To Tame a Cowboy (Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Missing Mogul #5) by Jules Bennett

To Tame a Cowboy (Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Missing Mogul #5)

A Texas Cattleman's Club tale of best friends falling in love Royal, Texas, is the perfect place for rodeo star Ryan Grant to slow down and finally show Piper Kindred she's the woman for him. When an accident sends Piper rushing to take care of him, her sexy bedside manner suggests to Ryan that seducing his best friend will be easier than he'd expected. But Piper knows the lure of the rodeo circuit—and the risk of a broken heart, when Ryan real...

Details To Tame a Cowboy (Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Missing Mogul #5)

TitleTo Tame a Cowboy (Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Missing Mogul #5)
Release DateNov 5th, 2013
GenreHarlequin, Harlequin Desire, Category Romance, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Westerns, Contemporary

Reviews To Tame a Cowboy (Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Missing Mogul #5)

  • Susan
    This is a terrific friends to lovers story. Piper and Ryan have been best friends since she punched him in the nose in third grade. Ryan has had a great career as a rodeo star but now he's ready to move on. He is planning to open a rodeo school there in Royal. He's also ready to show Piper that he wants to be more than just friends. When he gets a concussion in an accident Piper rushes to take care of him. She feels the same attraction but doesn'...
  • Renee Entress
    4.5 Star Review – To Tame A Cowboy (Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul #5)I recommend this book.Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul # 5I enjoyed this book by Jules. This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, pain, and betrayal.If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books first from “Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul” series.Rumor Has It by Maureen ChildDeep in a Texan's Heart by Sara OrwigSom...
  • Lisa
    This is part of a series but i don't think you need to read the previous books to enjoy this one. For me this is the only one i have read so far. That being said this was a great fast paced read. Ryan Grant befriended Piper Kindred when they were kids in the school yard. Piper's dad was a big rodeo star who eventually abandoned his family and sparked Piper's mistrust of rodeo cowboys. Just so happens in their grown up lives that's just what Ryan ...
  • Mary
    Another amazing read from Jules.This book is part of a series, so to have the full picture, I would suggest starting with book 1. That being said, the story between Piper and Ryan is a nice solid read. Piper and Ryan have been friends for years and Ryan has decided that Piper and he would make a good couple. Piper, on the other hand, doesn't want to ruin the friendship that they've had for so long if the romance doesn't work. It takes some time a...
  • Amy
    This is the first book I have read by Jules Bennett and I must say I loved it. Ryan and Piper's story is that of a real true love. They have been friends since grade school and Ryan had decided he wants to take their friendship to the next level. Piper is hesitant, you can feel she really wants it, but her own history has her scared. Jules writing had me pulled in from the beginning and I could feel the emotions through the whole bo...
  • Cindy Hamilton
    Another great book by Jules Bennett!!All I can say is To Tame a Cowboy by Jules Bennett is one fantastic book! To Tame a Cowboy is part of the Texas Cattleman's Club series by various authors. Although I haven't read any other book in this series, I can honestly say this book by Jules Bennett is worth reading! This is a story about two people who have been best friends since they were kids at school. Piper Kindred was gettingpicked on in school a...
  • Andrea Lovette
    Piper and Ryan are life long friends who have to decide if taking that next step in their relationship will be a good thing or lead to trouble. Piper is a strong woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it done, but is also playful and endearing at times. Ryan is the hunky cowboy who you can't help but fall in love with! It has the right amount of heat factor that doesn't leave you feeling like there should be more. Jules Bennett does a g...
  • Jessica Lemmon
    Sexy cowboy and a feisty, stubborn heroine. Great read! :)
  • Romancing the Book
    Reviewed by JulieBook provided by Jules BennettReview originally posted at Romancing the BookOne of the best romance tropes is friends to lovers. I fall for it every time, so I enjoyed this short and sassy story centered around Texas towns, ranches and rodeo cowboys.Piper and Ryan have been best friends since the third grade, but now they are all grown up and have carved out successful, but separate lives. However, Ryan has decided it was time to...
