The Right Fight (World War II, #1) by Chris Lynch

The Right Fight (World War II, #1)

The author of the acclaimed Vietnam series sets his sights on World War II.There are few things Roman loves as much as baseball, but his country is at the top of the list. So when it looks like the United States will be swept up into World War II, he turns his back on baseball and joins the US Army.Roman doesn't mind. As it turns out, he is far more talented with a tank than he ever was with a baseball. And he is eager to drive his tank right int...

Details The Right Fight (World War II, #1)

TitleThe Right Fight (World War II, #1)
Release DateJan 7th, 2014
PublisherScholastic Press
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, War, World War II, Action

Reviews The Right Fight (World War II, #1)

  • Lincoln Shaw
    #2 The book World War II Book 1: The Right Fight by Chris Lynch, is a good book for you if you like sports and war. This book is about a young man named Roman. He loves baseball and his girlfriend. He wants to serve his country, so he leaves everything behind and joins the army during World War II. He becomes a tank driver in North Africa for the allied forces. I think that wanting (and doing) a duty to fight for his country is wonderful but i’...
  • Molly
    Why a four star rating?: This book is an honest and engaging look at how so many young men left their lives back home to join the war effort to take down Hitler and the Nazis. I enjoyed hearing the perspective of the main character as he struggled with his decision to enlist and what he encountered after he did. At times the book was a bit slow, especially in the beginning, but because it is a series, I have a feeling the following books will be ...
  • Maria
    Roman wants to fight the Nazis, and he knows that it's coming. So he signs up, and joins the Army's Tank Division. Only he's not sent to fight, they train. Train and then train some more. Even after Pearl Harbor, they are sent to Ireland to train. Finally his division is sent to North Africa to battle it out.Why I started this book: I liked I Pledge Allegiance Vietnam series and I was eager to read his World War II.Why I finished it: This book ge...
  • Nate Bruns
    What happens in the book the Right Fight is this guy named Roman plays baseball. He later gets married to his wife Elizabeth. After playing baseball for so long Roman decides he will go fight for out country. He drives tanks around for the U.S. army. Roman gets into a lot of trouble along the way. Roman and Elizabeth send letters back and forth to each other to tell the other one what is going on because Roman is in Africa, while Elizabeth is in ...
  • Kristen
    Lynch's Vietnam series, and now this WWII series, are great reads for reluctant readers. A look at war without profanity and gruesomeness (there is, of course, death...because how could you avoid it), these are great for students who enjoy reading about war, loyalty, and friendship.Much like the Vietnam series, this series will follow a group of four men--this time minor league baseball players--who enlist in the four different military branches....
  • Christopher Nelson
    The Right Fight was about a young man named Roman who played baseball in the Eastern Shore League. As the baseball season is ending World War 2 has just begun and Roman wants in. He finds his calling driving a tank with a small crew who are sent to North Africa. The story revolves around Roman and his crew as they fight their way through the rough North African terrain. I thought the book was pretty good. It did a great job of describing the expe...
  • Aj Patterson
    In this book there where a special tank team. There where four of them. they traveled from Africa to Germany. The team has just now joined the war and the war has just began. They have been through enough. Hannah and her husband joined the army but Hannah joined a the peace corps. He asked to marry her before he left to the war during the baseball game. Hannah is worried if he will come back but its in his choice to survive or die.
  • Reece Eifert
    I thought the book "the right flight" was very inspirational and that is why i rated it a 4/5. I thought that it was inspirational because Roman loves baseball and he decides to go off and fight it the army for baseball. While Roman was fighting in the army his girlfriend Hannah and him send letters back and forth to keep in touch.I recommend this book to my classmates because it is very inspirational and very inspiring to read.
  • Alec
    I thought that The Right Fight was a good book, but I did not care for the ending. The beginning was really good i wish that it talked a little bit more about his Baseball career. This book, like basically every other book it had a little bit of romance but i don't think that is was too bad.
  • Jadden
    This was a good book and if you like reading about war I would say get these books.
  • Demps
    The book World War 2, The Right Fight: Book one By Chris Lynch, has so far been a pretty good book. The Protagonist Roman Bucyk is living in his prime during World War 2. Roman plays in an amateur baseball league, and is very eager to get involved in the war. The season has come to an end and Roman is sent to basic training in the United States Army. The Japanese attacks Pear Harbor on December 7th, 1941, and Roman has his wish to fight in the wa...
  • Ray
    This book by Chris Lynch is an addicting read. The books about a kid named Roman who's abscessed with baseball. He meets this girl named Hannah who also plays Baseball. They're at his last game of the season and his friend Nardini is trying to steal her. So there playing and Nardini wails a bomb. He tries flirting with Hannah, trying to steal her from Roman. So Roman goes to bat and he strikes out even though he's the captain. So after a fight br...
  • Luke
    Roman is Impulsive. When the the German dive bomber pilots dive at him and The British officer as its diving he shoots the person in the plane as its moving without running or hiding.He just does it . The text states "Both desert Groupers duck the bullets just as the second pilots face appears, gritting, snarling, all teeth and hate, and my pistol already in my hand and I pump a bullet".(143) This proves he is impulsive because he did not give it...
  • Chris
    I liked this book because it showed the sacrifices that the solders in World War Two had to make for their country. Also, this book was interesting because we just finished our lesson about World War Two and the solder in the book was fighting on the other side of the world for the USA. I had hard time following this book because it switched setting and dialogue a lot.
  • Kou
    The character here is Roman, He love baseball but when it turn out that they were at war. So he decide to join the army and fight for the country. He in the army with his tank and his crew and yet he is the driver. He have very tough but he still think about the girl back at his hometown.
  • Samuel Foster
    This book is good for middle grade kids or teens. This book is about a guy named Roman who played pro baseball and he enlisted into the United States Army. He makes a couple friends and has fun driving his tank around while his friends shoot enemas.
  • Steve Center
    I didn't care for the main character although he got slightly more likeable as story progressed. He was quite off-putting and it was difficult to root for him.
  • Noah Kobernusz
    Gives what it was like as a soldier that was in WWII
  • Joshua Sweigard
    Good book my favorite part was when Hannah and Roman read their letters
  • John Nelson
    I liked the baseball background but I like books about sports and it didn't entertain me that well.
  • Jason
    I like the book it is cool and it is about war.
  • Alicia Fraga
    Was not the best book I've read. Did not go into a few more applicable things like shellshock (PTSD). Would recommend to someone young who likes war, and some small politics.
  • Andrew Gregory
    This book was amazing. Great story with an even better meaning, loved every page of it!
  • Alex
    a good book with plenty of Acton and story
  • Ryan Armstrong
    I loved it
  • Thomas
    It was a very good book if you like baseball, and you are a patriotic person.
  • Kyle
    I like the book it shows how crul the civil wrights movment was. It also shows how people could treat there children. It also shows how times were for colerd people.
  • Evan Smith
    Great Book about World War 2.