clear explanation why it is consistent for someone to be vegan when it comes to a...
  • Foppe
    Excellent book, a must-read for anyone interested in vegan advocacy, or who's interested in better understanding the reasons for living vegan / eschewing all animal use on principled grounds. Nitpick: while I very much appreciate Colb's desire and efforts to take her interlocutor seriously, by being as charitable as possible in constructing their arguments for them, and responding to it, I would suggest focusing less on the words, and more on the...
  • Nikki
    First of all, Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger is not meant to entertain in any way, despite the misleading title. Yes, as a vegan you will be asked that question but I personally felt using it as the title of the book alluded to some sort of humor on the author's part. It did not. What you find within the pages of this book is a fairly thorough summary of why one would/should be vegan in the format of questions commonly aimed at vegans. As a lon...
  • Jeffrey Cohan
    Part of becoming a vegan is learning how to cook delicious vegan dishes. And for that, there are literally hundreds of recipe books to help you.But another part of becoming a vegan is learning how to respond to the multitude of questions, and even challenges, that friends, co-workers and family members will throw at you. For that, there have been precious few books to help you, which makes this one an unusually important addition to your vegan bo...
  • Dustin Galindo
    Should you consume less animal flesh/secretions? Probably.Should you read this book? No.
  • Andreas Thaler
    This is a very good book, well and compassionately written, and full of important and correct information.It is helpful for vegans and non-vegans alike to understand the problems associated with a non-vegan lifestyle and the ways to resolve them. I would add that it is especially helpful for vegans who care about educating their fellow citizens about the advantages of a vegan lifestyle in a friendly and informative way.People have asked me "What ...
  • Chris Sosa
    No matter how you feel about animal rights, read this book. It's a masterclass in persuasive argument for a mainstream audience. Anyone interested in the discussion of personal ethics will be engaged and challenged.For those specifically interested in animal rights, this is the best introduction to the subject I've ever read. I cannot recommend it more highly. Sherry Colb presents a warm and thorough exploration of the issues, sidestepping the ov...
  • Sarah Hack
    I truly think this is a must-read for anyone interested in food, in animals, in the environment, in health, in ethics, in rights-issues, or in the law... Does that leave anyone out?! And of course it's a must-read for vegans. As a vegan, I wish I could memorize entire paragraphs to be able to respond to vegan-related questions with the intelligence and nuance and humor that Sherry Colb has. This book is so thorough, thought-provoking and and wide...
  • Jenny
    This book is incredibly well researched and thought-provoking. I would consider myself a seasoned vegan, and even so, Colb poses topics and questions that I have yet to even consider myself (for example, how can you be for abortion but against the killing of animals?). The author draws on comparisons and analogies to proves her points, but they work incredibly well and help the reader to think of the use of animals in our everyday culture in a di...
  • Madeleine
    This was an excellent, concise discussion of many of the most common questions that people who consume animals ask those who don't, with respectful, thoughtful responses to each. An important read for vegans and non-vegans alike.
  • Melissa Da Costa
    This book is the most important thing I've read in my life, and the best Christmas present I've received since I was seven.
  • Diane
    Interesting food for thought. I had a hard time with some of the comparisons. To me there was a lot of apples vs. oranges. Still, the author introduced topics I wouldn't have ever thought of.
  • Carol Cox
    Very intelligent reasoning about common questions vegans are asked.
  • Emma Peel
    Preachy and patronising I am afraid; had hoped for a more practical conversation guide as a vegan navigating an omnivore world.
  • karen Colman
    Informativea lot of great answers as to why be vegan. I have a better knowledge of veganism and I am prepared to answer questions about my decision to non vegans
  • Gregory
    She does a great job of thoroughly addressing many of the questions that people ask vegans.
  • Amy
    This has been the most impactful book on my thoughts about food since "Eating Animals," which I read about 10 years ago. Some of Colb's arguments/analogies didn't resonate with me and I skimmed a few chapters that were less compelling to my personal questions/curiosities, but overall it was the most clear, thoughtful, intelligent, rational, and well-written book I've read on this topic so far. Books that uncover the deeply sad and disturbing thin...