  • Lisa Bald (Gogel)
    The writing is full of tropes and bluntly states personality traits repeatedly rather than subtly revealing them to the reader. Not a great read, but almost corny enough to make it a cult-classic. I was laughing at it for most of the read through. I can't even recommend this as a good easy read romance because even for a western romance it is overstated and a bit ridiculous. 1 star for making me laugh.
  • Sapphira
    Una amistad de muchos años, vidas separadas pero que siempre se han mantenido en contacto y con mucho cariño que llega a convertirse en amor con muy poco, ya que estaba solo a un paso simplemente aceptando los sentimientos que se sienten por el otro. Un romance bonito que nació de una amistad bonita... Un vaquero y una enfermera 💖
  • Rachel
    I LOVED this one! A sweet friends to lovers story where the two took their time to fall in love.
  • Aisha
    De tooooda la serie, hasta ahora, esta es la mejor novela.Para comenzar, está bien escrita, tiene escenas creíbles y divertidas, un ritmo fluído y se lee rápido. Si bien parece larga a veces, no resulta aburrida. También creo que se dilató mucho el momento en que Piper y Ryan tuvieron sexo, pero con los tanteos entre ellos, fue muy acertado ya que se fue aumentando en intensidad conforme transcurre la trama y no fue de sopetón. Aparte de e...
  • Yazmin
    In To Tame A Cowboy by Jules Bennett, Ryan Grant and Piper Kindred have been best friends since the third grade, from the moment she punched him in the nose. Now Ryan has a great career as a rodeo star, but he needs more and is now ready to move on. He wants to open a rodeo school in Royal, Texas and show Piper that he wants to be more than just friends. Unfortunately, Ryan suffered an accident and got a concussion. Lucky for him, Piper rushes to...
  • Lita
    This is part of a series (Texas Cattleman), but you do not have to read in order as the book can stand on its own. (I have not read the others in the series.) This was a fun and easy read!I really enjoyed the story, and the friend to lover aspect was handled well and is one of the best I have read in a long time. (Normally I am not a fan of this storyline, but the author handled well.) The heroine Piper is very independent and wants to do things ...
  • Clarke
    3.1 Stars. Public Library 12/14/14. Friends to lovers story. It's not a long book and it's part of a series so you might want to read the other books first. I read this one as a standalone but quite a bit of time is spent talking about Alex and Cara. All the talk about the other characters and incidents took away from Ryan and Piper. The little bit of drama was disappointing and predictable. The writing isn't bad so I might try some of her other ...
  • Mary
    Ryan and Piper have been best friends ever since she socked him in the nose in elementary school. They've always understood each other. Piper is proud of Ryan's achievements on the rodeo circuit, but she swears never to fall in love with a rodeo cowboy, since her father abandoned her family to become a rodeo star. Ryan is ready to settle down and start a school teaching young kids rodeo skills. He's ready to take the relationship with Piper to th...
  • Noreen
    To tame a cowboy was very cute and definitely worth your time. Ryan and Piper have been friends since they were kids. He becomes a rodeo star and she an EMT. When she arrives at the scene of an accident she sees Ryans car mangled, but can't find him. Once she does and realizes the extent of his injuries she realizes he needs to stay with her while he recuperates. Once there he no longer wants to deny his feelings for her. She is afraid to lose th...
  • Donna
    This is the first time reading this author and I really enjoyed it. I really liked Ryan and Piper was fiesty. It was a quick read, but worth taking the time to read. Even though this is part of a series, I don't think you need to read the other books first.
  • Robin
    Loved this book! It flowed very well. Great easy read. Wonderful story about 2 lifelong friends who become much more. I agree with the other comments, This is the only book I have read in the series and I had no issues with understanding. Happy Reading!
  • Debbie
    Really enjoyed this one. Almost wanted to dislike Piper the heroine, but in a small way I can understand how she felt................a very small way. Want to say more, but I don't want to give anything away to anyone who hasn't had a chance to read this one yet.
  • Tilda
    3,5 stars.
  • karen
    I really liked Piper and gerbils attitude. Nice to have friendship turn into marriage.
  • Julie
    My review for To Tame A Cowboy will be featured on Romancing the Book Blog in the near future. Be sure to look for it.