The Girl by Samantha Geimer

The Girl

In this searing and surprising memoir, Samantha Geimer, "the girl" at the center of the infamous Roman Polanski sexual assault case, breaks a virtual thirty-five-year silence to tell her story and reflect on the events of that day and their lifelong repercussions.In this searing and surprising memoir, Samantha Geimer, “the girl” at the center of the infamous Roman Polanski sexual assault case, breaks a virtual thirty-five-year silence to tell...

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TitleThe Girl
Release DateSep 17th, 2013
PublisherAtria Books
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography, Crime, True Crime, Biography Memoir, Feminism

Reviews The Girl

  • Rebecca McNutt
    Much as I like Rosemary's Baby and I can sympathize with Roman Polanski over the heinous murder of his wife (Sharon Tate), as a person he's just another one of those degenerates who can only get away with what he's done because he's famous. You can bet your life that your average Joe who did this to a minor wouldn't draw up such polarizing controversy. In all fairness to Polanski, we don't know the full story. However, child abuse and sexual abus...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: 1977 people have speculated about what really happened to “The Girl” Roman Polanski took to Jack Nicholson’s house. Was she a willing participant? Did her mother hand to over in order to advance her own/her husband’s/her daughter’s career? Was Polanski a predator who focused on young girls? Thirty-five years after that fateful trip up Mulholland Drive, Samantha Geimer (...
  • Rachel
    Samantha Geimer is incredibly brave, and I admire her so much for telling her story and reclaiming her voice after having it so repeatedly taken from her over the years.However, I was disturbed to read the moments in which she slips into victim-blaming, judging the veracity of other survivors and employing some of the same arguments (it was a different, more lenient time; sometimes things are just misunderstandings; maybe they're coming forward f...
  • Lee Anne
    I could not wait to read this book, due to my long, complicated, imaginary relationship with Roman Polanski. I can't remember which came first, in a chicken or egg way: did I read Helter Skelter first (I think I was in tenth grade), or see a picture of Polanski in US Weekly or Newsweek (the two magazines my parents subscribed to in the early 80s, both of which were a formative part of my growing up), and seeing how cute he was (no kidding; his ti...
  • Cristi
    Wow, just wow. What did I just read? Several hundred pages in which the author blames everyone but her rapist for the messy stuff that happens as a result of her rape? Why is she so quick to forgive Polanski but holds grudges against the media and the justice system? I understand her desire to put it all past her and live a normal life, but it was Polanski who robbed her of her normalcy, and it is Polanski who still evades justice. Infuriating. H...
  • Susan Bazzett-Griffith
    2.5 stars. I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. It was sent by Atria Books. This book is, on one hand, completely fascinating. As someone who was not terribly familiar with the Polanski case other than in the broadest of terms (and someone who somewhat sheepishly loves US Weekly), I found the events themselves riveting, and I could not put it down for the entire first half (I read the entire book in one day). The first half reads somewhat lik...
  • Aphra Behn
    "The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski" is powerful. Samantha Geimer has a "tell it like it is" voice and comes right to the point. Her story is compelling and strongly told. After so many years she says it her way. This book stayed with me for a long time.
  • Debbie
    This book falls into a category that seems to be one I like to dip into a lot. It's a well-written story of a horrible crime. Samantha Gailey is two weeks younger than I am. When she was 13 she was raped by director Roman Polanski in the home of Jack Nicholson.Samantha desperately wanted to keep her anonymity and continue on with her life. Her family and lawyer were in favor of Polanski receiving a light sentence in a plea bargain. No one wanted ...
  • Lindsay
    I received a free copy of this book from the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway program. In fact, the copy I received was an "advanced uncorrected proof", so it did not have an image on the cover or any photos inside. I have yet to see a Roman Polanski film, but I know quite a bit about him. After learning about the Manson family's murder of Sharon Tate, I became interested in her famous widowed husband, trying to imagine what it would be like to hav...
  • Paula
    I loved many of Roman Polanski's early movies - Chinatown is still my all-time favorite movie. I was 22 in 1977, and remember all of the horrible things about Roman Polansky's raping a 13-year-old girl, fleeing the country, and all of the many years this continued on in the news. And I always wondered about "The Girl". It seemed to me that Roman got off easy, living a high lifestyle in his various mansions around Europe and still able to make all...
  • Elizabeth Periale
    2013-11-28"The Girl is a fast and compelling read, but it doesn't provide any easy answers. The case, even after all these years, is far from closed. Geimer points out that Polanski the artist, the director of such classic films as Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown, and The Pianist, should be viewed separately from the horny man with a taste for young girls. Many people are able and willing to do that, but there are just as...
  • April
    Somewhat interesting; not the best writing.
  • Mary Cartledgehayes
    From the time I began studying creative nonfiction as a Master of Arts candidate at Goucher College, I was convinced that the ancient genre, discovered anew in the last few decades, was going to give voice to the voiceless.Unrepresented and under-represented populations, whose lives traditionally were subject to the interpretation and translation of writers and journalists, would now have the tools and skills to speak their own truth, without int...
  • Stephanie
    She is the girl that was raped by the famous director, Roman Polanski in 1977 when she was 13 years old. In her memoir, Samantha Geimer tells her side of the story. What most people know is that Roman Polanski left the United States prior to his sentencing in the case and has never returned. What most people do not know is the media circus that was the criminal proceedings in this matter. Roman Polanski did plead guilty to a lesser charge. Samant...
  • Wendy
