Fight Like a Girl by April Steenburgh

Fight Like a Girl

The image of the strong female has been a pervasive one in literature through time. From Medea to Lisbeth Salander to Katniss Everdeen-we are eternally enthralled with what it takes to fight like a girl. More than just weapons in hand, we wanted to explore just what a girl’s got to do to make her way in the world and through some hairy situations. This short story anthology explores the strong female protagonist in a genre where the female is t...

Details Fight Like a Girl

TitleFight Like a Girl
Release DateMay 1st, 2013
GenreFantasy, Short Stories, Anthologies, Fiction, Feminism, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Fight Like a Girl

  • Cassie
    The idea of this project, when it was on Kickstarter, was awesome. An anthology of short stories by girls, about girls being awesome. Unfortunately, it... doesn't quite deliver. Most of the stories are mediocre or feel like they were cut from a longer piece of work and therefore don't quite make sense. A couple have huge amounts of info dumps at the beginning or long, rambling flashbacks, as if the author had some sort of blind panic that the rea...
  • Linda Todd
    A wonderful collection of stories all very enjoyable to read would like to read more of the authors works so I have there names and will be looking out for other stories they have written so all in all this book of stories is one to keep as some of them i can read to my kids with out beeping some of the words HA HA and also a very big thank you to all the authors that took part in this book of weird and wonderful stories and as always happy read ...
  • Katy Watkins
    Unexpectedly delightful. I wasn't bothered by the lack of good female characters in fantasy until I read story after story featuring them and realized how much fun it was.The first highlight I made says it all: "This is a collection of authors you have probably not heard of. This is a non-traditional anthology made up of non-traditional folk, and that is what makes it shine."
  • Amy
    This was a fun anthology, written by women about women. The stories range from pretty good to great, and just about all of them left me wishing I could continue reading them at novel-length. Some were straight fantasy, and others were a blended into a modern world. "The Provenance Game" by Freya Marske was my favorite, "The Leviathan's Bride" by Wendy Gowins was a sparse and haunting piece, and "Heartbreaker" by JJ Kahrs should be made into a coo...
  • Kelly
    A wonderful anthology. It's rare for me to find a short story anthology where I like almost all of the stories - I think I only skipped/speed through two pieces here. A very good mix of stories. My favorite was probably the last story: "The Way of Sisters" by April Steenburgh, but there were quite a few engaging ones whose authors I will certainly be looking up. Overall a really impressive book.
  • Elizabeth
    This is a great collection of short stories, all on the theme of women who can kick some butt, in the literal sense and otherwise. Some of the stories are funny, some are uncomfortable to read, some took my breath away -- there is something for everyone in this anthology. Strongly recommended.
  • Becka
    considering I'm apparently literally the only person to have read/rated this on here, I feel like I should explain that there really are some cracking stories in here, it's just that I didn't feel all the stories lived up to the premise.