The Nethergrim (The Nethergrim, #1) by Matthew Jobin

The Nethergrim (The Nethergrim, #1)

The people of Moorvale put their faith in the legend: The knight Tristan and the wizard Vithric, in an epic battle, had defeated the evil Nethergrim.That faith is shaken when livestock go missing, only to turn up as piles of bones. But it’s when a group of children disappear that they know for sure: The Nethergrim has returned.Edmund’s brother is one of the missing, and Edmund knows he must do something to save his life. But what? Though a st...

Details The Nethergrim (The Nethergrim, #1)

TitleThe Nethergrim (The Nethergrim, #1)
Release DateApr 8th, 2014
PublisherPhilomel Books
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Childrens, Middle Grade, Adventure, Magic, Mystery

Reviews The Nethergrim (The Nethergrim, #1)

  • Faye, la Patata
    For many months now, I've been trying to find that perfect YA Fantasy book to satisfy my thirst, but have found nothing that could really satiate that intense craving. So many of them these days have vague and shitty world-building, flat characters, and plotlines that are more apt to be called "plotholes". The majority of them also put too much emphasis on the romance, so much sometimes that other important aspects are forgotten and greatly overs...
  • Morgan (The Bookish Beagle)
    So very impressed. It was darker and grimmer than I expected, but had that thread of hope in it that reminded me of both the first Harry Potter and the Seven Realms series. I was drawn in from the start and thought it was such an enthralling adventure. I loved Edmund and Katherine and Tom, though I felt desperately sorry for him. They were believable albeit very brave 14 year olds. I loved the legends and the magic system. And I just loved the wr...
  • Dolores
    What a pleasant surprise! I am not a fan of fantasy novels, but I am now a fan of the Nethergrim series. The main characters and the world building were interesting and well-drawn, with a perfect dose of medieval magic. I became so immersed in this story and it was so believable; not once did I find myself saying, "Are you kidding me?"This is perfect for fans of "Eragon" and "Narnia". I can't wait 'til someone else I know reads this so we can tal...
  • Sydney
    LOVED THIS SO MUCH. My only regret is not waiting to start until all three books have been released. It's going to be a very long wait, indeed.
  • Lisa
    While browsing through the book galleys at work I came across "The Nethergrim". It looked interesting and although it is written for children 10 and up, I gave it a try. I was immediately drawn into the story of three friends (Edmund, Katherine and Tom) and their lives in the tiny village of Moorvale. After mysterious animal and children disappearances, the friends are forced into battle against the evil Nethergrim and his horrible minions. The T...
  • Tess
    JUST BEAUTIFUL. Dark, yet full of hope and real human nature. This is sure to be the next big thing, it was an amazing book and I can't wait for the next one. This book is definitely worth picking up even if you don't normally like YA or fantasy, it transcends those genres. I'm going to read it again and savor it.
  • Alex Scholz-lague
    The Nethergrim by Matthew Jobin was absolutely stunning. When this book is out in April, I would strongly advise picking up a copy, as I couldn't stop reading. The world and characters felt truly alive to me, and I can't imagine the quality of this book when the final version is released. If you enjoy fantasy on any level, this is a must read.
  • Tamara Richman
    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Lord of the Rings lite! Great adventure fantasy with enough dark mystery to keep middle schoolers enthralled. Would have liked more background about magic and out it works but I'm sure it will be addressed in the sequel. Great for fans of Ranger's Apprentice, Eragon, etc.
  • Ruth Feathers
  • Colin
    Actual rating: 4.5 stars.Oh man, what a surprise this book turned out to be. Firstly, shout out to Mr Jobin for creating a YA fantasy book that I don't want to throw out the window. Secondly, shout out to my friend and book reviewer extraordinaire Faye! For introducing this gem of a book to me in the first place!I'm a huge Fantasy fan in general and I read everything from epic fantasy to urban fantasy but I have to say, YA fantasy is a genre I'm ...
  • Jacki
    Dark, enthralling, and charming. Great for Last Apprentice or Harry Potter fans.Review at Dark, enthralling, and charming. Great for Last Apprentice or Harry Potter fans.Review at
  • LovesHorses
    The Nethergrim is the kind of new book many of us have been awaiting for a long time - a story that engrosses us fully in a world so well crafted that is seems entirely real. The middle ages world of the Nethergrim is immersive and captivating with a cast of characters that will become your friends - and your foes - that stay with you long after you finish the book. The characters and the plot have the depth and richness to make this book as ente...
  • Booklover23
    The Nethergrim is being marketed a young adult or maybe middle grade fantasy, but it is definitely appealing to adults. The author manages to craft a story with layers that provides great crossover potential. The writing is so well crafted it is difficult to believe this is his first book. I got so caught up in the characters and their story that I could not put it down, I barely got any sleep for 3 days while I devoured this book! I contemplated...