  • Ingrid
    I really wanted to like this book, but unfortunately I can't say it lived up to my expectations. The questions asked are well picked and listening to another persons reasoning was without a doubt interesting, especially as her reasons for being a vegan differs from my own. She gives long and detailed answers based on her own views and experiences, but it comes off as quite preachy most of the time. Her focus on gory details and emotions to spread...
  • Wendy
    If you're seeking a philosophical explanation as to why people might be vegan vs. vegetarian or "plant-based" eaters, this is the book to read. The author uses numerous analogies to explain her points, and some of them are a little disturbing. I'm glad I read it, but I wouldn't revisit it. The book that I found has the most convincing argument for being vegan would be Colleen Patrick Goudreau's On Being Vegan. For nutrition information, you can't...
  • Erin
    What I liked most about Colb's writing is how balanced and unpretentious she is. I've read other books about veganism where authors have come off as haughty and arrogant, even when I fundamentally agree with a lot of what they're saying. It's a difficult subject to write about but Colb handles it with tact and logic which is really all you need with this kind of contentious debate. I NEEDED and appreciated the chapter on abortion. Excellent work.
  • Ismelina
    Well written and thoroughly researched, this book will enlighten non-vegans as to why vegans do what they do and also enable vegans to understand better and explain their ethical stand to others who are trying to understand. This book will also help those who are curious on becoming vegan but can't wrap their head on other concepts. Finishing this book enabled me to strengthen my knowledge and articulately wrote what ive been feeling and thinking...
  • Ali
    This is an amazing and informative book. Sherry Colb has backup to every statement that she makes. As an ethical vegan it was hard for me to finish because almost every page made me want to cry. Because I believe the torture animals go through to be on human's plates, in their cosmetics, clothing etc. is wrong. Would advise everyone to read it.
  • Ari
    Highly clear writing style. Answered all my objections to veganism. Helped make my eating decision final.
  • Zann
    At times riveting, at time difficult to read, this book took me quite a while to get through, mostly because I was digesting all the material! I expected this book, because of the title, to be somewhat humorous, but it certainly was not that!There were a couple of chapters that didn't resonate with me…to be more blunt, I didn't agree with the author's reasoning, but hey, it's her book and I still learned something even if I didn't agree with it...
  • Jonathan
    Does a good job answering common questions people ask vegansThe explanations are for the most part fairly complete and persuasive but there are a few flaws. For instance, some of the analogies were more complicated than necessary and the author assumed that the reader doesn't hunt or fish. I still recommend this book to people looking for a light read on the subject of veganism.
  • Bob Stocker
    I've been eating mostly vegan for more than a year. Recently, I started attending a vegan book club. Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger? And Other Questions People Ask Vegans by Sherry F. Colb was the selection for the September 2016 meeting. I don't feel as strongly about veganism as Colb or most other members of the club. However, Colb's careful research and persuasive, digestible arguments do provide outstanding food for thought. I'd recommend t...
  • Sarah
    Colb offers well-constructed arguments for some of the most common (and annoying) questions people ask vegans. I want to miniaturize her and carry her around in my pocket to do all my arguing. It's pretty obvious that she's a lawyer from her writing and reasoning style. She lost me occasionally in her efforts to consider issues from a variety of angles, but overall she provides plenty of good answers for curious interrogators.
  • Kate Lawrence
    I had thought this would just be a rehash of answers and ideas I'd already heard, but was pleasantly surprised to find much more here. Colb has a thorough, penetrating mind, exploring new and intriguing responses to the typical vegan questions. I'll be thinking about her ideas for some time to come.
  • Dallas Rising
    I really enjoyed reading this smart, no-nonesense, critical collection of responses to some of the most common arguments against or objections to veganism. The logic is spot on, but there is little to no talk about the social complexities of such dialog. It's really great for what it is, though.