    This was strong and affecting for the first half or so... kind of fell apart in the end, maybe because the author has less distance, or because more of it involved things she wasn't around for (the legal battles and so on). I was really interested to learn more about Geimer's attitude toward Polanski now, his asylum, subsequent arrest (summary of how I understand it: let it go, especially because I want people to leave me alone), and so on. If th...
  • Mary
    I am glad I read this book, in part because it left me with no doubt that RP targeted, drugged, and raped the author when she was thirteen years old. Regardless of what his supporters say, there is no question in my mind about that.The aftermath of the event, however, has been another sort of violation for the author. I do not use that analogy lightly. The trial was co-opted by a publicity-seeking judge, which prevented the case from being adjudi...
  • Nicholas Whyte
    2013-10-01[return][return]It's a lucid and short book, where Samantha Geimer recounts the story of how Roman Polanski drugged and raped her at Jack Nicholson's house one evening in 1977, and her life before and after, particularly the subsequent legal battle (which she blames largely on the media-driven mentality of the judge in the case; Polanski was willing to settle on the terms agreed by her and her family). Ju...
  • shannon
    So this is an interesting read for me as someone who works in the "victim advocacy industry" (industry. My office doesn't even have paper towels in the bathroom, yeah we're *raking* it in). I understand the complaints people have of her as a Polanski apologist, but at the same time I also get what she's trying to do in forcing people to see her as a person and not just a prop in someone's agenda. I also was really fascinated by the argument of wh...
  • Tajh'
    I wanted to be okay with watching and enjoying Polanski's films. I wanted all of this to be a misunderstanding. But it wasn't. There is no question that he knew what he was doing when he used predatory behavior to rape a 13 y/o girl. But then the justice system failed and he had good reason to run.This book is written by the survivor of the infamous rape and her lawyer. It is a page turner of unsettling revelations and a lifetime of being hounded...
  • Gail
    I thought this book was interesting, but I think Farrah would like it even more than me. (And BTW Brooke, I saw it on your library shelves today in audio if you care). This was written by the girl Polanski drugged and raped when she was 13. She is now 50 and lives on Kauai. She spent her life trying to stay out of the spotlight, but finally decided she wanted to tell her side of the story. She is the reader. I like how pragmatic and down to earth...
  • Tbone
    Great book about "the girl" who was raped at 13 by Roman Polanski at Jack Nicholsons house. I had never even heard of this (since I was i think one years old when it happened) I really like how she tells her story and how she refuses to be a victim. To quote the last paragraph of the book"If you go through life carrying hate in your heart, you really only hurt yourself. I didn't forgive him for him. I did it for me. Forgiveness is not a sign of w...
  • Courtney Smith
    The entire story is cringe-worthy, but this look into Geimer's point of view about the situation is genuinely insightful. I didn't always agree with her on the bigger picture ideas, but it was nice to hear her point of view in her own voice.
  • Andie Nash
    I've never understood how anyone could defend Polanski or take his "side". This book confirms what I've always believed. He's kind of a scumbag.
  • James White
    Rape, Sexual assault/harassment,issues that are always controversial when they come up. But this issue is a lot older than recent times. In march of 1977 Roman Polanski ,a Famous Hollywood film Director and celebrity Drove Samantha Geimer up to Jack Nicholson’s house. After taking pictures of her he told her to come and take a pill. A little while later he took her into the bedroom and had sex with her. He was arrested and put on trial for unla...
  • Chelsea Dulieu
    I liked that while this book was about crime, it wasn't about murder, which means that this story can be told by the victim. A rarity in true-crime books, for obvious reasons. If I were one to go by the normal star-rating system, this one would get a three out of five. The final quarter of the book I found to be extremely repetitive and my mind did wander at certain times as the story seemed to be hitting the same point over and over again. Howev...
  • Laurel-Rain
    In this searing and surprising memoir, Samantha Geimer, “the girl” at the center of the infamous Roman Polanski sexual assault case, breaks a virtual thirty-five-year silence to tell her story and reflect on the events of that day and their lifelong repercussions.My Thoughts: Our first person narrator is Samantha, the victim of the 1977 episode with Roman Polanski, and the ongoing victim of the court system.From her perspective, we learn what...
  • Elizabeth Polhamus
    In March of 1977, film producer and director Roman Polanski was arrested for the rape of 13 year-old Samantha Geimer. In 1978 Polanski pled guilty but fled to Paris before sentencing could occur. 30 years later the case was reopened. The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski offers a perspective that has yet to be heard, that of the victim. After years of being being “The Girl” Samantha Geimer has come out of hiding to break her silenc...
  • Carrie Ann
    I decided to read this book after reading a recent interview with Ms. Geimer. She said some interesting things so I decided to check out her book. In terms of setting the record straight, this book was a success. The media distorts facts and truth in pretty much everything, so hearing her describe very clearly what happened was good. I've also seen the documentary on how the Polanski case was majorly bungled and while the criminal justice system ...
  • Stephan Riediker
    In a way, it was interesting because it gives some idea about the potential complexity of the problem, if a celebrity is involved in a crime. Hardly anyone realises how victims suffer by the public attention to such a case.Unfortunately this book is another one about rape which monotonous focus on female rape survivours of male perpetrators. It completely ignores the fact that such cases even more frequently occur in the reverse gender constellat...
  • Tiffany Masters
    An incredibly complicated book to read, not because of the depth of the storyline itself, but because of the highs and lows we go on with Samantha in her retelling. It’s complicated because, for 35 years, she has had time to process her story and analyze all aspects of it. We are getting it for the first time. We want to be angry. We want vengeance. And we want her to want it too. However, this isn’t a woman who regressed and denied herself a...