  • Alex
    This was a completely blind read for me that I was fortunate enough to pick up at Comic Con before it is to be released this coming April. What started as a, "let's try it out on the subway ride home" became a reading frenzy to the finish. Always trust a book with a map inside the cover, I say. It's hard to believe Mr. Jobin is a first time writer. As a fantasy fan and a school teacher I will recommend this book both to nerds and students alike. ...
  • Julie
    A great young adult novel.
  • Hoover Public Library Kids and Teens
    This series opener has the feel of classic fantasy, yet it still comes across as fresh. Plenty of scary action and extremely likable young heroes.
  • Kelly Sierra
    “Edmund felt despair eating away at his victory. ‘Why is the world like this?’ He shivered. ‘Why does it feel so cold, so hard?’A smile flickered on John’s face, one that was neither happy nor sad. ‘What would be the worth of goodness, in a world that always rewarded it?’” Edmund is the older of two sons, and will one day inherit his father’s tavern; however, Edmund has other dreams. He wishes to be as powerful as the legendar...
  • Mark E.
    I picked up an advance copy from a good friend of mine, and I do not regret reading it one bit. After I kept thanking him, he suggested I join goodreads and share my thoughts instead. Here goes:The Nethergrim is a surprisingly dark fantasy novel perfect for the early-teen crowd. It has a lot of suspense: from whodunnit to "oh please, no, don't go in there!"It also paints a wonderfully everyday picture of life for everyday people in a setting rath...
  • James Huffman
    Jobin creates a fully realized world with internal myths, broad family dynamics, and complex main characters. He leaves you hungering for the next volume!
  • Jesse
    Loved this. fast paced. well written.
  • Ms. Yingling
    I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of fantasy books, until I get one that I like. This one looked like standard medieval monster fighting fare, but our School Secretary Extraordinaire, Amy, really liked it, so I soldiered through. I'm glad I did, because fans of The Ranger's Apprentice or The Last Apprentice will need to read this one. There are always a handful of students who only want to read medieval fantasy, so I need to get a few new t...
  • **✿❀ Maki ❀✿**
    I've been needing a good, solid fantasy story, and The Nethergrim worked perfectly.The synopsis compares it to the Ranger's Apprentice series and Chronicles of Narnia, but it's definitely more Ranger's Apprentice. Not quite sure how it's supposed to be like Narnia. But whatever.Everybody knows the story: The great knight Tristan and the wizard Vithric went to slay the Nethergrim. Sixty men went up - three men came down. But Tristan had managed to...
  • Chi-Chi
    Matthew Jobin’s The Nethergrim faced an uphill battle when I began reading. It’s classified as a children’s book, instead of the YA book that it is. It’s got a weird looking cover and even stranger back cover. The title is offputting. Honestly, after all that, I only gave it a try because I got the free ARC. So consider me shocked when I was drawn in after the first page.The book is framed by the legend of a great hero named Tristan. Once...
  • Jolandie Mielitz
    Really, really good. Could easily be compared to one of the great children adventure stories. Surprisingly eager for the next book to come out!
  • Nancy
    Legend says that the mighty knight Tristan and the powerful wizard Vithric entered the lair of the terrible Nethergrim and slew it. "And there, in those chambers, did I see with mine own eyes his works in all their dread and decaying splendor, for rotting there in that cold sanctuary lay the hoarded wealth of centuries, taken by force and fear and left to ruin in a lightless grotto. Upon the star lay seven children. The people wept for fury and f...
  • Angelica
    One of the best books I've ever read! It's suspenseful, a page turner, and a crazy twist at the end!
  • Chapter by Chapter
    Right from the get-go it was the title of author Matthew Jobin’s The Nethergrim that had me interested in reading. It sounded interesting, foreboding and after reading over the novel’s description I was interested in finding out where it would go. A middle grade novel dealing with fantasy and a bad guy way more powerful than they could even dream of being? Sounded like a great read and luckily for me it totally was.It’s been years since the...
  • Mary
    A beautiful beginning to what promises to be a wonderful series! Beautifully written, with realistic relationships and characters who are not the cardboard stereotypes of many teen books. These characters are alive and real, and there is room left for them to grow and learn. For example, as a physically strong girl myself I could identify with Katherine and her feelings of being a misfit. In many books for teens these days, there are "girl fighte...
  • Robert
    This is a phenomenal read! Action, adventure for all ages! I was hooked from the very first chapter! I was very impressed by the way the author develops his characters personalities and makes them come alive on the pages of this book. There are lessons to be learned and enjoy!...Patiently awaiting Book 2.